Are we all weirdo’s?

After school yesterday I took a quick break and went on over to the Costco to meet the Madre.  I don’t like going to Costco by myself.  Billy had school and heaven forbid I do my favorite things at Costco alone: eat ridiculous amounts of samples, check out and smell all of the amazing bakery items, look at clothes, eat ice cream and buy mass amounts of produce.

She surprised me with a birthday week cupcake.  Chocolate with coconut frosting….heaven!  I always forget to take off my work keys and look like a nerd.


I got some good stuff and I am excited to have a stocked kitchen again.

Then it was back to school for an open house until 9 p.m. It was a long day but fun at the same time.  Why do I enjoy being around annoying teenagers all day…..oh yeah, it is because I still am mentally an annoying teenager.

Is it weird that I made my students make a paper chain for a countdown to my birthday to hang up in the classroom so that they remember the important day?


During lunch yesterday a co-worker came into the faculty lounge and practically screamed….”I have never seen someone eat that many vegetables at the same time, that is disgusting.”  Everyone looked at me (yes, I am still that person that cares big time what others think about them), I turned red and then started feeling like I had to explain myself…..’but I eat a lot of normal food too like candy and sandwiches and tacos, I love vegetables and it takes a lot of food to fill me up…etc. etc. blah blah blah.’

She then went on to say, “If I ate that many vegetables I would be in the bathroom half the day.”  30 minutes later of listening to her talk about what veggies do to her intestines she left.

I never said one word about what she was eating and how it effects my body, so why do people feel like they have to comment on my ‘weird’ eating habits?

Don’t worry it didn’t make me mad or anything but it left me thinking about WHY I don’t like it when my co-workers notice what I eat.  Heck, I post pictures of my dinners and insane candy intake almost every day on the blog.   So, why do I love the comments from you guys about what I eat but not from my co-workers…….

******Oh, I know, I know, pick me…’s because you guys are the same way.  Whether it is because you are a runner and understand the reason why I crave 14 bowls of cereal after a long run, or because you care about getting the max amount of nutrients everyday even if that means eating a bag of spinach every three days.

It is one more reason why I am obsessed with you.  We are all so alike.  We love our food and we are trying our hardest to fuel our bodies with good foods (and treats of course) to get us through our workouts and so we are able to perform at our best levels and feel our best.

Moral of the story: I am going to keep eating my large amounts of veggies and laugh my way until I am 110 years old still rocking the treadmill.



Do people comment on the food that you eat?  Do you feel like you have to defend yourself?

-My close friends and family know and love the fact that I am a crazy person about my food but co-workers etc. think I am a little off my rocker because I bring a tub of salad and 10 pieces of fruit rather than going to MickeyD’s with them.  I feel like I do have to defend myself but from now on I will answer, ‘it makes me feel good and happy and that is why I do it:)’

What is your favorite grocery store?

-Costco….it is cheap, close, awesomesauce, samplefilled and the best produce around.

What are your Friday night Plans????

-Date night with Billster @ PF Changs……what should I order?.

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Sounds like a classic case of jealousy! Before I started eating better I would comment all the time on all the salads one of my friends ate. But I'd generally follow up each comment by saying, "By the way, I'm only saying this because I wish I had the discipline to eat salads instead of french fries." Unfortunately, not everyone is as self aware as I am…ha, JK.


i feel like this always happens to me and it makes me so mad/sad/embarrassed all at the same time! people at lunch always say, "wow you eat so healthy" which makes me think a few things…

a) is a 5LB salad and a greek yogurt really THAT healthy…or just healthier than that big mac you ate (which looked delicious by the way)

b) i swear i eat a lot, lot, LOT of peanut m&ms behind closed doors, i'm just afraid you'd think i was weirder if you saw me eat just candy for lunch

c) why are you trying to make me feel bad for liking vegetables!?

d) should i eat my lunch in a bathroom stall tomorrow?


Oh snap moment. I am always getting questioned on what I eat. It used to be about what I can and cannot eat (3 year wheat intolerance) but once I started eating enough to fuel my runs, I started getting looks about WHAT I was eating. Apparently its not that usual to mix banana and choclate protein powder into your oats… But the blogworld has me convinced otherwise! Eat your veggies. Mothers worldwide would be proud.
(Love the blog btw, your runs are a-to-MAZING.)


I agree with so many of the above, so just what to say is it is crazy how we do all get each other. Maybe you need to have that blog get together yet. Not only could we run together, but everyone could just eat the way they pleased.


I used to have class every Thursday from 4:30 to 7:00. My lunch was at 10:45 so needless to say I'd be starving, and would always bring carrots&hummus and yogurt. EVERY FLIPPING WEEK the instructor would comment about how much I eat, how I was always eating, he wished he could eat all the time like me and not get fat, etc. Meanwhile everyone else was eating fast food! I finally flipped out on him and told him to stop talking about what I ate, which was followed by a really awkward silence with him telling me he was just kidding and me snapping "whatever" and turning away. I still can't believe I did that but he really got under my skin! I'm glad I am not the only one who gets this crap from people. I find its mostly when people are uncomfortable with their own choices, like "oh man I'm over here eating fries and look at you being all healthy"…I never know what to say, and always feel that weird need to "defend" myself too….


HA! I read the first comment and had to go back and look at the picture again. I was so focused on the cupcake that I totally missed the amazing mountains in the background!

I'm not the picture of health, but I have always loved salad and veggies. I had a coworker tell me that it was unhealthy to eat vegetables for so many meals, that I needed more red meat in my diet. I couldn't help it–I asked him if red meat was how he kept his girlish figure, and seeing how he weighs about 290lbs he got mad a me and walked away. Ooops.

Ignore her. Never ever ever feel embarrassed or like you have to explain/defend your actions and choices. You have a dedication and a commitment to yourself that people like your coworker will never understand. If she wasn't eating crappy food, vegetables wouldn't make her body sick or uncomfortable. We are not engineered to run off of Big Macs and Hamburger Helpers.

My Friday night plans include snuggling the little blonde furball and blog stalking until Jason comes home from work (2am! Boo!). Slippers, puppy, pajamas, hot chocolate, laptop and Netflix!!


i love me veggies too! and i pack my lunch everywhere i go so much that i' kind of labelled a health nut! sigh! they don't see the normal junky food i eat too! :P
so a lot of times i eat alone as i'm embarrassed that i pack my own lunch and eat lots of veggies. i feel funny, incomplete without my veggies and fruits!!! lol!!! :P
think she's just feeling bad that she isn't a great veggie fan like you! :)
i love ice cream too!!!


Don't worry about the veggie haters- I had my fair share of experiences with them, too, at my summer job. Everyone always ordered out and looked at me like I had four heads whenever I plunked my salad and snacks down to munch on while they scarfed down 2 dollar Chinese good. My lunch table also gives me some pretty weird looks for the massive amount of carrots and, pretzels, cheese, and salads that I eat, but I get by by reminding myself that my arteries are probably a lot cleaner than theirs, and that I am going to one day be like popeye and sprout massive muscles from all the salad I eat (if only…). Stay strong, and keeping eating that broccoli!!!


holy cow, YES! if they arent commenting on how i eat a salad every day, dont eat fast food, dont eat out all the time, dont eat this/that, they are giving me a weird look or tow. makes me rather uncomfortable, but i LOVE veggies! and they actually fill me up (after lots of them). sorry i dont want to eat crap and feel like crap. oh well, to each his own…

friday night in…gotta work saturday. at least the soup and fashion police are new!

love me some whole foods, sams club (we dont have costco), and harris teeter.


Today all my coworkers were making fun of me for eating taco bell. it really hurt my feelings too. if I wanna eat a nice taco bell taco, I will! Jerks!


wow- i lived in provo (well spanish fork, worked in provo at a boarding school) a few years ago and I forgot how gorgeous it is until i looked at the pic of you with the cupcake. I live in colorado now, gorgeous here too though :):) if it makes you feel any better after i taught my circuit class tonight i had a spinach, orange, and baked chicken salad with red wine vinegar as dressing then followed it with pretzel mnms, a blow pop, and a mcdonalds ice cream cone. haha- balance my friend, balance. you should never feel bad about vegetables- she should, i mean what a lovely conversation for her to have with you over lunch! that was one thing i remembered living there- soooo much fast food to choose from!!!! i also went to the golds gym you work at (if its the HUGE one) a few times but mainly stayed at the one in spanish fork. my co-workers now feel awkward eating around me when they eat unhealthy, but i always try to help them come up with new foods to try. in fact one of my male co-workers took it upon himself to cook healthier meals at his house after he told me what their weekly menu was and i replied- wow tommy all you eat is 'bar food' (nachos, wings, pizza, etc). haha- did i just realize maybe im the equivalent of your rude co-worker where i work??!


People ALWAYS comment on what I eat… at the beginning, when I was still getting used to all the eating healthy thing, I would get really embarrassed and annoyed… Now, I just look at what they're eating and how they look like and that alone answers them. Mean, right? Oh well. lol


I just found your blog and think it's wonderful!
: ) I'm a vegetarian runner and I get comments about what I eat and how much I run all the time. It gets old and yes, I often feel I have to defend myself and it bothers me too.
I'm currently training for my first 50 mile ultra in April. I told that to one of my coworkers and he said that was "stupid". I didn't have words to respond. Someone always has something to say, don't they?
Ultimately, you're making good choices for you and your body. Keep eating those veggies and keep on running! : )


people pick on me for my eating too, it's annoying. I don't defend myself usually. I am also healthier than all of them too.

I am a high volume eater, I keep bags of frozen veggies in the office freezer for when I need them. people think it's weird.

they pick on me when i'm healthy or when I splurge. It's none of their business I say. I HATE unsolicted work comments, especially over food. there is 1 man in the breakroom who works in another division that loves to give me pearls of wisdom. UGH


I ate a HUGE salad beast, a half of a really big sweet potato, about 1/2-3/4 cup of broccoli AND some leftover corn bread from a few days ago. You know what? I was not hungry until almost dinner time!! Just by watching me eat a salad for lunch almost every day my almost 4 year old now wants to eat salad AND THAT is why it is awesome to eat good food! Because the kids you teach and my kids see us doing it (in your case they hear you talk about it and might see you) and think that if she does it it might be worth doing. You talk the talk AND walk the walk! Amen sister!


Your a lot nicer than me then – I would have 'socked' her in the face (your coworker)…but I'm impulsive like that? ;)

Pretty bad when Vegetables can't be considered "normal food" – just roll your eyes and BE YOU!


people are always commenting on what I am and amNOT eating…. I'm over it. I light watching the look on their faces while I chug a big green smoothie! :)

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