I have literally gone insane

15 minute ice bath (using snow from outside).
14 times I laughed out loud while watching Friends.
13 visualizations of crossing the finishing Boston under three hours.
12 ice cream sundae’s I am going to eat today.
11 times I listened to ‘Coming Home’ by Diddy on repeat.
10 different people that came on the treadmill next to me, finished their workout and left.
9 is the time I got home.
8 episodes of Friends watched by mua.
7 times I wanted to quit.
6 people at the gym telling me I was a madwoman and a little off my rocker.
5 is the time I woke up on a holiday with no work.
4 water bottles.
3 hours and 26 minutes.
2 beta-alanines I took before running (a supplement to prevent hydrogen build-up aka muscle fatigue.)
1 potty break

Came home and foam-rolled, stretched, took an ice bath and then crawled back in bed to watch Veronica Mars. Who’s knows how I jumped……my calves are a little sore.

I have secretly always wanted to run a marathon on a treadmill.

Today was the perfect day to do it because:
-I am meeting with my coach today and I want him to be proud:)
-There is so much ice and snow outside and I went so early that there was no way I was going to run outside.
-I had an awesome rest day and carbo overload yesterday.
-Life is amazing and running is so much fun.
26.2 miles in 3:26 at 1% incline and last two miles at 7:24 pace.
P.S. If you are having trouble commenting choose open ID from the profiles list and it should work.

What is the craziest thing you have EVER done?

-I think this might have to win but also SKYDIVING……I was scared out of my mind.
What is making your Monday AWESOME???  (It is all about perspective right:)
-Running, talking about running all day and going to lunch with Billy and friends at CAFE RIO!!!! I am salivating just thinking about it.

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