So, I kind of feel a deja-vu with this post. I was the kid in Elementary school that had to bribe the other kids to be my friend and to sit next to me at lunch by giving them my chocolate milk, fruit roll-up and Pogs.

I am just kidding partly.  I really just wanted to share with YOU some of my favorite running gear.  I wanted to give away my favorite brand of running shoes, vibrams a treadmill and some Nike Tempo shorts but Billy said no…… something about teachers salaries being crappy and the fact that I spend 30 dollars on produce a week put a damper on things.  So these will have to do:)


My Favorites:

Skull Candy Headphones:  They stay in your ears better than the lame-o ipod headphones and they play Linkin Park so loud you will want to run a 5 minute mile.

Socks: These suckers have arch support, they are dri-fit, there are 3-pairs and they come in cute colors.

Shock Blocks Strawberry: They taste like candy and they are quickly and easily digested.  I feel a surge of energy within 1 minute.  Placebo Effect, I think so.

Water Bottle:  Keeps my agua frio.  Plus, its cute and that’s all that matters in life right?

Trident Gum:  I always chew gum as I run! Bad habit, maybe.  Lack of gu breath, worth it.

Power Bar Energy Blasts:  They are just like fruit snacks but injected with electrolytes.

Plus….. drum roll……. a really cute hand-made card from me.  Don’t everyone jump up at once.  Maybe Billy can even sign it.

No-one paid me to say these nice things about there products but in case the manufacturers do see this, please make checks payable to Janae Jacobs.  Thanks.


-You must be a follower of (my mature form of chocolate milk and Pogs bribery).  See the right hand side to become a follower.

-Leave a comment telling me 3 reasons why you work out!!

-For an extra entry, link my giveaway on your blog and tell me in the comments section that you did, even though I will probably see it because I stalk you all on a regular basis:)

Entries must be in by November 10th.  Winner will be chosen at random.  I will find a creative way to announce the winner that night.


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1. so I can enjoy beer (aka, bread in a glass)
2. to feel active and full of energy
3. its one thing that I can give myself and not others.


I'm Megan smiths old roommate form college she led me to your blog love it! I got into running bc of her and ran my first half this year!

1. for my sanity and mood!
2. stay in shape and in those jeans!
3. so I can eat at in and out ocasionally;)


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I am a follower!


I workout
1. To focus and clear my mind
2. to get fit and potentially lose some weight
3. for FUN!


1. Stress reliever.
2. Lose weight and keep fit.
3. Because I love how I feel when I run.


I posted the giveaway on my blog.

"Impossible Is Nothing"


I'm a follower!


1: I run so I can eat more pizza than the normal person
2: If I don't workout I gain weight faster than a slice of pizza can be consumed
3: Honestly working out really is a confidence booster.


I'm a new follower


Why do I exercise?
1)mental health


1. I can't believe I missed this giveaway.
2. I can't believe I didn't know about your blog.
3. I can't believe I just scrolled through 153 comments just to leave a comment on a giveaway that has ended.
4. I miss you.
5. I don't deserve it anyway, I've stopped coming to your class.


I work out because it makes me strong, it makes my ass look good, and because I’m competitive and like to beat other people (haha sad but true!)

I LOVE the shot blocks! used them myself while training in the past. I’m interested too in the socks with extra arch support because that’s def somewhere I’m lacking !!( hence why I got plantar fasciitis)

Will be linking your giveaway in my blog soon!


This is by far one of my favorite post you have done on weight loss and healthy living. I disagree on some points but most of the points you made i can respect.

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