Today went really well and it all had to do with my perspective.  I started the morning with a great workout.

10 minutes stairclimber- I love using the fat burner program because the intervals kick my trash.

45 minutes spin class (this instructor loves to do sprints and squats and my legs are already feeling it)

20 minutes elliptical- VH1 top twenty was watched and thoroughly enjoyed.  We don’t have cable so I get all my TV time in at the gym.

10 minutes shower and get ready at the gym (I consider this part of my workout because my heart rate is anaerobic the entire time because I am trying to rush my buns to get to school).

For breakfast I had a yogurt mess (oatmeal, pb, apples, yogurt, cinnamon and oatmeal)

Snack- More pretzel sticks than you can imagine

Lunch- Eaten during 5th period because I had an interesting meeting with a parent! Spinach salad, apple, laughing cow and a wrap.

Went home when the clock struck 4 and resorted to my emergency stash.  Yes, I hid my skittles that my mom gave me in the vegetable crisper because

#1 I like cold skittles

#2 I knew Billy would never even think to look there (even though he doesn’t eat candy very often or ever)


I ate half the bag… saving the rest for another snack attack emergency.  What’s your go to treat when you really just want/need something S.W.E.E.T? Do you hide it or are you a generous person that actually doesn’t mind sharing your skittles?


Off to try level 2 of Jillian’s 30 day shred.  I have too much energy from skittles to just sit around. I used to go for a run everyday after school.  Now with my silly knee I have turned to the Nazi (aka Jillian) to help me release some energy.   See you after dinner.



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What other workout dvd's do you do? I love Jillian's videos.

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