Monday Matters and BOSTON RACE TALK… seriously amazing.

Brooke was much more interested in watching the Boston Marathon than looking up to take a picture.  I get it Brooke.

Watching the marathon while running was amazing.  I was planning on running 7 miles but decided that I would just run until the elites finished.  I finished with 10 miles and I think they completed about 18 miles in the time that I did my 10 miles;)  Andrew was next to me on the treadmill, he is in 1/2 marathon training right now wahoo!

IMG 4128

Ten things I wanted to talk about concerning the marathon:)

1.  Edna Kiplagat took first for the women and seeing two of her kids at the finish line gave me all of the goosebumps and I teared up.  She finished in 2:21:52 (Rose Chelimo finished in 2:22:51) and looked so strong even in the end.  Edna is 37 years old and sounds like an amazing person.   She has adopted three children (two from her sister that died and one from her neighbor that passed away too) so she now has 5 children. She is a Kenyan policewoman and every thing that I’ve heard about her just makes me so happy for her.

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2. JORDAN HASAY!!! She finished third at Boston and this was her DEBUT marathon!  Her first marathon! This is the fastest American debut (and the fourth fastest American women’s marathon time ever)!  I loved watching her and she looked so strong throughout the marathon.  Absolutely amazing.  Jordan lost her mother this last November unexpectedly and dedicated the race to her.  “The marathon is a very emotional event, and I tried to stay as relaxed as possible.”

IMG 4127

3.  Des Linden took 4th for the women in 2:25:06.  I’m always rooting for her.  She just seems so real and down to earth while she works so ridiculously hard to reach her dreams.  “Let’s focus on this mile right now and get it done.” Love her instagram account and all of her quotes.

4. Seemed like a hot day but not as hot as previous years… I think personally the headwind that I had w/ 40 degree weather a few years ago would have been easier for me personally than doing a marathon in 75 degrees.

5.  500,000 + fans out there cheering along the course—> LOVE THAT!

6.  Geoffrey Kirui took first place! Kirui did a 4:27 mile for mile 24… the fastest mile of the day!  At mile 24. Absolutely amazing.  He is 24 years old and finished in 2:09:37.  He earns $150,000 for the win!  This was his third marathon ever and first Boston.

7. Galen Rupp looked SO comfortable (until the very end).  It looked as though he was just out for a training run but instead he was running a 2:09:58 marathon.  He was neck and neck with the winner until about mile 23 when Kirui broke away!

8.  Jared Ward (from my neck of the woods) finished in 2:15:28 and took 10th place!  I was definitely cheering him on and I was excited to see him in the top 10!

9.  When Edna accidentally grabbed the wrong water bottle she took it back to the water table and then went on to get her water bottle at the next table.  I thought that was incredible sportsmanship to take the bottle back so that whoever’s water bottle she grabbed would still be able to get it.   One of the announcers said, “Don’t dwell on what is going right” after this happened and I completely agree!

Screen Shot 2017 04 17 at 1 07 58 PM

10.  Meb took 13th place and at 41 years old he finished in 2:17:00.  He is the happiest person and his smile makes me smile every time.  He says that this will be his last competitive time running Boston!  He was the 2014 winner of the Boston Marathon and I think that is still my favorite finish of this marathon yet!

Now let’s talk about some Monday Matters!

*Post-run egg sandwich.  I forgot that english muffins existed and then Andrew brought some home and I’m hooked on them again.

IMG 4099

*Lunch involved leftovers from Easter.  A base of rice, some lettuce/veggies, guac and then leftover roast cooked again in taco seasoning and salsa.  Ranch dressing added after the picture.

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*Brooke is a big fan of rice, don’t know how it ended up all over her face but whatever floats her boat.

IMG 4131

*Knox’s favorite part of going to soccer games right now is playing with the girls on the sidelines after playing… he is quite the ladies man;)

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*I walked downstairs the other day to find Andrew very focused on a pedicure for Brooke.  She is very lucky to have him.

IMG 4014

*Still chipping away at the studying:)  Brooke makes sure to help me and point out the important things in her opinion.

IMG 3791

*I guess Beretta gets first choice of where to sleep on the bed and the kids just try to fit around her;)

IMG 4062

*This flavor… it’s amazing.  Just in case you missed my story a few weeks ago about Halo Top—> Andrew went to the store with the kids one night while I was at something and I asked him to pick me up a Halo Top.  He came home with 20 of them:)  There was a sale and so now we have a freezer full of this stuff!

IMG 3807

*Last week the kids somehow talked us in to hitting up the arcade.  I’m glad that for 14 dollars we were able to get two candy necklaces and two rings with the tickets that they earned;)

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*This post was brought to you by the help of Brooke until her friend came over and they were too busy playing with stuffed animals.

Photo on 4 17 17 at 11 44 AM 2


Have any Monday Matters to share?  I would love to hear them!

Did you watch the marathon today?  Any thoughts from watching?          

Ever had Halo Top… what is your favorite flavor?               

What was your breakfast this morning?

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Peanut butter and jelly for breakfast!
I watched the marathon on tv and got so emotional.
Hearing desi (as she choked back tears) say “being disappointed in coming in 4th place really isn’t such a bad thing” made me love her more. She is so consistent. She never looks like she is struggling. I admire her so much.


I am obsessed with Halo Top!! The pistachio is my favorite. The black cherry and peanut butter ones come in close second and third. I just keep trying all the flavors!
I’m blown away by those race results. Those people are incredible and I’m so in awe of them.


I didn’t get to watch the marathon because it couldn’t get it to work online. It was very disappointing. But thanks for the highlights! I’m trying to figure out the online stuff so I can still watch it later. Doesn’t matter that I know who won.


I sadly couldn’t watch Boston this morning, so appreciate the highlights! It sounds like an amazing race.


I LOVE Halo Top! PB Cup for the win!!
The Boston Marathon is amazing! (Did you see the movie with Mark Wahlberg? So good!)


I was able to watch the elite women win. I totally agree with you, Kiplagat’s kids at the finish line were the best.


We get NBC Sports so I had the marathon on while I worked. I was sorry that Des didn’t come in the top 2 spots but she did an amazing job. I loved Edna Kilpagat’s kids waiting for her, she seems like such an amazing person. Wow for Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp. I saw Kirui break away, there was no catching him. I was also impressed with the push-rim athletes.

I had oatmeal with walnuts, banana, cinnamon, ginger, and mini chocolate chips. It’s one of my favorite combos.

Monday matters – I was speaking with a guy I know from the gym, coincidentally his wife and my husband went to school together. They lost their 28 year old son to a heart attack last year, he had an undiagnosed congenital disease. While we were commiserating on illnesses, loss, and coping he noted that he’d received a lot of support and kind words over the course of this time. So I’m sharing our thoughts: There is more good in the world than bad, even though lately we seem to be hearing otherwise. And, now, more than ever we need the kindness. I know it’s a bit long but you also spread kindness and positivity, which is a nice thing to read.


Nina, thank you so much for sharing what your friend from the gym shared. Thank you so much… I agree, there is a whole lot more good than bad in the world so let’s focus on the good! I am so grateful that I’ve been able to get to know you over the internet Nina!
I’m so glad you were able to watch the marathon and that breakfast sounds perfect!


Halo Top hurts my stomach, the sugar alcohols make me bloaty and crampy… anyone else? Bummer because I see so many people love it! Maybe I should try it again??


LAME!!! No, stick to the normal ice cream if it bugs your stomach. There are certain foods/drinks that do that to me too and I just stay away from them! I hope you have an awesome week Sarah!


I actually just don’t like the stuff. The texture to me is like mushy cardboard or something. Everyone seems to love it, but I’d rather not have ice cream than try to choke that down. So, in my humble (but strong lol) opinion, you’re not missing anything! Go for the good stuff!


I love watching the Boston Marathon, and all the marathon majors for that matter! I find it so inspiring and it always leaves me itching to sign up for another marathon myself – so much so that I’ve resolved to qualify for Boston:

In my previous marathons, my goal was simply to finish, but now that I’m getting faster I want to improve my speed too. Thing is, I have about 40 minutes to shave off….! I know and have read about runners who have cut off even more time, so I know it’s doable with the proper training and attitude, but I certainly have my work cut out for me!


LOVED reading your post and congrats on your pregnancy! You’ve totally got this goal of yours and I LOVED your pic from the Chicago marathon!


I freaking love Halo Top! So far my favorite is cake batter but I bought cookies & cream to try this week.

Breakfast this morning was banana chocolate chip baked oatmeal, super delicious!

I didn’t get to watch the race today unfortunately but I checked in for twitter updates as often as I could!!!


Oh wow. I loved reading all of those facts about each of the runners at Boston. Insane.

I love english muffin breakfast sandwhiches. Like a lot. Eggs, bacon or sausage, and a pepperjack laughing cow cheese wedge? Mmmmmm.

Mint chip is probably my favorite Halo Top flavor. Vanilla bean is good with nut butter drizzled on top (their pb cup flavor is sub par, IMO) and their red velvet flavor is pretty good too. Clearly I need to come over and help you eat all that ice cream ;)


I love watching the Boston Marathon. I was at school (I’m a teacher :)) so I just caught the highlights this year, but it was so inspiring!

Breakfast this morning was eggs and toast. Simple and fast!


I love teachers:) What grade do you teach Jenny! Sounds like the perfect breakfast! I hope you are having a wonderful day and it’s almost summer:)


6th grade science. It’s hilarious…and a little crazy ;)


Oh I bet that is a blast!!!!! Have fun Jenny!


I’ve never had that ice cream but the salted caramel does sound good! I had dry cereal this morning because I was out of milk.. womp womp


Ah I missed most of the marathon at work today but this update was perfect! Got chills just reading about it, so excited for all the talented individuals that participated! And cheered on!


HALo top is so darn good! Havent seen that flavor before. And HOLY CRAP those women are fast. I could never imagine being able to run that fast! I did my HALF in that time hah!


So I downloaded Ryan Hall’s free 5k plan and I was studying it and while I understand the words I am still totally lost about paces. Am I supposed to run my desired race pace or am I supposed to run my current pace and how do I know if it’s too ambitious or not enough and how do I adjust it for the other things like spinning that I do? Janae I want you to be my coach and figure all this out so I can just go do it and forget about it and then slay my races.


HEY ELIZABETH!!! Are you talking about this plan here: ?

This is my first time looking at the training plan but it looks like to me like it is at your current race pace BUT I am not sure at all and I’m not seeing anything that specifies. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer and I’ll let you know when I am up and going with coaching! THANKS! I hope you have an amazing week!


I love that you watched people run, while you ran. Dedication right there. I ran my only half marathon in 2:04, so the fact that these runners are coming close to a FULL marathon at that time is insane to me. :Love it so much though.


I couldn’t get the streaming to work, so I missed watching it live – SUCH a bummer. But, I did keep up with it via Twitter! I am so excited for Jordan and Desi, I love watching them run!

Breakfast today was a big, protein smoothie that tasted like a Wendy’s frosted. My breakfast dreams came true today. ;)

Oh and I so agree about Halo Top’s Sea Salt Caramel. SO GOOD. I also love the Vanilla bean, mint chip, and birthday cake!


Ahhh thank you for this recap! I wasn’t able to stream the marathon yesterday morning since I’m on a cruise and every site said I’m out of region for streaming. I can’t wait to watch a video recap when I get home, it sounds like a great race! So exciting for Jordan and isn’t Meb the best! He is such a fierce competitor but so so nice to everyone.


So many people rave about Halo top, but all the sugar alcohols and added fiber are a recipe for GI distress for me!

I’m jealous you got to watch the race yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how to stream it live.


This was my first year watching the marathon and it was so inspiring! I was so happy for Jordan and Galen, and the atmosphere looked awesome! It definitely reignited a little bit of a spark to run my first half, a goal I set at the beginning of the year. I’ve never run more than 8 miles though, but I know if I can finish that, I can finish 13.1 :)

Your breakfast sammie looks ridiculously good. I’m not a big breakfast lover, though I’m becoming more of one, but definitely my favorite form of breakfast is a breakfast sandwich. Those cheesy eggs!


All your Boston facts gave me chills. Those are some amazing runners and people.

I have only had samples of Halo Top, but have never bought it for myself and I’m really unsure why because it is great. I wanted ice cream last night too, so Chris (bless his heart) went to the store and came back with a bunch of options from Ben and Jerry’s. I felt disgusting after eating it, but it was too good.

I love english muffins too and I think most of the people in the world forget they exist until they have one and then are hooked again for a little while. Since Chris got to work from home today, he made me an amazing omelet before I left for work which was a nice little change in the middle of the week!


I had trouble streaming the marathon so missed a bunch of it. Boo.
But to me one of the major highlights was Kathrine Switzer completing the marathon 50 years after being the first official woman to cross the finish line. She is AMAZING! I love all that she has done and continues to do for our sport!
The fact that they retired her bib number is awesome too!


Katherine Switzer is an inspiration to all girls as well as female runners. To re-run the marathon 50 years after being the first woman to finish the marathon is fantastic. one day, you never know, I too might get myself fit enough to do complete a marathon. loving your blog and all that you cover in it! Thank you.


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