15 Minutes Stair Climber

45 Minutes Spin

45 Minutes Pump Class

I have officially worn myself out between school and working out so that I don’t go crazy sitting in the car for the next 6 hours.

School was crazy today, everyone was on a sugar high including the teachers.  I dressed up as Eliot from Scrubs.

(My Best Teacher Friend and I)


I read an article this morning on the Women’s Health website that really got me thinking, ‘Can You Be Healthy at Any Size?’ Basically, it was a debate between those supporting fat acceptance and those against the idea of fat being healthy.  Both sides had great points about why their position was healthier.  One thing I couldn’t believe was that London University says that if you do not have a BMI that is lower than 30 than you do not get a diploma.  Also, Whole Foods gives their employees a bigger discount for a lower BMI!.

What do you think?  Is a extra fat healthier than being underweight?

-I definitely think that we should do away with BMI charting.  The BMI does not take into account muscle, heavy bones, and genetic factors linked to a heavier weight.  I think that we should base health on how active we are, our daily diets, lifestyle, our body fat percentage and our body fat placement.  Pants size should NOT be our governing tool as to what is healthy but rather keep in mind the importance of our heart not being asked to power a body that is unhealthy.  We have to find a healthy center….. not too skinny and not too overweight because both have negative consequences on our health.

Oh and happy National Oatmeal Day?  Did you have oatmeal today? I sure did.

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There must be some science behind BMI, but it makes some pretty grand generalizations. Those can be helpful for insurers, but i think each of us knows ourselves better. :)
Glad to find your blog! I love it- but man am i hungry right now!!!


BMI is a good thing, but I think it's been slightly blown out of proportion. Taking in genetic factors (such as muscle and bones) that you can't change are important too. If we don't do that, some may think that they are overweight or could stand to lose a few pounds when in reality they are as healthy as can be in their body.

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