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#33 Weeks & What Do You Need?

Less than 7 weeks to go (that feels good to say). *We had a doctor’s appointment and everything is looking great.  We will have appointments every 2 weeks from here on out.  We still don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl… I am shocked over how I am sticking to this … Continue Reading

31 Weeks + Hormonal or Not So Much?!

Less than 9 weeks to go! Let’s chat about a few things that have been happening the last few weeks. *The baby is around 3.5 lbs right now which is crazy to me because that means it still needs to double in size (Brooke and Skye were both just a little over 7 lbs) and … Continue Reading

#29 Weeks + An Emotional One.

The third trimester is here! *So far this third trimester has been an emotional one.  I have cried more in the last week or so than I have the entire pregnancy leading up to this trimester combined.  I’ve been crying about the smallest things that normally wouldn’t even bother me.  I’m learning—>  It’s okay to … Continue Reading

27 Weeks & how was it any different?

I am so close to that third trimester I can feel it (literally, I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable). *Andrew has been trying to find the baby’s heartbeat with the stethoscope but we haven’t had any luck with that yet. *This is kind of ridiculous but during my first trimester I couldn’t stop thinking about … Continue Reading

26 Weeks & Scale Backwards!

26 weeks wahoo!  Just 14 weeks to go and if by chance I’m early like I was with both girls (Brooke about 2 weeks early and Skye about 1 week early) then we are even closer than that. *Sleeping is getting more rough!  I wake up a ton each night and I have a feeling … Continue Reading

25 Weeks & My Pregnant Running Tips!

I’m getting closer to that 3rd trimester! *5 out of 7 nights each week I am getting up for a snack in the middle of the night.  The baby is growing like crazy right now and my hunger is reminding me of that all day/night. *I CANNOT WAIT FOR COOLER TEMPERATURES.  I feel like a … Continue Reading

23/24 Weeks + Ways Running and Pregnancy RELATE!

I feel like there are a million ways that running and pregnancy are similar to each other so I wanted to chat about some of those today: *Just like when I am doing a very long run or race, once I am past the half-way mark I switch from counting miles to counting DOWN the … Continue Reading