#33 Weeks & What Do You Need?

Less than 7 weeks to go (that feels good to say).

*We had a doctor’s appointment and everything is looking great.  We will have appointments every 2 weeks from here on out.  We still don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl… I am shocked over how I am sticking to this decision to wait.

*In the ultrasound the baby was sucking it’s thumb which was so so cute to see.

*I’ve never in my life appreciated the temperatures dropping as much as I do right now.

*My sister’s sister-in-law just had her baby IN THE CAR on the way to the hospital.  I can’t even imagine!

*A bit of nausea has come back and it’s usually in the early afternoon.  I had already forgotten what the first trimester felt like but this has given me a nice reminder (If you are in that first trimester and feeling so sick right now.. I hope you start feeling better asap)  My heartburn is back too but I could probably control it more with what I eat but that’s hard to do when just one thing sounds SOOOO good in the moment:)

*It’s getting difficult to try and carry Skye with the bump.

IMG 0180

*The baby is getting closer to 4 lbs now.

*This baby can kick HARD lately.  Every now and then it makes me gasp and really surprises me… you can even see his/her little foot on the outside of my stomach!

*I’m still running and still not needing a belly band which is so strange to me because I NEEDED one for both Brooke and Skye in order to continue running. It always takes me a bit of time to get myself motivated to start the run but once I get outside and moving I am always so glad that I started.

IMG 0294

*We were on our way to the park one day and I decided to drive-thru and get some french toast to eat at the park… Instead they were gone within 140 seconds of them entering my car.

IMG 0037

*Speaking of syrup… do you ever wake up and find syrup on your nightstand?  Andrew made me pancakes at midnight the other night and they hit the spot.

IMG 9945

*There is not enough money in the world that you could pay me to eat a hamburger right now.  I don’t know why but at this point I can’t even handle seeing one (and I usually love them).  I miss liking candy too:)

*We moved the recliner into our room from Skye’s room because it feels so good to just sit back reclined at this point.

*During my run today, the baby just kicked out it’s foot (you could see the little bump from the outside!) and kept it there for a few miles without moving it.  Finally, he/she got tired of doing that and readjusted.

*Skye happily joins me for kick counts throughout the day.   They kind of freak her out when she can feel them too ha.

IMG 0420

*I finally bought something for the baby!  For some reason I had the strongest desire to buy ALL of the baby products when I was pregnant with Brooke and Skye but this time around either I feel confident that we already have everything we need or I just feel like babies don’t really need as much as I always thought they did.  I don’t know what has changed in me but my bank account is very thankful for this ha.   PS having a baby on Andrew’s work insurance vs my previous self-employed insurance is a different ballgame and I am very grateful for Andrew’s job at the hospital.

IMG 9391


If you had to choose just a few things that you feel are a MUST for a new baby, what would they be (I need to make sure that I really am ready ha)!

Anybody reading have a story about having your baby anywhere other than where you were planning on having your baby?!


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Swaddles (with velcro!), pacifiers, and a white noise machine. I swear by swaddles and I think it’s 100% fine to start pacifiers right away even with breastfeeding. I literally tore into the pacifier package with my teeth the first night we were in the hospital with my third baby.

No fun labor/delivery stories for me. I was induced all three times.


I forgot about the swaddles! Thank you Jessica. Hahah I can see me doing the same thing this time at the hospital! Hope you have a great night friend.


I’m with you. I’m 25 weeks with twins, but my third pregnancy, and I haven’t bought anything! I figure I’ll get a few outfits and a double bassinet, but then we’ll buy as needed. Looking back, we spent sooo much on our first. lol


TWINS! I am so so excited for you! Yep, that first one we just went overboard ha. Keep me updated on how you are doing. Thanks Christy and I hope you sleep well tonight.


NEEDS for a brand new babe – diapers, soother/pacifier, bottles, somewhere to put them down comfortably (baby chair, baby pillow, whatever) receiving blankets, 364 extra pairs of hands … ;)


Bahahah 364 extra pairs of hands… so true! Everything you wrote is a need. Thanks Andrea and I hope you have a great night!


My sister had her third baby in the car, too – right outside the hospital :-O
My favorite part of the story is my niece was born on a Saturday, very early in the morning. Due to a 6 hour time difference (I lived in US at the time and my sister in Europe), I heard the she-couldn’t-wait-and-was-born-in-the-car story FRIDAY NIGHT, so kind of the day before her actual birth :-D


A funny story from my dad who is working from home right now. A coworker of his was also working from home and was in a video meeting and told the team that he might have to leave at some point that day because his wife thought she might be starting to go into labor. This was at 10.30am. At 11.10am he messaged them that the baby had just been born in their bedroom!! Apparently it went a LOT faster than with their first baby!


In the car??!! Ah! I could NOT imagine that. My 3rd came in 3 hours…to me that was very fast compared to my first two labours.

Honestly lots of outfits and blankets and a nursing cover (if your breastfeeding) . I used my nursing cover in the car a lot when I was doing pick ups for the kids from school…and after getting groceries etc…you never know where you’ll be haha. I AM so excited for you!!

And very good about the recliner I would do the same haha.


Well my first baby was born in our birth center hospital, so that was NOT my plan. Bless those sturdy maternity target jean shorts for partially catching her. We chose a birth center with midwives and they were amazing. They acted like this was a common occurrence (not at all) and were calm, joking, and only revealed how surprising it was after my baby was settled and in my arms. She is 13 now!
It’s been quite awhile since I had a baby but I was certainly a minimalist in the way of baby products. A must was a wrap to wear them and a swaddle. The pacifier, good grief I used them right away with my youngest and she had a tricky time nursing. The nurse that visited us and helped me with nursing discouraged the pacifier (although she did also add, but your sleep is also more important then anything). I took them away for 2 weeks and she never took one again, biggest regret ever!! That kid never slept, did not make it past 20 min at a time until she was at least 4 months old. She had GI issues that we were not aware were severe but I still think had I stuck with the pacifier she might have slept more.


You look so darn cute!!
My #1 recommendation is the Boba 4G carrier. I bought one gently used for my recent baby (now 5 mos old) and there has not been a day when I haven’t used it since he was born. It’s super comfortable, great for breastfeeding, and I can play with my older son while wearing my baby.
I didn’t find out the gender of either of our kids, and haven’t regretted that decision for a second — it was such a fun surprise!
I used to work with a girl (an Emergency RN, actually) who felt labor pains during her 12 hour night shift, but brushed them off as Braxton Hicks. She drove herself home after her shift, and gave birth to her son immediately upon pulling into her driveway! She had to call her husband (who had just left for work, himself) to come home and meet their baby! Everyone was healthy, and now they have this fantastic story to tell.
I hope the rest of your pregnancy is comfortable and easy, Janae! And don’t worry, Skye will be just fine being a big sister. It’s a transition, for sure, but my son surprised the heck out of me with how completely and quickly he accepted having a little brother.


I love you accidentally used the word ‘miles’ instead of ‘minutes’ talking about the baby’s foot (“and kept it there for a few miles without moving it”) shows the love for running!


I have loved reading this blog throughout your pregnancy! I am 13 weeks pregnant with my first! I am still running but much slower. I hope I can run throughout my pregnancy like you! Also all these comments on what to get are super helpful. Have a wonderful day!


For a November baby…undershirts, socks, sleeper sacks, blankets, and a soft warm hat are the necessities. At least a couple of the blankets shoiuld be the right size to swaddle and/or cover up if breast feeding in public worries you. Maybe a baby body carrier if your little one has a hard time being set down (I loved my Ergo). I’m assuming you are all good for diapers/wipes/cleaning supplies. ;)


I just commented on your main post but will leave one here too. So exciting to be just 7 weeks away! My cousin/best friend just had a baby and I actually referred her to some of your posts about wanting to breastfeed, but needing to switch to formula before that mythical year mark. It ended up helping her out a lot – as it turns out, breastfeeding didn’t work out and she’s switched to formula, but feels so much better about it now after reading personal stories and some of the evidence about how formula is not actually a terrible choice, but a very-nearly-as-good choice that may end up being the best choice for the mother and family. It helps so much to see different narratives out there that don’t promote a one-size-fits-all recommendation that isn’t actually based on super solid evidence. Really, there are tons of great ways to be a mom. Have a great day!!


I am so excited for you and your family, a new baby is so much fun!! They are a lot of work but so worth it as you already know. My daughter-in-law is due mid November, she is having a girl after having 3 boys in a row. This will be their 6th, they already have 4 boys and one girl. I love reading your blog both for many reasons!! Both my daughter-in-laws love the swadding blankets so I would say that is a must have.
My friend’s last baby came so fast that she had it in her bathrooom at home. She thought the she just needed to use the bathroom but then her water broke and the baby came fast!! Everything turned out great with a healthy mom and baby!


I made it to the hospital to give birth to my daughter, but my fast and furious labor was less than 3 hours and this was my first baby! My midwives are concerned about how quickly any future children should arrive, so my husband is either going to have to learn to catch a baby or we’re going to start camping out at the hospital during the last month of my pregnancy.


My daughter is turning one in a few short weeks (cue the tears!) but here are the things we have survived on in the last year: a white noise machine (one for her room and a portable one that attaches to her car seat/stroller), a bouncer seat and now a jumparoo, swaddles for early on and then sleep sacks, zip up jammies (no snaps!), Zutano shoes (the only ones that will stay on her feet), a car seat cover, pacifiers and paci clips, a bottle sterilizer/dryer (we have a Baby Brezza one and use it every night), and more burp cloths and bibs than you think you will need!


I highly recommend the soothe shirt by Lalabu, if you are into baby wearing! They even have a Dad shirt if that is up Andrew’s alley! (It is for babies until 12-15 pounds so you’d want to order it soon to use it right away.)


I had our second baby in the ER two minutes after we arrived. My husband took a video and you can see the baby on the bed, me completely dressed (wearing my favorite running shorts with built-in underwear – lol), and hear them asking my husband what my name is. It is so wild to me and a very different experience than with our first. I pushed for longer with our first than the entire labor took with our second.

Must haves – swaddles with velcro, a wrap, a carrier with back support when they get a little heavier, and an easily portable place to sit/lay the baby down.


A baby carrier! I just had my second baby and he lives in the carrier while I wrangle our 2.5 year old! I love the Baby Bjorn Mini.


A Haakaa! It makes it so easy to build a stash without actually having to pump. I just had my second in August and I love using it!


Thank goodness I have only given birth in the hospital but look up Seth Meyers giving his monologue after his wife gave birth in their lobby! It’s so funny. I was crying laughing!!


Oh my goodness!! I had never seen this and so I just watched it and it is HILARIOUS! Thank you so much!

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