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25 Weeks & My Pregnant Running Tips!

I’m getting closer to that 3rd trimester! *5 out of 7 nights each week I am getting up for a snack in the middle of the night.  The baby is growing like crazy right now and my hunger is reminding me of that all day/night. *I CANNOT WAIT FOR COOLER TEMPERATURES.  I feel like a … Continue Reading

23/24 Weeks + Ways Running and Pregnancy RELATE!

I feel like there are a million ways that running and pregnancy are similar to each other so I wanted to chat about some of those today: *Just like when I am doing a very long run or race, once I am past the half-way mark I switch from counting miles to counting DOWN the … Continue Reading

22 Weeks + What are My Running Plans After I Have the Baby!

22 weeks is HERE! I’ve definitely been thinking about my post-pregnancy running plans and goals lately.  Andrew is the absolute best supporter of my running dreams every step of the way and when I asked him about how in the world it will be possible to train and race with another child in the mix, … Continue Reading

21 Weeks and Your First??

I’m past the half-way mark and still a long ways away but I’ve been thinking about something lately that I wanted to ask you…. What were your first signs of labor?  When did you know that it was TIME!  In case you weren’t around when I had Brooke, that was QUITE the adventure. She was … Continue Reading

TWENTY WEEKS + 11 Things I Thought Would Happen but Haven’t…

HALF-WAY THERE! You know how it is pretty easy to go into something and have expectations about how it will be…. Well, I am quite talented at doing that so I thought I would share 11 things that I thought would happen/not happen going into pregnancy and what really happened. -I went into this pregnancy … Continue Reading

#19 Weeks + Maternity Clothes that I am Loving….

19 WEEKS.  Almost half-way there! I have definitely needed maternity clothes this time around much sooner than I did compared to when I was pregnant with Brooke and Skye!  I remember thinking during Brooke’s pregnancy that I didn’t want to spend a penny on maternity clothes (mostly because I couldn’t afford any and just tried … Continue Reading

#18 Weeks + Breastfeeding Round #3

18 weeks with some post-taking a nap on the couch hair:) First, I want to state that I am very pro-breastfeeding but even more very pro-doing whatever is best for your family!  I think breastfeeding is beyond nutritious, an incredible bonding experience and I am SO happy for everyone that has good experiences with it. … Continue Reading