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TWENTY WEEKS + 11 Things I Thought Would Happen but Haven’t…

HALF-WAY THERE! You know how it is pretty easy to go into something and have expectations about how it will be…. Well, I am quite talented at doing that so I thought I would share 11 things that I thought would happen/not happen going into pregnancy and what really happened. -I went into this pregnancy … Continue Reading

#19 Weeks + Maternity Clothes that I am Loving….

19 WEEKS.  Almost half-way there! I have definitely needed maternity clothes this time around much sooner than I did compared to when I was pregnant with Brooke and Skye!  I remember thinking during Brooke’s pregnancy that I didn’t want to spend a penny on maternity clothes (mostly because I couldn’t afford any and just tried … Continue Reading

#18 Weeks + Breastfeeding Round #3

18 weeks with some post-taking a nap on the couch hair:) First, I want to state that I am very pro-breastfeeding but even more very pro-doing whatever is best for your family!  I think breastfeeding is beyond nutritious, an incredible bonding experience and I am SO happy for everyone that has good experiences with it. … Continue Reading

#17 Weeks + Body Changes

17 weeks! Over the last year or so I’ve really been reading about body neutrality and using it in our home.  The idea is to respect your body, do what you need to do to feel healthy and well but that the body isn’t something we are always thinking about/talking about positively or negatively.  My friend Megan … Continue Reading

Because a Surprise Sounds Fun + 16 Weeks

I somehow convinced Andrew that we should be surprised and wait to find out the sex! It took some time and a powerpoint presentation (I kid ha) for him to understand my reasoning but he is on board now.  I think the surprise will be a really amazing experience to have together in addition to … Continue Reading

1st Trimester Talk… Round 3!

In early March we found out we were expecting another little one in early November! I knew I was pregnant before we took the above test because I was at day 32 of my cycle without a period.  Pregnancy tests don’t work for me until a few days after the first day of my missed … Continue Reading

Skye is 1.5 years old now?!

Skye thinks she is 6 years old like Brooke and Knox (she sure thinks she should be doing whatever they are doing) but in reality she is officially 18 months old today! A lot changes in 18 months.  I cannot even really remember the time when she would just lie there and cuddle haha. A … Continue Reading