14 Things Learned!


Before I get into some lessons, I have a few things from around here…

This meal was absolutely delicious and so easy.  I got the idea from HERE, and everything was from Trader Joe’s and so easy.

IMG 4688

You just bake the chicken with the tomatoes for 25 minutes at 350° and then cut the chicken up, add the cooked pasta, some spinach and the Burrata cheese.  Andrew said it was a ‘home run’ meal, so we will be making it often now.

IMG 4689

Beretta is so happy we are home.  My nephews did an amazing job taking care of her while we were gone though.

IMG 4713 Spring felt close one day and the next…

It felt very far away.IMG 4702 And now for some lessons that we learned in Spain:

*To throw our phones into the lake;)   We rarely saw someone on their phone there, and it was so refreshing.  You can feel how meaningful their relationships are there, and it was so good for us to see how they showed this by putting their phones away.  

*We need trains.  And a lot of them.  They were our favorite way to get around, and now I want to live somewhere with an amazing train system like the one they have in Spain.

*I also now want to move to a walkable city.  Walking everywhere and the conversations we had while we walked were the best.  

*I learned that nobody should have to choose between gelato and a macaron.  These should always be eaten together.  

IMG 3684

*How nice it is to have tips included in the bill… I’m so over every single place we go requesting a tip here and it was so refreshing to have it be added in the bill automatically in Spain.

*We learned that the people who designed and created these incredible cathedrals are our heroes… How they did it all without the tools that we have today is shocking.

IMG 3555

*I learned I could run a sub-3 marathon in the heat (those last few miles were so hot for me coming from Utah weather), on a flat course (my first one), and alone (my best marathons have been with friends)!  I’m not going to lie; I doubted I could when I found out I was running this race, but I’m proud I didn’t let that hold me back.  I’ve learned that I actually really love flat races and that running in the heat isn’t actually going to kill me.


*Brooke learned that jet lag feels like you have the flu.  I appreciate the lack of judgment I’ve received for how incoherent my posts are this week due to jet lag.  

*I learned that churros should never be eaten without chocolate.  

IMG 4673

*I learned to love eating dinner later than my normal 5 pm dinnertime at home.  It was so fun to be out and about much later than I normally am at home; switching up routines and schedules feels so freeing.

*The people in Spain taught me to eat so much slower.  We are so used to shoveling our food in, but eating slowly is where it’s at.  

*Beck learned how to be potty-trained.  We have tried to talk him into potty training for a long time, and he has refused.  He refused even to attempt.  Randomly, in Spain, he decided to go for it.  I’m so proud that something there inspired him to tackle this challenge.  

*Skye learned that she is passionate about bulls.  We saw a bullfighting arena and pictures everywhere, so she pretended she was a bull for a good chunk of the trip afterward (in the image below)… We couldn’t tell her what happens at the end of the bull fights because it is just too sad.

IMG 3618

*Every time Andrew and I travel, we are reminded of how many different beautiful ways there are to live life.  The people of Spain truly LIVE life, and it was so amazing to see.  


Who lives in a walkable city?  Do you love it?

Any easy meals you have made and loved lately?

What’s your run or workout today?


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Ok, I am definitely copying that pasta dish for our dinner tonight.
Vacations are such a good reminder to slow down! Spain is really beautiful!


You will love it so much! Have the best day, Wendy!


Thanks for sharing about your incredible trip – so fun to hear about everywhere you went & all of the interesting things you learned! Congratulations on such an awesome marathon – so cool that you were able to do that on a hot day, in the middle of traveling!!
That pasta recipe looks great!! I may have to give that a try this weekend.. sometimes we do easy meals that only consist of toast, fruit, salad, and other items quickly pulled from the refrigerator – we do that about twice a week for supper for the days when the meal plan ideas fall apart. :)
I’m back to running/working out for a week and a half – I forget how quickly I get sore after this much time away.. I have a short trail race motivating me to get back to my routine, and my mental health is already thanking me! Today I am heading out for a short run in the cold – somehow it is 8 degrees right now, and two days ago we were at the park with no jackets. So crazy! Have a fantastic day!!


Thank you so much, Katie! Let me know what you think of the recipe if you try it! Ummmm that sounds like a great dinner in my opinion. You are back and I need to know more about your trail race coming up. Isn’t it amazing what movement does for our brains? Ummmm drink some hot chocolate today! That is way too cold for the end of February! Thanks Katie!


Love seeing a successful, fun trip with kids! I’m adding Spain to my list, especially since I love walkable cities and vacations. And the surprise potty training (?!) is just the icing on the cake!


Right?! I can’t believe we are done with diapers! Hope you have a wonderful day, Liz!


Yes! Traveling to different cultures expands the soul!!! Or even just traveling to different places with a similar culture does, too. Wish I could do it more often with my kids. Glad you all had such a great trip to Spain!


I will be copying that meal! I love traveling so much and this makes me sooo excited for Europe this summer. The last time I was in Europe I got really sick (covid + bronchitis) so I’m super excited to feel like a normal person. I love learning from other people and cultures.

p.s. I just registered for the NYC Marathon today so extra fingers crossed today!!


My husband and I have been to Spain, Italy, Amsterdam, Belgium and Japan. And each of those places we’ve visited never cease to make me terribly sad about the lack of train infrastructure in the U.S. :(


i live in a very UNwalkable area right now (South Florida) and I miss my time living in NYC, where I walked everywhere (or took the subway- I didn’t even own a car.)
About eating slowly- I think when you have little kids, you get used to eating really fast. You’re just trying to finish the meal before something bad happens, ha ha. You’ll be out of that phase soon (unless you have another one???) so you’ll be able to savor your eating experiences more.

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