Dreams do come true + home drama is high.

Eight miles with my friend and then…

When we were about a mile away from our cars, I received this text from Andrew. Ummm, dreams do come true.

I got home, and she had her running shoes on and was ready to go.

She did a half mile. She keeps telling me she wants to be a runner… I see big things in her future!

PS I don’t have mascara on. I’ve been using ProLashes, and you just put them on yourself. They say they last for ten days, but I’m finding they last for about seven days. I do like them, though. I ordered the classic shorties and then trimmed them a touch.

This was Beck’s reaction when I cut up his pancakes. The drama at our home is at an all-time high currently. Also, I realized in this picture there is a spaghetti noodle on the ground, and it has been many days since we last had spaghetti… oops.

We were able to move past the pancake incident and forgive. I will never cut his pancakes again🤣

We went and helped in Skye’s classroom; he loved being with a room full of kids.

Kaydi posted about these noodles from Costco, so I had to try them.

We added cooked broccoli, sweet potatoes, and shrimp, which was scrumptious.  Next time I will try them with the broth/seasoning it comes with.

We stopped by my parents’ house and my dad had Skye sign her art work.

Plus, indoor soccer season has begun!

We watched Nyad on Netflix, the story about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida. It was very inspiring!


What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?

What was the last thing or recipe you tried from an influencer and how did you feel about it?

What’s your run today?

How often do you cross-train lately?

-I’m going to force myself to tomorrow and not run:)

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I don’t have Netflix but I’m currently watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount +. It’s really good. Star Trek Picard was really good, too. I may be biased though because I looooove Patrick Stewart.
I generally cross train three days a week now. I’m trying to avoid overuse injuries. I do a mixture of rowing machine, walking, and step. I would rather be running but not running every day is better than not running at all.
Have a great Wednesday!


Lol poor Beck, life is tough when you’re 3! ;) So cute that Skye woke up early to run with you; that is truly the dream for a momma runner. Also, is it just me, or is it so cute that she’s running in jeans? Last influencer thing I tried was the Ritual prenatal vitamins. I’m a sucker for a promotional code, and the taste/smell my old prenatal was making me sick. I do love Ritual though, so it was a good purchase. I try to cross-train 4-5x a week, but I usually do 3-4x. This morning I did some Pilates before school, and I can’t decide if this afternoon is going to be a Peloton ride or a 30 min jog. I guess I’ll see how I feel. Happy Wednesday, Janae!


Fall soccer just ended for us and indoor winter soccer starts soon..I’m enjoying the little break before it gets crazy again!
I made spiced salmon bowls from andyseastcoastkitchen and they were so easy and so good. He’s from my hometown so it’s even cooler and he was on a masterchef canada twice!
I’m forcing myself to get out for a run today..it’s really cold and windy today. I find it hard on these days..

Have a great day!


I have twins that are just behind Beck in age – they are turning 3 in December… drama in our home is at am all time high too. Such little loves and so fun, but it’s a lot 😵‍💫


A LOT hahah. Wish we could get them all together! Good luck… twins, that is next level!


Love the lashes! How hard/easy are the lashes to put on? Do you wear contacts?


Hey! I do not wear contacts and I would say they take a good 10 minutes of concentrating to get them on right. BUT I feel like those ten minutes are worth it… I just can’t wear an eye mask with them on because that rips them off. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


I made hummus for the first time a few weeks ago. It’s so much better than store bought and really easy.

Run today was 5 miles with my friend who is my morning run partner. So thankful to have someone to share those miles with in the wee hours of the morning.

I try to cross train 2-3 times a week with yoga and strength training. I think strength training is super important for women. There are a few trainers on YouTube/Instagram who I like


Oh the drama. It is an amazing stage.

Netflix – just watched “Get Out” this past weekend. I don’t do scary movies – like really at all. But I Liked this…it was good, spooky, suspenseful, interesting…

I tried a French onion soup recipe this past weekend from a Vlogger I follow. I am not an onion person…like just not. My 16 year old daughter loves them – raw especially. She has ordered French onion soup when we have gone out to eat, so I thought – sure, she will LOVE it. And, it took about 2+ hours to make. Annnnddd it was good while eating but she only ate like half a bowl (mostly the bread more than the soup) and then my whole house smelled like onions for like 24 hours…BUT, I heard about an apple spice donut cake from another Vlogger this morning – so gonna try that one and see if we get a win!

I also take LOTS of recommendations from Vloggers for beauty products – some work, some meh.


Ha ha Beck…. Lesson learned for you I guess.
Yesterday I started a new Peloton outdoor series… Run the 5 Boroughs of NY. It was so fun! The 1st one was with Selena, and it was all about Stanton Island. So today I am doing the next one. They’re just 30 minutes, so perfect for a quick run, or you can do multiples.
Those noodles look good. I’m sure my family would like them. I’ll have to look for them on my next Costco run.
Off to start a busy day! Hope your Wednesday is a good one!


We love those noodles and add Chick or Beef Ramen seasoning from Clean Monday Meals, my kiddo loves it and said it is the best Ramen he has ever had. I love all of their recipes and follow them on Insta.


Off to follow them! Thank you, Jeni!


Indoor soccer started for us last night! My son had an hour then my daughter (which was really convenient to have it on one night) but during my daughter’s practice my son made a friend and went up to this new friend’s dad and said my mommy wants your phone number. ☠️😂 I tried to clarify it was my son that wanted the number for a play date but my boyfriend was having a really hard time not dying laughing at how awkward I got. 😂 kids.
Incredibly rude to cut those pancakes!! You should have known better. ;-)
Have a nice day!


This is hilarious, Mollie. Your little matchmaker son! ;-)



I am DYING!!! HAHAHAHHA thank you for sharing this with us!


OMG I feel you with the toddler drama. Last night Enso was sooo not into bedtime and as I was holding him, he was screaming “I WANT MAMA!” once he stopped and realized who had been with him for past half hour (and whose arms he was in…) he started screaming, “I WANT DADA” lol! This morning he was VERY upset that I was putting on clothes for work hahaha. “Noooo put on clothes, Mama!”
Not on Netflix, but last weekend we watched the first few episodes of the new season of “The Morning Show” on Apple TV. I love it!
My 14-year-old niece is my influencer and I tried her recommendation for telescopic loreal Mascara. It’s great!


I’ve been rewatching Psych on Amazon. Not Netflix I know, but when my brain needs a break and I need to laugh, this show fits the bill. Your dinner reminded me of what I made last night- Half Baked Harvest’s Crockpot Crispy Pork Ramen. It was seriously so amazing. I used lotus noodles as well for me, and stovetop cheap ramen noodles minus the seasoning for the others. I had to keep it gf for myself, but man it was sooooo good. The pork turned out amazing. If you don’t like pork, recipe works for chicken as well. It’s super easy to customize, especially the toppings. Almost like a ramen bar. So good for my kids to eat after a cold nighttime cross country practice. You should try it and let me know if it’s a hit!!!


Umm, if you haven’t watched Beckham on Netflix yet, DO IT! It’s soooo good. I’ve tried some muffins from bloggers in the last few months that have turned out terribly…but anything from Preppy Kitchen comes out great! I run/bike every other day, and I thin it’s keeping my body happy – fingers crossed. Have the best day!


I think*


awwww, it’s tragic to have pancakes cut up by someone else. (why are other kids being dramatic so cute?!)

The last recipe from an influence was actually you-I made banana muffins that you posted about and they were SO GOO! I usually make banana *bread* so this was a super fun switch up!

Netflix, thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t watched Netflix in months-so weird, I know.

Have a great rest of your week!


The noodle on the floor made me LOL – Ha!!

Watched Beckham on Netflix and it was good…and all sorts of flashbacks happened while I was watched it! Wow – what a story!

I made Cake by Courtney’s Apple Cider Donut Cake & it was absolutely delicious! I brought it into work and it disappeared quickly and got rave reviews from my co-workers.

Making myself do two days of strength training a week and it’s just dreadful…I don’t have words to explain how much I dislike it. But it is exactly what my body needed to “heal” my ankle pain that I had been dealing with for over a year! Two weeks of squats, lunges, dead lifts, etc. and my ankle pain disappeared. Lesson learned.


Would love to get a link to your sweater in the car picture if you get a chance to share!


For sure! I love it! https://shopstyle.it/l/b3A4G

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