Don’t Freak Out + Tuesday Tangents!

(shorts, shoes, tank, bra)

We had our first ‘hot’ run of the year. So far, most mornings have felt pretty cool and breezy, but yesterday it was hot. It’s so easy to freak out and think we’ve lost all our fitness when we run in hot/humid weather, but please remember that isn’t true. Your fitness is still there, it just takes time to acclimate to the heat, and it truly takes a lot out of us to run in this weather.

I’m not going to lie; I am feeling pretty jealous that these three have new babies coming soon…

Isn’t it funny how it feels perfectly normal to call a bag of chips and guac a meal during the summer? Maybe I’m alone in this.

By the afternoon, my eyes were looking almost normal again!

For dinner, I made Mel’s Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos. I also added corn (Beck’s favorite food), this TJ’s rice, and avocado on top of them to make them a bit more filling. They were excellent, and they make the perfect leftovers to pop in the air fryer the rest of the week.

Let’s get into some tangents:

*If Beck hears the blow dryer turns on, he is in my bathroom seconds later to do the job himself.

*A summer bucket list item has been going to the restaurant on top of Sundance for their nachos.

*They were out of guac and pico, but they were still delicious (once the olives were removed from my half).
*The only way we go on a chairlift with Beck. I’m too freaked out to have him held on there any other way.
*My absolute favorite summer treat… s’mores bars.

*I’m afraid to run in the mountains again…

*I had a lot of time to read over the weekend since I was in bed so much, and I finished up ‘One True Loves.’ I couldn’t put it down. I loved it so much. I love everything from this author.

*I saw that Molly read this, so I just downloaded it, and I’m hoping it helps. I haven’t done as much mental training as I have in the past, and it’s time to get back on that train. “What is grit really? …. When things get hard, you push harder. When you fail, you get back up stronger. When you don’t see results, you don’t get discouraged.”

Have any tangents for me today?

Tell me a food you refuse to eat.

-Olives. Can’t pay me to eat them.

Do you have that freak-out moment when you start running in the heat and feel like you’ve lost fitness?

Best summer treat/recipe, in your opinion?

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I admire you for picking off the olives. I won’t eat food if there were olives on it – they leave a terrible taste behind!


I was definitely reaching mostly for the chips that never touched those things… but you are right, the ones I had with the olive juice on them were not great;). Hope you have a beautiful day, Allison!


Chips, salsa and guac can be considered a meal year round for me haha. It’s just so good!!


That’s what I like to hear. I hope you have that meal today!


Thanks for this, I needed to hear it! I freaked out today. All of these summer mornings have been relatively nice and breezy. Out of nowhere this morning at 5 am it was 80 with stifling humidity! Intervals were a flop! In reality I know my body needs some time to adjust. 😊


You aren’t alone, Amber! I am so sorry summer hit you guys like it did but this heat will make all of us so so strong. Thanks Amber!


That was me this morning – it has been hot here (just north of Houston), I “waited” until 6:45 and it was 82 with dew point of 78 was like swimming!

My coach keeps saying “effort not pace, pace will come”!


I loved One True Loves! It made me think about her scenario so much and how we change as we experience life.
And clearly I love Chasing Excellence! I did have to filter out some of the nutrition advice. It was too strict for me.
Yesterday afternoon I had my hottest run yet this year. Thanks to the mental gains from Chasing Excellence I remained calm and was able to not focus on the heat.
And those Sundance views!! There is a potential family trip to Southern Utah next year and I am all for it. You are the best non-employee for tourism for Utah.


Seriously so interesting and how we can grow and change together with our spouses but they were apart! Ohhhhhh good to know about the nutrition portions, I’ll remember that! So glad you were able to use your mental strength to get through the heat… I’m really hoping that helps me. Who knows, maybe I am sponsored by Utah;). Hahaha have a great day, Molly!


A few years ago, my friend and I ran the Salt Lake half marathon. Half way through the race, she had a pollen reaction very similar to yours! I was ahead of her by then, but by the end her eyes were slits and I literally didn’t recognize her when she found me. (She still finished the race!) it was scary for her too but she hasn’t had a reaction like that since and runs trails all the time. So hopefully you will still be on going forward!


No way! Oh that must have been so scary for her (and you when you realized it was her). SO so good to hear that has never happened to her since… that makes me feel a lot better!


It’s my first day back at work after maternity leave! EEK. The twins started at daycare yesterday, I’ve done four one-ish-mile runs in the past week, and am just taking life day by day. Best summer treat– cold watermelon that someone has already cut up for me :) and a maple creamie (maple soft serve– I live in Vermont and it’s our specialty)! Have a great day, Janae!!!


Oh Courtney! I hope you are doing okay and that everything goes smoothly during this time of change. I think that is the best way to take things right now and congrats on those four runs! I cannot even imagine having twins, you are my hero. Ummm how do I get one of those maple soft serves and you are so right, watermelon is best when someone else has cut it for us;). Have a great day at work!


SO glad you are doing better! With foods, I actually love any type of olive! My only thing is, I don’t like green olives IN things – I can eat them all day on their own, but I think their flavor is too overpowering to be put in any other food. Like on pizza? No, thanks! The one thing (two things) I won’t eat are honeydew and cantaloupe – watermelon is the best summer treat though. ;)


I just finished “Carrie Soto is Back” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Agree, I have not read something from her I do not like.


How fun that so many of your running friends are having babies (although maybe not fun for them to run in the heat right now?!)

I will take all your olives, but a hard pass on rare meat like a pot roast.

Favorite summer treat is probably tomatoes with a little sprinkle of salt.

So glad you recovered quickly. My allergies exploded the last 2 weeks and the level of itchiness is almost unbearable. I feel like I’m playing allergy med roulette! I can’t imagine having your throat close up and eyes swell shut.


hi! if your friends love their belly bands can you share the links? needing one now at 30 weeks!

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