I need your opinion even if you have never tried either…

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

After a winter of dark mornings, it feels so heavenly to have so much light during our runs now.

Any uphill and flat areas feel good, but the downhill still does not feel great.  We took the downhill extra slowly.  This week, Lauren and I will just be running easy.  Next week, we will start adding in a bit of speed again.  I’m hoping to get to the trails in the next few days because the flowers are so pretty right now.

IMG 9259

Ten miles + 10 minutes of upper-body strength with my favorite—> Robyn on the Peloton app.

IMG 9260

We had cross-country, and I am positive I will be crying on the last day because I will miss it so much.

IMG 9276

I finished up the day with Cookbook Club.  Everything was from Oh So Deliciouso, and it was all so amazing.  PS I was cleared to eat normally on one side of my mouth now… it is the best news ever because they originally told me six weeks.  They said everything looks like it is all healing up nicely!


It’s not Tuesday, but I need to share tangents, so here we go:

*Lauren used this stuff (in addition to her amazing training and strength workouts:) before her huge PR, so maybe they are onto something? I must try it.

IMG 8429

*A picture that I came across from Boston that made me happy.

IMG 6649

*Our favorite banana muffins.

IMG 8329

*If you are ever in St. George or Salt Lake City, I need you to visit Roc Taco.  They have the best tacos I have ever had.

IMG 9234

*Look at these gorgeous tacos.   I usually get the fried avocado one, but they were out of it… please get that one and get back to me on your experience.

IMG 9231

*I’m not sure how he gets sand everywhere, but he does it well.

IMG 9215

*I have a gift card from the race to get some new running shoes, and I have been thinking about getting the Alphaflys.

IMG 6656

*This picture is from the finish of my half-marathon.  My legs were DEAD, yet the Vaporflys just made me bounce (I felt like Tigger) to the finish line.

Stick with what I already know that I love and work or branch out even more?

IMG 9207


Try the Alphaflys or stick with the Vaporflys?  I need your opinion even if you haven’t tried them!

I would love to hear tangents from YOU!

In your opinion, where are the absolute best tacos from?   

Dentist—> don’t mind going or hate it?

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Just booked our trip to St George for a long weekend in June and I am so ready to try all of the places you’ve talked about!


AHHHH this makes me so so happy! You will have to let me know what you think of it all, I’m so happy for you. Have a great day, Tracy!


I’m going to have to make it out to Roc Taco … my youngest son is named ‘Rocco’ and we call him Rocco Taco at home :)


Stop it! I love this so much. Next time I am there I will see if they have any bumper stickers etc and I’ll mail it to you!


I think you should absolutely try the Alphaflys! Especially since you have a gift card. It’s like free money, so if you end up not liking them, you know for sure and it hasn’t really cost you anything. Win, win.
Oh, perfect timing to share your banana muffin recipe. I have bananas that I need to bake something with. I will definitely be doing that later today.
We need to find a really good taco place around us again. We used to go to one every Tuesday before the pandemic, but it’s not the same now. We all love tacos!
I slept horrible last night, so missed my early run with friends so I could get a little more sleep. Hoping to get out later, but I am definitely dragging this morning.
Have a good day Janae!


So so so true… I’m going to try them! I hope you love the muffins. I hope you find the best tacos soon and that you sleep so much better tonight. I am really sorry about that, I hate nights like that. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Well, since you have a gift card I think you should try the Alphaflys! It’s the perfect chance to try them out, and if you don’t try them you’ll always be wondering. i’m also intrigued by that PR Lotion. It got some great reviews on Amazon. You’ll have to let us know what you think!


So so true.. I don’t want to wonder forever! Okay, I’m going to get them. YES, I’ll let you know what I think. It is so intriguing. Have a great day, Jennifer!


I love everything about the Alphafly! The stack height is so high, so it will feel weird at first, but I think if you love the Next%, you will really really love the Alphafly. I am not near as fast as you, but when I run in them, I feel like there’s no possible way I can run “slow.” I’m a fan of all things Nike for running shoes, so I’d also recommend the Zoom Fly 4 for every day runs. It’s my favorite training shoe!


You are getting me so excited to try them! I might have to get the Zoom Fly 4 too?! So many shoes that I need. Have a beautiful day, Leanna!


Wait… Why not both?! : )


Valid point… I’ll have to do a comparison between the two in a blog post. Hope you have a great day, Melodie.


Good morning, Janae! I so wish we had cross country for kids when I was “a little”!!
You should totally try the Alphaflys. Gift card + new running shoes + branching out to something different = AWESOME SAUCE!!!
Tangent: I have a 3 day golf school coming up in June. I have renamed it “golf camp”, because grownups should be able to have summer camp too LOL.
The best tacos are the roasted veggie ones at a Mexican place near my house (we can walk there, so that makes it dangerous LOL).
I have had soooooo much dental work done in my life that it doesn’t even phase me to go. I do give some of the credit to my mother who made sure we all started going to the dentist regularly when we were quite young.
Happy Hump Day, Janae!


Okay, you are convincing me… I will try them! 3 day golf school, that is so exciting and I want to join you at golf camp. I love that you renamed it haha. Can I come over for those roasted veggie tacos? Your mom is awesome, I need to make sure to stay on top of it with my kids. Thanks friend, you too!


The Alphaflys are heavier than the Vaporfly – they also feel clunkier to me. They’re a lower drop than the Vaporfly, so if you have grumpy calves, that’s something to consider. But they’re definitely a fast bouncy shoe and worth checking out, although I think I personally prefer the Vaporfly!


That is something I do worry about because I feel like my calf is what pulled on my plantar. I think I will try them but just be super careful… THANK YOU for the warning and sharing with me. Hope your day is a great one, Margaret.


Try the Alphaflys! Why not?!

Best tacos are from a Mexican taco truck that is permanently parked at a local brewery. It’s so authentic you have to be careful what you order though and best to attempt ordering in Spanish – I asked for “chicken” and got “cheek” once – now I order “pollo” haha.

Tangent: We have so many bears in our neighborhood, it’s becoming unreal! I’ve seen 4 this week already!


I WANT TO GO TO THAT TACO TRUCK WITH YOU. I’m glad you learned how to order there ha! Ummmm I am not okay with your bear situation. Be safe! I like the way you think, I’ll have to try them out!


Hi Janae! I’m in California now visiting my parents! Yay for nice weather and flat runs!
Happy hump day!


Those tacos look amazing!!

I would stick with the Vaporflys because you’ve had such great success in them! If it’s not broke…

I live in central Cali and we have some of the best taco places! My favorite is Tacos De Huichos. They have the best fish tacos!

I’m super weird but my parents couldn’t really afford the dentist when I was a kid, so I actually kind of like it.


You know how I feel about those alphaflys
Do it :)
Wish I could just send you mine bc I’m not running for awhile. Ha
Despise the dentist


Wait for the Alpha Fly 2! They have made some great improvements for better handling on turns!


If its not your money, try something new. I used my Christmas gift card to try out some Hokas, and while they weren’t great for me for running, they are great shoes to wear to work all day.

Best tacos are either Rusty Taco or Velvet Taco……both chains based in Texas, I believe. I love tacos and generally love them all, but those 2 places are sooooo good. The Velvet taco in Nashville has a hot chicken taco, if spicy is your thing.

hate the dentist. hate. like all my muscles tense up kind of visit. and with my luck I have had more visits than any one person ever should. thanks, genetics. (I kid, but only a little, ha!)

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