10k time trial + found the winners.

(Crop tank, shorts, bra, shoes)

That went better than I expected!

Jo, Lauren, and I started off with a 5-mile warm-up before we started our 10k time trial.  I ate a bagel before I left to meet my friends and then during the warm-up, I took this gel.  I love these gels.  They are so much easier for me to take than normal gels and my stomach was actually acting up during the warm-up and this helped my stomach feel better ha.  That is not usually the case with gels!

IMG 5861

We then started the 10k portion of the workout.  This 10k course is the one that our group does 2 weeks before every marathon.  When I did this 10k before my PR marathon (2:49 in St. George in 2019) I finished with a 6:01 average pace… I was happy to see that I was not that far off from my 2019 fitness for this workout!  Boston is a much harder course than St. George so we will see what happens in two weeks.  That 10k pace hurts so bad but it will make the marathon pace feel so good;)

Also, I tried yet another new pair of shoes… I have an addiction right now but I found the winners.  Our Nike Outlet had these ones for 50% off and they were the only pair they had… it was meant to be that they were my size.  Ummm the ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 are insane.  It was shocking to me how fast they felt to me… I’ll write a full review after I race in them but I was giddy over how fun they were to wear.

I’ve been marathoning since 2010 and I swear I learn something new about it all every single week and what works best for me, one of the many addicting parts of why we love running so much.

IMG 5865

16.25 miles total at 7:16 average and 60 miles for the week.

IMG 5867

We then did the super normal thing of sitting in the freezing cold river for 10 minutes.  I brought a big jacket for my top half and an old pair of shoes to get in the river.  Luckily, we were all numb after the first two minutes ha.

IMG 5907

Doing this has always helped my recovery after a hard workout so much faster.

IMG 5909

I then got straight in my hot tub with the kids and chickens running around to warm back up after the river.

IMG 5916

Never has a burger tasted so good in my life.

IMG 5919

And this for dessert… I found these in the car from Andrew when I was leaving for my long run.  These are as good as it gets.

IMG 5860

One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was going to the ‘Cake Creation Studio.’  These kids have been loving watching cake baking shows with me and so it was time they could try it out (with a pro helping them;).

IMG 5922

Their fox… they were pretty proud of this work of art!

IMG 5934

And rewind a few days, we were shuttling Brooke and Knox around town because they had PLANS WITH FRIENDS ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.  They are basically teenagers.

IMG 5859


Ice baths… do you ever do them?  Do they help you recover faster?

What was a highlight from your weekend?

Tell me about a good deal you have come across recently?

Favorite chocolate-covered item?

-Gummy bears (try them if you haven’t)

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I much prefer an epsom salt bath over an ice bath! I find it helps my muscles and even if it’s a placebo effect I don’t care.

Okay wow now I want to go to that Cake Creation Studio. Sounds so fun! The cake turned out so well.

One good deal I found recently was for waffle henleys at Aerie. Bought 3 since they were 40% off and such a good spring transitional piece. Here’s hoping they fit and I like them on when my order arrives later this week ha.


Off to buy some more epsom salt… that sounds better for the next one;). Seriously, these kids are going to want to go there weekly now ha. Just looked up their waffle henleys and those are SO cute. I might have to copy you! Hope your morning is off to a great start, Maureen.


I love a Maurten caf gel during a long run! Both Maurten gels have been a game changer for me. The regular gel tastes faintly like marshmallow to me. Anyone else? Ha
I am here for all your shoe adventures!
Did you get to take the cake home and eat it? And if so, did the kids let you cut into their masterpiece??


Oh my goodness I totally agree with you and the faint marshmallow taste… just the best gels ever. Worth the extra $ to feel so good! Hahaha yes, they did let me cut it but we played our own round of is it cake… it was SO delicious. I hope your Monday is a beautiful one, Molly!


Good job on your run!! I did 10 miles this weekend on a hilly route, trying to prep for my hilly half in May.

Highlight from my weekend is that Sweetgreen opened near me and they were offering free salads! I had the best salad ever- kale, rice, sweet potato, chicken, apple, goat cheese.


Thank you Mariah and great job to you on your hilly ten-miler! You are going to rock that race in May! FREE SALADS… ummm the one you made sounds like heaven. We need a Sweetgreen here so bad! Have a great day!


I LOVE CHOCOLATE-COVERED GUMMY BEARS!!! SOOOOOO happy you have discovered them! highlight from weekend- going to a fancy inn with my husband for a date night. We hadn’t been away together since our (14-month-old) was born. So needed!


They truly are the best treat ever! SO happy you and your husband got away this weekend! It can be hard to make it happen with kids but then once you do it you realize how much you need it. So happy for you two and I hope your Monday is a great one. PS the reunion back with your little one is always the best too:)


Where do you find Maurten gels? I have never heard of them before last week–now they are all over the internet.

When I was training for my first marathon, I did ice baths after every long run. I think it helped with recovery, but I haven’t done one in at least 3 years.

The highlight of my weekend was running with my sister and my parents coming to visit as well.

I think chocolate covered gummy bears would be the only thing I don’t like covered in chocolate;-)

Have a wonderful Monday Janae!


Another trail 18 miler and was able to Meet up with a friend for the last 7 miles so they was sweet.

We watched a show called is it cake? Where people had to guess if everyday objects were cake. The cake artists were amazing.

Have a great day Janae and well done on the time trial. So speedy!


Oh that is our favorite show right now… that’s why our kids wanted to do the cakes! Great run and so happy you had a friend to do it with at the end! Thank you Kristine and I hope you have a great day!


run club yesterday was a nice surprise..have been struggling getting people out Sunday mornings, but yesterday, well, they came, we ran, I got everyone good and lost (I’m really good at that) they listened to me (I’ve raised teenagers, I’m not used to that) …..so, good
ice baths…good both for the legs and the head……pain brings pleasure…


Yay for run club! I am so glad it went so well! Valid point about it being good for the head too, I felt so much pleasure being done haha. Have a great day, Warren!


Highlight of the weekend was finishing Mt Charleston half. Slower that I wanted but it’s the first race since my full in Hawaii in December.
BUT the highlight of last week – I got into the NYC Marathon in November!!!!!! I entered into the lottery draw thinking never in a million years would I get in! Eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! Feeling scared nervous excited right about now!
Have a great week friend!


CONGRATULATIONS DAWNMARIE ON YOUR RACE AND YOUR NYC MARATHON ENTRANCE! I hope you had the best weekend there and enjoyed the sunshine. I am so happy for you! Keep me updated with all of your training!


I love hate ice baths. They feel so good but take quite a bit of convincing to get myself in. I usually listen to a podcast to help distract me. How nice you have natural ice baths you can hop into. Phoenix not so much.

Best chocolate covered candy is hands down the cookie dough bites you can get at the movie theaters.

Hope you have an awesome start to your week!


SO MUCH CONVINCING to get in… but having people to do it with helped! Haha yeah probably no rivers like this one in Phoenix. Now I need some cookie dough bites. Thanks Libbie, you too!


My son, he’s 10, and I ran a 5k on Saturday morning. It was a small one with about 50 people in it but he got second place overall! I was so proud of him. He definitely beat me! I haven’t been running much and my legs are feeling it.

I love chocolate and I love gummy stuff but I’ve never had chocolate-covered gummies. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.


Oh my goodness! WOW! That is so so exciting and I can’t wait to see what he does next, congrats to you both. If you can’t find them, I will send them to you. Have a great day, Erika!


Ok, that fox cake is adorable! What a fun thing for them to do together.
Ice bath… No thank you! Although I have never tried one, ha. It just sounds awful.
Highlight of the weekend was prom for my son. He had a great time, he said it was really well attended, lots of fun, and his girlfriend was selected as Prom Queen!! So happy for them! There have not been proms out here for 2 years!
The other highlight was doing a 45 minute endurance run with Becs Gentry yesterday morning! Holy cow the time went by so fast, and it was a good solid workout. I know I say this a lot, but I love the Peloton app!!!
Busy morning today, but now I have some down time, so I’m heading out to do some yard work.
Have a great rest of your day!


Probably the most expensive cake I have ever bought but so fun;). Ice baths truly are awful. I am so happy they were able to have prom this year and that is so exciting about his grilfriend. Wow! Aren’t her runs the best?! I can’t wait to get back to them again. Good luck on the yard work, thanks Wendy!


After a hot trail run, an icy bath in a mountain stream is the best but after a normal run with real ice in a bathtub is the worst! Although it did really help my recovery during those Ironman training years.

Looks like an amazing weekend, you are killing it mama!


Have you ever had chocolate covered Swedish fish? I love chocolate covered gummy bears, but the chocolate covered Swedish fish blew my mind. If you haven’t, you’ll have to try!


Costco has Thin Mint chocolate covered pretzels right now and they are as heavenly as they sound! A Girl Scout thin mint with a little salt finish! Perfect after a hard run! I had to go back and get 2 more bags because you can never be sure how long they will be there at our Costco.


I didn’t read all the comments…sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I LOVE Maurten gels but have been afraid of the caffeinated version. 100 mg is a lot! Like double what’s in Gu. It doesn’t sound like it caused you any trouble but was there a noticeable jolt? Thanks as always :)


I was really expecting it to make me feel jittery or upset my stomach but neither thing happens… I just end up feeling so much more energy! Let me know if you try them! Have a great day, Joy!

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