Silentish Saturday!

Run with Maddie!  9 miles @ 8:56 average (most with Maddie, some alone) with a gas-station water break.

I ran for a bit in some light rain and it felt healing.

IMG 8868


IMG 8812

Said our goodbyes.

IMG 8835

Errands with the wiggliest baby.

IMG 8845

Always coming up with fun house projects:)

IMG 8849

I got to see Megan and her little man again.

IMG 8857

We ate lunch together.

IMG 8854

And then she brought out the good stuff.

IMG 8855

Running free.

IMG 8860

Can’t get enough berries.

IMG 8865

I need to record Skye’s track commentary because it is hilarious.

IMG 8873

I decided to not race this morning and to sleep in a bit more instead:)


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

-Babyproofing this house, a date with Andrew and sleeping as much as possible:)

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Breakfast out with my son, try to convince same son to be vaccinated before I drop him off at his apartment, clean my house and Bonus: READ! Pray for me on that vaccination one.


Good luck with the vaccination! If it helps, my 14 and 16 year old daughters asked me every day when they could get theirs. They’ve had them for over two months and haven’t had any problems and they didn’t have significant side effects. They were only a little extra tired.


He’s being vaccinated right this second. Thank you God! I asked him to do it as his birthday present to me. The darling boy complied.


I’m so glad it all worked out Belle! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and enjoy your time reading!


Good morning and Happy Weekend, Janae!! Looks like you had a lovely day yesterday :o) Good for you listening to your body and deciding not to race this weekend in favor of some extra rest – hope you get the sleep you need!
This weekend: outdoor yoga this morning, a date with B. this afternoon at a vineyard with a jazz musician, and race training group tomorrow at 7:00am (I think we’ll beat the rain). Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your date with Andrew!


Thank you, Janine! Sometimes our bodies are just needing more sleep:). Outdoor yoga… sounds so fun! And your date sounds perfect. Enjoy your training group tomorrow morning! Thank you friend!


Run this morning with the best scooter company, going to play tennis, and a large salad because I am already craving it.


CAN BROOKE AND I JOIN YOUR RUN/SCOOTER CLUB?! That all sounds so so perfect. Enjoy!


I love running in a light rain too. You’re right, it does feel healing.
I’m looking forward to a quiet relaxing weekend, with a long run tomorrow, and yoga today ?
Have a wonderful weekend Janae!


Enjoy that relaxing weekend Wendy, you deserve it. Way to get in the yoga and I hope you get a run in the light rain soon too!


Running (some alone then some with friends) and breakfast with those friends. Now going to get my hair cut and highlighted! It’s been a while so I’m excited.


AHHHH it feels so so good to get your hair done, enjoy! Glad you got in some miles and some breakfast with friends!


Long run, farmers market, and back to school shopping with my teenage daughters.
I don’t blame you for sleeping in. I’ve forced myself to do it the last three days. I’m really proud of myself and more rested.
Have a fun date!!!!


Sounds like the perfect day! How is it already time for back to school shopping? I am proud of you too! Our bodies sometimes need to be pushed and sometimes they just need to be pampered:). Thank you for sharing friend, we’ve got this!


1. Long run
2. A birthday party for a little boy in my sons class
3. Date night with my husband

Love your love for candy!!!! I want some sour patch kids now!!!!


I hope you get some candy asap! Great job on your long run and I hope the bday party went well and that you are having a great date night!

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