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I have a new Beck update—>  6 Month Update + Any More Kids?


9.25 miles for my Monday @ 8:37 pace with Emilee and then it was kid time.  In Utah kids aren’t wearing masks for their last week of school and Brooke was very excited to see everyone’s faces!

IMG 4125

My sister and I went on a walk a bit later and she always teases me that I am not meant for walking and that I was born to run;)

I can never keep up with her when we are walking and I complain about walking uphills and for her to slow down ha.  I’m glad she deals with me on our walks, I’m just looking for a leisurely slow walk!

IMG 4132

The scooter gang got together a bit later on.  My nephew is leaving to PERU soon!  He will be there for two years so we are really trying to get in a bunch of time together before he leaves.

IMG 4146

And at least somebody at our house uses the garage gym;)

IMG 4137 3

The last highlight of the day was going to look at a house for sale with my sister.  She is always looking at opportunities to flip a house but this one had a little bit too much work to do on it!

IMG 4150


Let’s chat about some tangents!

*My race is coming up (June 5th) and so now it’s time to really do some mental prep.  I love the idea of ‘cautious confidence’ so much.  Trust your training, know that the pain is coming and remember each and every workout that you accomplished to build your confidence before race day.  (source)

IMG 0419

*Andrew thinks I would do really well living in Spain… A daily Siesta sounds perfect to me but I would still pass on the late night lifestyle ha.

IMG 3950

*Costco is offering their churros again after a year of them being away.  We were all pretty thrilled about it.

*We won’t be seeing Knox for a little over two weeks.  Sharing kids and blending a family is tough.  I don’t know how to explain it but there are a lot of times it just hurts along with a lot of tears.  

IMG 3982

*Not sure why Beck always looks a little like he is on high alert whenever Skye is around;)

IMG 3993

*This was a fun thing to step on in the middle of the night on the way to get Beck to feed him…

IMG 4066

*You know you are getting old when a new power washer makes you ridiculously happy.  Our house needed a good cleaning!

IMG 4149 1

*During Beck’s naps we started a thing where we read for 30 minutes with snacks together.  I read books to Skye at other times during the day but at this time she just looks at her books, eats snacks or plays quietly so I can read too.  I’m looking forward to this time EVERY DAY now.

IMG 4102

*I posted this a bit ago but I was feeling like I should post it again…

Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 7 18 42 PM


Just another reminder that there is a new Beck update HERE!


If you could get a nap every single day of your life is that something you would like?

What is something that makes you very happy at this stage of life that probably wouldn’t have done the same thing for you 10-20 years ago?

What’s something from the happiness chemicals hack list that you are going to do today?

Are you a fast walker, slower walker like me or somewhere in between?

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Love that reading idea during nap time! And scooter club looks amazing, not sure the last time I rode a scooter.

Today I will be doing some self-care and using essential oils. I’m sick, so can’t exercise but this list reminds me there are other ways to take care of ourselves!

Definitely a fast walker!


I am SO sorry you aren’t feeling well Mariah. I am so glad you are taking time today to take care of yourself and keep me updated with how you are feeling. Thinking of you friend!


Hi Janae! I am so sorry for the pain that sharing kids/blending families can bring. I can’t imagine that feeling, but it reminded me of this passage from one of Elder Holland’s talks:

“Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek. He does love you, and He knows your fears. He hears your prayers. He is your Heavenly Father, and surely He matches with His own the tears His children shed…He is your ‘high priest of good things to come.’”

So much love to you and your family!


Thank you so much Clare. That quote is PERFECT! I love that talk so so much… thank you for being the best. :I hope you are doing well, I need some updates!


Love that chart! I know when I can’t run, I hugely miss that dose of serotonin. I started doing this goofy thing over Covid/quarantine where I go into my youngest daughter’s room (her cat, Ella, is always in there with her) & have “Pet Therapy” time, where I hold Ella (whether she enjoys it or not is debatable ha ha). It really was therapeutic. I’m still doing it, and Ella still gets this look on her face that I get on my face when I go to the dentist. ha ha Kinda like Beck and Skye, actually! ha ha

It’s funny how running/nature/sun exposure are all under serotonin because I equate nature and sun exposure so much with running for happiness. One thing I’ve realized the older I get is just how much I DO NEED sunlight in my life to feel good and to feel happy.

Hope you have a beautiful, sunny day out in Utah!!!!


Oh, I am sorry that Knox is going to be gone for so long! That definitely has to be so hard. I give you and Andrew so much credit for handling it the way you do. Sending big hugs your way ❤️
Those looks Beck gives Skye… Ha ha. It’s going to be so fun watching those 2 as they get older.
I am not a napper, never really have been. The idea of taking a nap always sounds good, I just never do.
I think today I will take some time and read outside. Being outside always makes me happy, but taking the time to do something just for me sounds so good.
Peru!! How exciting for your nephew! 2 years is a long time to be away, but what an amazing experience.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


I love that you also like slow walks—I think sometimes when we run, we expend our mental physical energy so much into that task that we don’t want to use it for anything else! I will happily run 7 miles, but other activities tire me out unless I can just do them leisurely!

I also love your afternoon quiet/reading time ritual. That sounds lovely. I can only imagine how much you will miss Knox—you will all be so excited when he is back home, and I hope he has a great visit in the meantime. He is lucky to have so many people who love him!

Oh gosh, waking up early is something I did not care to do ten years ago, and now I love it. Love it. Today I’m going to focus on celebrating small achievements!


I have a question about your nephew’s upcoming trip. In your denomination, is this something that is always done, or can the individual opt out? Do boys only do these trips, or girls too? Two years is a long time, especially at that age – I am just genuinely curious how this came to be a practice for your church. How does your nephew feel about the upcoming trip? I know when I went to confirmation camp for my Lutheran church when I was a kid I was so nervous about going – and that was just for a week! :) I think these trips sound like an amazing opportunity, but also obviously a big commitment. Thank you for being open to talking about your faith, I have learned a lot over the years from your posts.

* I don’t nap unless I’m sick.
* Little things in nature make me way more happy or fill me with awe in a way they didn’t when I was younger. We’ve had some incredible sunsets lately and I just sit and stare at them, so grateful to be in this beautiful world. I wouldn’t have had those thoughts 20 years ago!


Amanda! Thank you so much for your questions! The mission is definitely something you can opt out of and it is not for everyone if it doesn’t feel right for them personally (like for me when I was his age)! Boys and girls both can make the choice to go and you are right, it is such a big commitment! My nephew is very excited to go but he did tell me yesterday he is starting to feel a bit nervous saying goodbye to everyone. They facetime every week with their families which I think will be very helpful for him and he is the most social person I know so he will really do well meeting new people.
I totally agree with you about how nature just becomes more and more important as I age. We are so lucky to have this world. Enjoy your day and I hope it is another gorgeous sunset tonight!


Hi Janae! Yes I would love to nap every day. I love the feeling when I realize I have everything I need for a recipe at home already. This definitely would not have excited me ten years ago but now I’m way busier.
Happy Tuesday! Is it taper time for your race?


Naps have really become my new jam. I try to get 1 or 2 in a week these days and it really makes a huge difference!
I love that brain chemical chart! I printed it out and laminated it a few months ago and have been showing it to clients (I’m a therapist). I walk pretty slow too – I’m usually feeling like I need to speed up!
My heart hurt reading that you won’t see Knox for so long. That must be so hard and you must miss him so much when he’s away. <3


I love naps but lately if I take one I don’t sleep well at night. Some days I cave, but most of the time I resist so I’ll get a full night.

Drinking coffee makes me happy. I didn’t start drinking it until 2013 when we moved to Hawaii and I realized what a difference GOOD coffee made.

Today is our 30th anniversary, so I’m all about oxytocin! Well also celebrate with some food for some dopamine ;)

I’ve been working on walking faster if that is my exercise for the day. I slow down considerably if I let my mind wander.


I too am such a slow walker, I just want to relax and enjoy my walk LOL

Given that choice I wouldn’t choose to nap but they do feel so good when I am short on sleep!

The thought of having to share my kids is painful and I am sorry you have to deal with it. But it seems like you guys make such a loving wonderful environment for your kids. I am impressed with how you have worked to build something so wonderful.


My Dad was a really fast walker so I think all of us kids are fast walkers from trying to keep up with him, hah! Guess I’m on serotonin overload today since I meditated, walked in the sun and swam this morning. And now you have me thinking hard about this everyday nap situation. I usually only nap after a really long run (recovery, right?) but maybe I could get used to a short daily nap. I think I’d want the nap earlier in the day though, like around 9:30 or 10:00. Get my workout in the morning, do some chores, nap, then go to work. I’d still need to be in bed by 9:00pm so I don’t turn into a pumpkin.


Our school dropped the masks for the last week and half of school too and my kids were so happy. It’s so nice to see everyone’s smiles again!

I could nap every day as long as I didn’t wake up more tired from it.

I got a new vacuum a couple of years ago and I was way too excited about it. I even took pictures of it to send to my sister. As excited as I am to have a vacuum that works I’m not always that excited when it’s time to use it :) And now I’m excited to get new patio chair cushions.


My freshman year I took naps everyday and had to stop bc I would sometimes sleep through one of my classes I started working out which helped me stay awake between classes. But the occasional nap is so nice and refreshing!
I just had a baby on Saturday (our second) so I’m soaking up baby snuggles (oxytocin) and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather (dopamine)! I can’t really walk too far yet or exercise but I have been enjoying reading while nursing and that’s been a good return!
Running our robot vacuum makes me so happy! Unfortunately our *almost* 3 yr old (she turns 3 on Friday!) is scared of it so we can only run it when she’s at daycare or when we are all out of the house but I love all the work it does and I can still get other stuff done!
I am a slow Walker for sure… speed walking is hard and so awkward for me!


You had me at power washing! So satisfying. I ordered a carpet and upholstery cleaner and can’t wait to tackle my rugs and couch. I feel like this fits with being a real adult.

We like to scooter gang with our friends to get ice cream. The eight of us (four kids and four adults) attract some attention. Especially when my husband decides to change it up and unicycle. Fun fact: our 11 year old can unicycle too but is working on her distance.

Have a great day!

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