Only Way to Survive + Tangents!

I went for my run early enough that I didn’t even need sunglasses so that was a first in a while.  I think early runs will be the only way for me to survive summer running this time around because I felt a million times better yesterday compared to Saturday’s run.

I bought some maternity running shorts and wore them for the first time and it just felt so incredibly good to not have a waistband.  8.25 miles @ 9:02 average and I listened to an incredible podcast and one that I recommend for all runners—>  Keeping-Track.  Running While Black:  A Conversation Around Race With Alison Desir- Activist, Runner and Mother.   There were so many things said that I have never even THOUGHT about before and I will never let that happen again.

IMG 9043 2

A 90 degree day called for jamba pb moo’d smoothies.

IMG 4176 2

It’s been a little while since I had used the Instant Pot that I’m in love with so I not only cooked my sweet potatoes in there but then I also made this turkey recipe (it’s delicious in tacos too) to go on top.

IMG 3243

And then some instant pot Mac and Cheese from Pinch of Yum for dinner.   Mac and cheese was the only thing that sounded good (this recipe was so good) and then the rest of the night was on the couch.

IMG 4182 2


Time for a few tangents to talk about today:

*If Skye had to choose one food to live off of for the rest of her life, it would be yogurt.  Andrew and I hear, ‘I wanna OGURT’ at least a dozen times a day.’

IMG 4163

*I’ve had people ask if it is hard to put my Koala Clip on!  It is very simple for me and I actually can take my phone out (or the entire clip with my phone in it) and put it back in or on without having to stop running.  It’s as simple as possible.   You can use my code HRG10 to get 10% off here if you want to try one out yourself!

Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 6 49 52 PM

*Sydney told me that I needed to try Great Harvest’s pancake mix and I trust you guys with these things so I did.  And she was right.  My Great Harvest trips are getting more and more expensive each time I go but the free samples make up for it;)

IMG 4179

*Knox went down the scariest slide at our water park. Andrew is just so happy that he finally has somebody that will do scary things with him ha because the rest of us are a big NO.

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*Andrew had to go to Target to pick up some things and came home with a new running outfit for Brooke.  Starting our kids young on the love for athleisure wear.

IMG 4178

*Not the prettiest picture BUT if you are needing a really good chicken street taco for Taco Tuesday, you have to make what my sister makes HERE… the marinade is so good:

IMG 1995

*The most important tangent of the day…. ANDREW SIGNED UP FOR THE ST. GEORGE MARATHON (thanks for the peer pressure;)!  So far the race directors say the race is still on and they will be taking any precautions needed so this is very exciting.  He will be running 3 days a week and using mountain biking as his cross training.  For my very first marathon I ran 3 days a week and did spin classes the other days and I had a great marathon so I’m excited to see how this method works for him.  I think it will help him to avoid mental burnout (which happens to him when he runs 5-6 days a week) and get to still enjoy the best of both worlds (biking and running)!

I cannot wait to give him the support he always gives me for my races.

IMG 4126

I have a feeling his training runs will be done mostly at night because that is what he loves to do now and I just cannot understand it….

IMG 4177


If you had to choose one food to live off of for the rest of your life… what would it be?

How many days a week of running does your body do best with? What about your mind?

Have any tangents to share today?

How do you carry things on the run?  Do you ever hold anything while you run or do you leave most everything at home?

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I almost fell out of the tube going down that once when I was 10 or 11. I was sitting in the back and when that first rush hits you, I left go of the handles (no idea why I left go in the first place) and almost fell out. Haha. Luckily my butt saved me and I was able to put my hands back on the handle. That was my fifth time or so on it before then, but it was definitely my last time after that.

Also is it true that it’s not called Seven Peaks anymore?


Yes, but I can’t get my brain to call it anything but Seven Peaks. It is Splash Summit now, somebody new bought it and cleaned it back up again so that is nice. AHHHH that must have been terrifying and now I’m not sure I want Knox on there ever again!
Hope you have a beautiful day Kourtney!


I would live off udon noodles haha. A little sesame oil and I am happy. My partner does not get it lol.

I have a handheld that I love.. it has no straps but it is this ergonomic design that I love and is super easy to hold. So far the longest I have done with this bottle is about 14 miles!

I love how Andrew came home with a running outfit for Brooke.

Tangent. Our puppy comes home 2 weeks from this coming friday!

Hope you have a great day Janae!


I LOVE udon noodles… and now I need them for breakfast. 14 miles with that bottle and no straps? I think I need one too. 2 more weeks, I am thrilled for you! Thank you Kristine, you too!


We have a water slide like that at our water park- – and although it has a name (like torando or something) – everyone in town refers to it as the taco slide.

Pizza and hamburgers are my ride or die foods. :)


Hahah and now I will only be calling that slide the taco slide. Thank you for that (the kids will think I’m so funny but I’ll give you credit). I hope you get some really good pizza or hamburgers soon. Have a wonderful day, Bethany!


Can you share what plan Andrew is following? I got injured training for my first marathon last fall and want to try again this fall. I know my body doesn’t do great with increased days of the week, so I’m very interested in what he is doing to prepare yet only run three days a week. Thanks!


I’m with Skye–yogurt for life! But you are really making me want pancakes . . . I also love putting yogurt (and syrup) ON my pancakes. It is so good!

I’m glad to hear that it’s possible to do a marathon running 3 days a week (and cross training)–lately I’ve been running 5-6 days a week, but that’s a pretty new thing for me. Marathon training is intimidating, so I’m glad to know you don’t have to run a crazy amount to be successful!


Yogurt on top of pancakes? I must try that but Skye really must try that (TODAY)… thanks for the idea. Yes, I really do believe it is possible to run 3 days a week and do a marathon. For my first marathon my weekly mileage was in the 20s and peaked at like 34 (with a 22 miler that week)… I had a great marathon and didn’t get injured or burned out! Good luck and keep me updated on what you decide. Have a beautiful day, Kristin!


Yay, so excited for Andrew!! 3 or 4 days a week of running is best for me too! I avoid injury better that way, when I do yoga or strength or other types of cardio on the other days.

Love Brooke’s running outfit! And those tacos sound amazing- that would probably be my one food for the rest of my life. You can make breakfast tacos, regular tacos, switch up toppings! So versatile haha.


Yes!! I am so glad you have found out the perfect equation for you and your body… that looks like the perfect combination. I agree, tacos for life does not sound bad! Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks Mariah.


I’m so jealous of all your running miles. I’m currently 36 weeks and have been stuck with walking for the last ten. ?I’ve been looking everywhere for a tank like that. Please share where it’s from!


36 weeks ahhh you are so close to meeting your new little one. I hope you are feeling well and sleeping! Your first run back is going to be amazing… I am so sorry you have had to say goodbye to running for ten weeks. Please keep me updated with how you are doing! The tank is from Lulu a few years ago. They don’t have the same striped one but here is the tank:
This one has somewhat similar stripes!
Have a great day, Trish!


They just opened a Great Harvest in my town!! Now I’m going to have to go and try not only the bread you make me drool over, but add pancake mix to my list!! ;)


This makes me so happy!! You’ll have to let me know what your favorite things are there:) Wish we could go together. Have a great day, Leigh!


I’m also jealous of the miles! I’m 30 weeks now and anticipate both the physical therapist and ob/gyn will tell me to switch to walking for the remainder of pregnancy. The post-run pain and strain is terrible right now, even with a support band. I was managing 3 days of running with two days of physical therapy, which involved lots of squats, lunges, stretches, and balance activities.

I used to carry things in my FlipBelt, usually just keys, phone, hand wipe, and lip balm, but during pregnancy I’ve been using my support belt as my storage and only tuck my keys in with my phone staying in my hand.

If I had to live off one food forever, I think the baby and I would agree on pizza…maybe yogurt if we were in a sweet mood. I generally was able to eat those foods during the worst of morning sickness, so I consider them to be safe and comforting at this point.

As for tangents…there are plenty of those now that my brain is fully scattered due to hormones. I keep reminding myself there’s just one more week of school left, then I can go into full nesting mode!


Congratulations on 30 weeks! I am SO excited for you but that is so hard… that post-run pain sounds terrible. Keep me updated on what your PT and ob/gyn say! I’m with you on the pizza feeling like a safe food during pregnancy. Happy last week of school and I hope your summer is a really great one. Thanks Christina!


My mind/body does best with 1 day off every 2ish weeks – except right now when I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant. It’s a good thing it’s starting to get hot and humid as it makes it easier to switch to walk/runs without missing running as much.

Have you had any issues with water damage to your phone when using the Koala Clip? I recently got one but have noticed my phone screen getting a bit messed up after runs so may have to abandon it to protect my phone.


Abby! You are so so close, I am thrilled for you! I am so happy you are still able to walk/run and I hope you get some cooler days soon. I have not had that problem! Have you tried facing the screen so it’s not against your back? Maybe try a ziplock around your phone and then in the Koala Clip? I really want you to love it, I am so sorry! Let me know if either of those work. Have a great day.


I could live off chicken noodle soup (homemade). My 3 year old son is like Skye – he’d live off yogurt (he pronounces it “yogrit”) and bread. I find my body does best with 4 days of running plus cross training. Sometimes 5 if at least one run is pretty short. I run with as little as possible. If I need to carry anything (phone, chews, etc) I wear shorts with ample pockets. I usually run with my dog and the waist leash has a pouch for poop bags.


YOGRIT:). Our little ones would be buddies. Thank goodness for workout clothes being made with more and more pockets over the years! So glad you have found the perfect combo for your body. Have a wonderful day Laura!


I feel like my mind would love it if I was almost constantly running. haha. My body however is happiest at 5 days a week and as my long runs get longer 4 days.


My mind would too haha… I get you on so many levels. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


Yay for Andrew signing up for St. George! How in the world does Andrew run that late at night? Is he a morning person too?

That waterslide makes me ill just looking at it. After having kids, any type of ride/adventure ride makes me nauseated.

My mind would probably do best with 7 days of running, but my body does the best with 5.

I am currently carrying my phone in my hand because my airPods keep disconnecting on my runs and my new phone doesn’t fit in my old spibelt. I thought my AirPods would work better when I hold my phone, but today one ear bud cut out at mile 7 and the other at mile 9.5. Not sure why I lose a signal! I also carry pepper spray in my shorts pocket.

We are going camping for the first time in our camper (outside of our yard)! It’s just me and the kids so hopefully everything will go smoothly. The campground is only 2.8 miles from our house and .25 miles from my husbands work so we can easily come home/call for assistance if it is a disaster;-).

Enjoy your Tuesday Janae!


I do not know how he runs that late. He is definitely not a morning person so the days he works early is rough for him! My mind would do best with 7 days of running too. That is so weird that your airpods have been disconnecting. SO weird, can you take them back because that shouldn’t be happening. HAVE THE BEST TIME camping and you are such a fun mom. Let me know how it goes. Thanks Becky, you too.


I get bored with the same foods so I could never eat the same thing for life… not even chocolate ;)

Andrew has picked a great strategy – my marathon PR happened when I only ran 3 days a week and rode my bike on the other days. It was the same reasons – no burn out and no injury. The days I ran were always quality – speed work, hills, long runs. I used my cycling for my “easy days”.

Tangent: We spent 3 1/2 hours mixing and pouring concrete yesterday for our front planter wall. This is for the 2nd of 3 walls. I mixed about half the concrete (I think we used about 12 90 pound bags.) It’s gonna be great and I’m gonna be sore for days. We’re letting the concrete harden today and tomorrow it’s mortar and blocks. I really can’t believe we’re doing this ourselves, but the $15,000 estimate + materials was way more than we were willing to spend.

I wear cycling jerseys when I run – I love the back pockets. I always run or ride with my phone and a mini garage door opener to get in and out.


You are so good at trying and making a huge variety of foods! I’m always amazed by you. Oh that 3 day a week plan that you did sounds perfect… that’s what we are thinking for Andrew. Your front yard is looking amazing I am sure. You will have to come teach us because they gave us a 30k estimate for our backyard (NO WAY!!!). I’m so impressed by you two. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


Yay for Andrew! I will be crossing my fingers that the race will happen.
I think I would have to choose sushi to eat for the rest of my life. Although yesterday my hubby and I were snacking on chips and salsa and guacamole, and I actually said that I could live on that…ha
Thank you for sharing that podcast. It’s a definite listen to today.
I’m happiest running 5 days a week with 1 complete rest day and 1 cross train day. I think that’s why I’m dealing with achilles tendonitis right now. I had been running at least 6, if not 7 days a week for the last few weeks. I have learned that my body really does need rest.
Have a good Tuesday Janae ?


SUSHI… okay, now you have me craving that so bad! I think I could live off of chips and guac too. I’ve been thinking about your achilles tendonitis and hoping you are getting closer to running again. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Thanks Janae! Achilles are feeling better, so I think I may be back to running in a few days (fingers crossed).
And, if you like to make your own guac, Joanna Gaines’ recipe is awesome!! That’s what I made the other day. Simple and sooo yummy :)


-Yay for night running! I am a night runner too – after the kiddos are successfully asleep, so anytime after 8:30 PM.
-My 20 month old would eat applesauce for the rest of her life if she’d let us. I can relate to the yogurt requests… we hear “apple!” constantly. Always accompanied by a sweet smile that is hard to say no to.
-Thanks for the book recommendations yesterday – I am starting with White Fragility, and I saw some commenters recommended a few as well. I live near Minneapolis and am trying to do more than what I always thought was enough before.
-I either need shorts with pockets or a pouch SOON.


Oh that is awesome Katie! I am so impressed that you guys can run at night. Hahaha I hear you, it is impossible to say no to those sweet voices when they just need their yogurt/apple sauce so badly.

Let me know what you think of White Fragility and I hope you are doing well. I can’t imagine what your community is going through. Thanks Katie!


Thank you for posting about your Instant Pot success! I just got one (the 8 Qt Chewbacca from Williams and Sonoma) and am excited to use it! Also to give away my rice cooker and crockpot for minimalizing (and bread maker, but because I have been doing those by hand).

Pizza for the rest of my life.

Four or five days a week seems to be best for my mind/body. As long as I get four days I am not grumpy (unless the three days off are all in a row…)

Tangent, which is becoming more focused: #BlackOutTuesday “I am not longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis. And, bc of you, Janae, am getting my list of books that so have procrastinated reading about race, purchased and loaded for listening on the run!

Mostly I carry a water bottle (year round, need the fluids), and in it is my chapstick, Airpods case, and inhaler. My shorts, pants, or bra (Or vest or jacket)have a pocket for my phone and any necessary fuel. BUT I just got a hydration vest so as long as it doesn’t make me hot like the camelback used to, Ill wear it and free up my hand!


You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Instant Pot and what recipes you love! I love that quote so much, thank you for sharing that with me and I am so happy that you will be reading those books.. We are all in this together. I hope you have a beautiful day Tonya and keep me updated with how you are doing! PS yay for the new hydration vest, they are the best!


Thanks for posting that podcast link, Janae. I’m looking forward to listening to it!


Let me know what you think of it! Have an awesome day, Caitlin!


Go Andrew!!!
I think I would have to take several test runs to see what one food I could live off of; salad, burgers, gyros and phad thai are all strong contenders.
I’m currently trying out running 3 days a week doing 1 long run, 1 walk/run or easy run and 1 tempo run and then doing 2-4 days of yoga and 2 days of strength training. I have another niggle that I’m trying to sort out so I’m playing around with my run schedule until it gets dialed in.
I bought a Koala clip but I’m not coordinated enough to use (+ it doesn’t work well w/ my sports bras) so if any readers want it – it’s there’s!
I carry things in a belt and/or my handheld water bottle for road runs up to 13 or so miles and then any longer than that or any trail run, I use my hydration pack.
Have a great day!


Ohhhh I like all of those contenders a lot and I could easily live off of a mix of just those things:). I hope that niggle goes away asap and that combo works perfectly for you. Those 2 days of yoga and strength… I need to jump on with you and do that. NOOOOO It doesn’t work for you?!? That is a huge bummer. I am so sorry! Thanks Jenny, you too.


Hi Janae! I actually use a running vest to carry all my items. I like having my hands free and I can stash all my items safely. Before I had this vest I lost my car keys whole running once and so I’m paranoid about that. Also when I run with others for easy runs I volunteer to carry other people’s stuff just because I have all that space.
I love chicken tacos and your sisters pic is making me want Taco Tuesday!


Pizza for the win :) That slide looks crazy! Waterparks freak me out a bit, but I do enjoy tagging along with my family. I don’t know when ours will be opening. I had no idea the weather in Utah was so warm. You live in such a great place! I love to ski, so the snow would really sell me on it, but the warm weather looks awesome too. Good luck to Andrew on his training! I’m sure he won’t go wrong with your coaching (or won’t he let you advise him? LOL!)


My 9 year old has fallen in love with Trader Joe’s ramen noodles, jumping to college life I guess?? It’s hilarious because she thinks it’s some gourmet meal… The kid though would exist on raw spinach.

I bring my phone on my runs and can’t live without pants or shorts with a pocket to hold it. I won’t buy clothes without them now! I do have an arm band though if needed. No water fountains open has been a problem so I just ordered a small hand held one.
I am a 3 to 4 day a week with cross train on other days runner. It saves my knees! Andrew can 100% do his training that way, some feel it is better for the amateur run!
Question: I swore by UCAN when I was training for my half and now even though my mileage is getting high again, I just don’t feel it. I don’t know if I just used it too much and needed to take a break but I feel like I taste it for miles and it doesn’t make me feel great. I could not have done my half training without it. Anyone have this experience??


Food when I am pregnant is NEVER appealing. I mean I always wanted to crazy cravings and thus far have NEVER had any. But one food would be either sweet potatoes or ice cream when not pregnant. Currently all I want is ICE water with a splash of grenadine … BORING I know.

I like to run 4 days a week for the most enjoyment.

I don’t like things in my hands when I am running either … I don’t know how people do carry things with them especially for long runs. I like to strap things on my body (phone, ipod, etc) but that is it.


Explain that slide!!! Is it wide open and shallow? It looks so scary, but fun if you’re into that sorta thing. Zoikies! I swear it looks like Andrew is going to break his leg by catching a toe or something and then flip over.

One food….that’s a toughy. Bananas make sense, but so does rice with butter. Does toast count? maybe that.

I carry a koala clip, too. I own about 4 of them. It was tricky at first but once I got it, I *got* it! I love them!!!

That is so exciting about Andrew registering for St. George! I’ve been mountain biking more lately with the quarantine and it’s helped my running strength. However, I’m pretty sure Andrew is way better at it than I am. He’ll do awesome and how fun to support him in a race. Will he provide you with his spectator map/gps info for you?

My tangent is that a friend of mine told me tonight that she has to eat a slice of cheese after ice cream.


I commented earlier but don’t think it went through for some reason. Apologies if you get two. I’m curious what plan Andrew is using for his marathon that is three days a week runs with cross training. I’d like to try something similar for a fall marathon, as I’m injury prone and my body doesn’t like a lot of runs a week (although my mind wants to go every single day!). Thanks!


I do best running 6 days a week – 3 short runs, 2 medium runs and a long run. I need the consistency. Are you going to be Andrew’s running coach for the Marathon? Congratulations on the new baby!!!


Even though I’m an internet stranger (and your long-time reader, fan and cheerleader), I just have to tell you how PROUD I AM of you! I too am educating myself more about anti-racism and it is a powerful thing to acknowledge that we (myself included) do not know enough and can never understand the experiences and perspectives of people of color, but that we are willing to learn and be true allies. :)
Much love and digital hugs.


I have been debating on signing up for St George also! I hope really these fall races happen ??
Which Brooks trail shoes do you recommend?
Thank you!!


How does the koala clip NOT “jump/bump/move” against your back? Does it stay snug/still? I feel since it’s not strapped at the bottom, it’ll move with you?


Woohoo ? Andrew! Way to keep the tradition going! Enjoy every moment of the training and something tells me Andrew will really enjoy the mountain bike cross training! ?

Oh Brooke what a cute running outfit! Before you know it she’ll be running St. George. Your kids are growing up WAY too fast. Your sisters kids too .. I remember little Curly!

I could live off sweet potatoes ? there are so many ways to prepare them! One of my favorites is smashed sweet potatoes mixed with sour cream, salt and pepper. Doesn’t seem like it would work but every time I make this dish at a family gathering it gets gobbled up first.

Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed the pancakes! That rack at great harvest with the extra goodies has gotten me distracted so many times. I’ve purchased the cookie dough mixes to send to friends who don’t live near a GH. I bought a bag of flour the other day and it tastes better than my regular flour! It’s like magic flour ?

I have a Netflix pick for you! If you liked The Office try Space Force! It reminds me of Michael Scott when he pretended to be Michael Scarn. I think it was created by the guy who created The Office.

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