Skye 17 Month Update!

17 months of pure energy, sass, smiles and personality.

*Skye’s jealousy is REAL.  Anytime we are snuggling with one of the other kids (or holding somebody else’s kid)  she gets over to us so so fast so she can be included… and sometimes she will push the other people away too because she wants all of the attention.

IMG 2839

*This is Skye trying to hide from Andrew.   If she can’t see us then we surely can’t see her.

IMG 3077

*This girl is FEARLESS.  She will jump off the couch if I let her.

IMG 3076

*She loves to help get herself dressed now.  She loves putting her feet up for her shoes and she is very interested in the process.

IMG 2762

*Her signature hairstyle these days… and this was mine as a little girl too which is why my family called me ‘palm tree head’ for a good chunk of my life.

IMG 3634

*Andrew is determined to learn how to do the girl’s hair and it makes me so happy to see this:

IMG 3918

*The second one of us is eating something in the kitchen, Skye drops her toys and binky and crawls quickly over to get a sample.

IMG 1901

*She wants whatever we are having.

IMG 3435

*Mini fits/tantrums have begun.  They are so ridiculous sometimes that it is really hard to not laugh at what is happening but I’m sure trying.  Also, when we tell her no or to stop doing something she will start to wave and grin as big as she can in hopes that we will forget what we were telling her to stop doing.

IMG 2815

*She thinks she is quite the big deal when she gets to hang out in her car seat without the seat belt when the car is parked.

IMG 1797

*Heaven forbid that Brooke watches a show when Skye wants her to play with her instead.  She does whatever she can to get Brooke’s attention.

PS if we put her to bed in pajamas that have a top and bottom like the ones below then she will take her shirt off in the morning before we get her.

IMG 1769

*Brooke and Knox’s favorite cheerleader at cross-country!


*Brooke has turned into a little mini-mom.  She just starts helping with Skye without us saying anything and starts crying instantly anytime Skye gets hurt.  I see them being like my sis and me (almost the same amount of age gap even).

IMG 3725

*She wants to walk EVERYWHERE.  She has gotten pretty fast the last few weeks too.

IMG 4427

*If my mom is near, Skye ONLY wants to be with her.

IMG 0234

*Why use fries to transport ranch into your mouth when you could just use your fingers.  Any food that has any dairy in it is her absolute favorite.  She could live off of cheese alone and be happy.

IMG 2947

*Skye is giving quite the dramatic kisses lately… not sure if she is trying to kiss me or eat me.

IMG 2935

*The other night I wanted to rock with Skye for a few minutes and snuggle before putting her to sleep.  I sat down and Skye immediately jumped off of my lap and walked over to her crib and started waving goodbye to me ha.  I get it, sleep feels so good and we should all do more of it.

IMG 2953

*Her current vocabulary includes: Baby, dada, mama, etta (for Beretta), gimme, NO NO NO and eese (for cheese).

IMG 3419

*She wants to be outside as much as possible and I’m okay with that and we’ll soak that in until next winter.

IMG 3464


Parents reading… tell me about any new milestones that you are experiencing?

Tantrums, how do you deal with them?

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I love Skye updates! She’s so cute! My girl turned 17 months today and she too is all sass! My favorite thing she has started doing is anytime she sees me stretching before a run, she sits down and stretches with me! TAntrums have begun with her finding her attitude! She likes to throw herself down and hits her head sometimes and we are struggling with stopping that! When I do tell her no she tells me “bye bye”! I hope you guys are getting to soak up all the sun this spring!


My daughter is 18 months and the tantrums are just unreal. It seems like she does something new everyday and I just love it! We also love being outside! When she sees a car coming down our alley way she will say watch out! How does Skye do at Burn Bootcamp? I go where I live (VA) and I’ve dropped my daughter off a few times now and each time she has cried the entire time!


Aww she is so cute! My little Charlotte girl just turned 1 year old and she’s learning new things every day, I love it! ? did you ever have to deal with skye throwing food off her high chair? That’s our biggest struggle right now, she barely eats anything and would much rather fling her food around. ??‍♀️


Skye is looking so big! She is really on the move!

My girl is 2.5 yo. She has now figured out how to turn on the TV and netflix. Oy. Positives- she is really rocking dribbling a soccer ball.

Tantrums- you’ve probably heard this before, but someone mentioned a pattern in the tantrum to me a few months ago and it really helped out. Step one: Anger (screaming, flailing, mad). Step two: Sadness (sobbing, reaching). Basically, stay present and wait for the sadness to come out and then pounce with the comforting (hold, pet, snuggle). No toddler wants to cuddle when angry, but they love it when sad. Oddly, this has basically solved out tantrum issues (and boy did we have them). Good luck!!!


I have not heard this before Kathy… thank you so so much! I will absolutely be trying this. Thank you, I think this will really help both me and Skye. I love that she is dribbling the soccer ball and look at her go figuring out the remote haha… I have a hard time doing that sometimes. Have a beautiful day Kathy!


I can’t believe how big she’s getting. My daughter Morgan (also a 12/8/17 baby!) just started those tantrums. They’re so ridiculous. She just screams this high pitched scream, it’s terrible and hilarious. We laugh too! Morgan hasn’t said many words until the last few weeks, so that’s really been her milestone. Watching her learning to communicate it so cute!


Go Skye go! My daughter is 16 months (first child) and to watch the development is amazing! Some mini tantrums here and there so far when she doesn’t get her way. She also wants to jump off the back of the couch like Skye! She’s teething all 4 canines at the moment, too! Why do teeth take so long to come through – you can tell when it’s causing her pain :( Otherwise, she’s saying BIRD BIRD BIRD all the time! She loves birds! We step outside and she’s on the hunt for birds. She also says more, bubble, wawa for water, nana for banana, car (ANYTIME we see a car), NO!, mama, dada, tee-tee (for Kitty), she also says ish for Fish and shh for Shoe! It’s funny how the full word doesn’t always form at this point. Such a fun age!


My 10-month old does the exact same thing when we tell her “No” or “Stop”. She just grins so big! She just took her first steps this week so we are in trouble :-) She also hurries over whenever we are having food and grunts the whole time until we feed her some. It make meal time really fun..haha.
Love the Skye updates!


Hahah Skye and your little girl sounds like they would be the best of friends… they would get in so much trouble together haha. Good luck with the walking! Thanks Jessica, have a fabulous day!


Oh, my goodness!! Such a big personality in that cute little girl :) Love everything about this update!


My daughter is just a little older than Skye, Harper will be 19 months in a few days, but the tantrums are very real here too. We have learned to give her a little space to get it out, then tell her no no or stop. We also use the sign language for stop because that’s what daycare does too. She responds pretty well. Then we “talk” about what is wrong but really its just letting her know we care. From what everyone says this is just a phase.

We have started working on colors because daycare is focusing on that too. But so far everything is purple, pink or yellow! And she loves making animal sounds, so we read a lot of animal books. The other favorite thing in our house is the Trolls movie. We limit how much she watches it but she has a Trolls coloring book she loves. So we will color and listen to the soundtrack and throw in a little dance party!


It’s amazing to watch the little ones develop. Odessa will say 2, as in how old will you be and she usually puts up 2 fingers correctly. The other night she put her finger over her lips and told me to sshhhh. Where did that come from?! She’s really starting to imitate little actions.

Tantrums… I guess the “terrible twos” is such a thing. Odessa started hers around the same age. She is now 22 months. I usually try to figure out what upset her (shoes on wrong feet, the dog ate her snack, she wants to go outside) this takes awhile and then I try to fix what I can, she usually throws herself on the floor at this point. I finally tell her that it’s okay to cry and be upset, just get it out and let her just cry until she’s over it. These meltdowns are exhausting, I’m so glad I don’t remember going through this. lol


Skye has such a great little personality! What a cute age (isn’t every stage pretty much the best, though?) My little girl – our first – turned 13 months and she is just now starting to express STRONG preferences for things. We’re struggling a little with “no” especially when it comes to playing with the dog’s water bowl. Just like Skye, she gives us a massive grin every time we say it. She’s not in tantrum territory yet unless she is very tired, but I’m sure it wont be too long. As my step-mom recently pointed out, “I don’t think your daughter is going to be quite the wallflower you may have imagined.” Yup.


Love these! My son turned one last week and is walking a lot! A very wobbly walk…but he is so proud of himself. At the doctor yesterday she said we need to transition him from the bottle…so that is our next challenge! He always wants our water bottle but not his own sippy cup!


Oh my goodness she is just so adorable!! I’m glad that my kid isn’t the only one who could live off cheese if I let him! Most nights he only wants shredded cheese….whatever kid lol. Mine will be 2 on June 28th but we hit the terrible 2’s right around the age of Skye and lord help us all!! The sass is so over the top, I hope it mellows out sooner than later. We’ve recently wanted to be very independent with drinking like a big boy, sitting in a bog boy chair, and doing everything himself, heaven forebide I try to help haha meltdown city!! It’s so funny to watch them go from so happy to angry then back to happy in a matter or a minute, crazy kids!


Our little ones would have so much fun together! They are seriously so much alike, it’s crazy. My little guy LOVES my dad, wants to walk everywhere, smiles at me when he is doing something “naughty” and is so curious about EVERYTHING! He is my first baby, and I’ve loved every phase, but this is such a fun one! I love those little kisses, too. He keeps his mouth closed, but his kisses are very passionate. haha Makes my heart melt!


We are nearing the end of Kindergarten and Baxton is almost a “grader.” He said he wants to grow up and have a kid that goes to the same school and has his same teacher, because she has been a good teacher.

Tantrums: now I am treating them as “soul fevers.” Whenever my son as a temperature/fever, I become overly mother hennish and try to take care of him and nurse him back to health. When he has a “soul fever,” I am trying to be very sympathetic and figure out what is “ailing” him instead of judging. These kids are so precious!


I have been a longtime reader but now that I am pregnant with my first I have enjoyed going back and reading your HRB posts. Now that you have had your nursery chair over a year, do you still like it? I am wondering how it has held up.
I also can’t find in your archives if you found a support band to use while running with Skye that you recommend. Thank you!!!

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