What Not to Do During the Marathon + 1st Running Injury + B-day Partying + Monday Matters!

Just in case you missed out last week, the top 3 most checked out posts were:

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*Cruel Joke, Speed Workout & Friday FAVORITES!

*4 Words Per Pic + 10 Things That Perfectly Describe What Marathon Training Makes You Do.


Sunday rest day—>  very needed after 55 miles last week.  Skye (and Brooke…) forgot that it was my only day to sleep in so we hung out nice and early together on the floor.  PS Andrew would have gotten up with them but once I’m awake in the morning I can’t fall back to sleep so I joined them.

TWINS.  For the first time in the history of me they were ready two hours before church started just because I was so excited to see them in their matching outfits.

LRG DSC04790

Flashback to my sister and me matching.  PS when I was a little girl I was running and tripped on a sidewalk crack (what’s new) and knocked my front teeth out, it was my first running injury.  Hopefully I never do that again when I’m running.

Resized 20180805 161703 2717

I just need to find a matching tie for Knox too.

IMG 8916

Our afternoon included making Brooke’s bday cake (she requested funfetti).  Beretta makes sure to make an appearance any time that she hears food being prepared.


Twister went well.


And then our family came over to celebrate Brooke’s bday!


We asked Brooke what she wanted for her bday dinner and she said black beans… so we built our meal around the black beans and had some tacos.

IMG 8931

TRY THIS NOW—>  Crockpot + chicken + this salsa.  It was so easy and so good in our tacos.  Salsa via Costco.

PS I still cannot look at Crockpots the same way anymore after This Is Us and Jack.

IMG 8937

My sister also brought her heavenly rolls.  Sam’s club pizza dough makes the best rolls.

IMG 8932

My nephew loves being in pictures but we were very grateful that he could make it to the party.  He had his appendix out the day before!  They got it out right before it burst so he was very lucky.

IMG 8934

Presents and cake.


And our traditional piñata extravaganza.


Well, Skye had her first taste of cake yesterday.  I was doing dishes while my niece was holding her and Skye was lightening fast and dug her hands into the cake.  She got the cake into her mouth before my niece could stop her.  She’s a fan of funfetti.

IMG 8942

I hope your week of running is a great one, gotta love starting the week off with a great run!


*I’m on the Ali on the Run Show again today wahoo!  You can find it here:)  You have to listen to all of the episodes she has had on so far, SO good.  PS We made this podcast before I decided to do St. George again this year (I wasn’t planning on it before until a few things came up and some of my goals have changed too;)!

IMG 8620

*One last pic from Brooke’s horse show.  Brooke’s teacher has a little girl a year older than Brooke so she gave Brooke her daughter’s hand-me-down riding clothes.  When I first saw her in them my heart almost exploded.

IMG 8777

*A few weeks ago my nephews were over and Andrew was playing around and teasing my big nephew (that is their relationship).  His little brother ran over to him and cuddled up to him and pointed to Andrew and said, ‘NO!’  They are always watching out for each other.

IMG 8730

*Beretta knows exactly where to hang out during meal time.  She watches the ground by Skye like a hawk.

IMG 8869

*If Skye has a chance, she will roll right on over to wherever Beretta is lying down.  At this point I am pretty sure that she is going to say Beretta before she says mama.

IMG 8844

*There are a few things that Andrew is very particular about and one of those things are his pens.  These are the only ones he will purchase and write with.  He protects them and I am lucky I was able to get my hands on one for a picture;)

IMG 8871

*One of my biggest goals for this marathon is for it to not look like my splits at the Tucson Marathon 12/15 (split 14 and 19 I hit the lap button on accident but the rest are the mile times) below…. I could not keep any fuel in me during that marathon and I went out way too fast and it hurt so bad.   This is why I am really paying attention to fueling while I run so that this doesn’t happen again.  Also, for some reason I have that pace band on the right just hanging out on my computer screen at all times;)  I might study it and dream about it a lot too.

Screen Shot 2018 07 30 at 7 31 42 PMScreen Shot 2018 07 30 at 10 14 03 AM

*I LOVE following Sarah Bishop on IG (2:42 marathoner).  I’m going to be telling myself that I am fine during my 3 x 2 mile workout tomorrow.  I love her perspective on things:

IMG 8889


Have you had your appendix out?


Do you have anything that you are really particular about?

-Andrew says I am particular about cleaning, routines, birthdays and spending money/budgets:)

What was your first running injury?

What’s for breakfast today?

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I feel your pain about the getting up early with the kids…both of mine always want to get up insanely early, and once I am up, I am up.

I am particular about food…tastes, textures, and the order/way I eat certain foods. I have always been like this.

I have only been seriously running for about 5 years. My first real injury came about 3 years ago during a night run. I had no light, but figured I would be okay since it was a fairly lit up neighborhood. I was great until a car came in the opposite direction. I stepped onto the bank to get out of the way and fell into a ditch that was covered by leaves. I busted my shin pretty badly. I made it home, and it ended up just feeling and looking worse than it actually was. However, I will say that I learned my lesson about carrying a light from then on!


Yes… I’m not alone! I don’t know how people fall back asleep in the mornings after they’ve been woken up!? Oh that is a terrible injury… I’m so glad you were okay in the long run though. Enjoy your Monday Samantha!


Haven’t had my appendix out, glad they got your nephew’s in time!

I am particular about my running shoes and keeping track of the miles on them. Even if I stop running before my workout is over, I count the distance walked in the shoes so I know exactly how many miles they have on them.

It wasn’t while I was out on a run, but I was jogging down my friend’s really long steep driveway on a mountain and I slipped on wet leaves (November) and I slid on my hands and knees about 6 feet. I tore up my pants and my hands and knees were so scraped up. It hurt! I now understand how a kid feels if they scrape their knee! It was so deep on my knees that they didn’t bleed for long but they had a clear fluid draining for almost a week (sorry, graphic). I had to wear shorts so my work pants would not stick to the scrapes and I had giant bandages on my knees. The hands healed up faster and left no scars, but to this day (10 years later) I have scars on my knees, usually more visible in the summer when I tan (my scars don’t tan). I learned to be careful around wet leaves!

Breakfast…maple and brown sugar oatmeal!

Have a great day!


AHHHHH nooooo that does not sound fun. Thanks for the reminder about wet leaves, those things are slick! I love that you are so particular about your running shoes. Have an amazing day Loribeth!


I love how close you are with you nephew(s) and niece (s). I love my nephews like they are my first kids!

Thanks for telling me about the new Ali podcast! I just listened to the December one with you on my Saturday longish Run, and LOVED IT!!!

I have not had my appendix removed.

I am really particular about putting things in their proper place, whether it be clothes in the chest of drawers, toys in the toy box, dishes in the correct cabinet, or bottles/jars in the assigned bins in the refrigerator. Not to mention our backpacks, hats, jackets, etc, when we return home. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

My first running injury was in high school: a hairline fracture on my ankle from falling after hitting a hurdle that was set up backwards (they are set up to fall, this on stayed). My first adult/long distance running injury was 15 years ago, plantar fasciitis right before the New York City Marathon!

For breakfast today it’s Frosted Flakes!


Oh yay… I’m glad you liked the last one Tonya! Come help me and my kids with putting everything in the right place (you do not want to see our junk drawer)… that is awesome! Okay, that injury sounds so painful and plantar is the worst, especially right before a huge marathon. FROSTED FLAKES–> So good. Have a great Monday!


Looks like Brooke had a wonderful party! And that funfetti cake (which is the BEST kind) looks delicious!! Also, those matching outfits that Brooke and Skye are wearing are SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!

I’m right there with you on not being able to look at crockpots the same after This Is Us. I can’t wait for the new season next month!

Breakfast today is going to be Nature Valley Granola Crunch Maple Brown Sugar with banana slices on top and Wheat Thins. But first, it’s time for a run in this nice 89-percent humidity! :)


Oh thanks Natalie! YAY… one more month! I hope your run in that crazy weather was a great one, you are so strong!


I’m about halfway through the podcast and it is great! Brooke was super composed and very clear in her responses. I loved how she said “Yes” instead of “uh, huh, or yup”. I don’t have children so I just get super impressed all the time by their intelligence and wonderfulness.

It would be a shorter list to say what I am NOT particular about… and I’m having a hard time coming up with something that I am NOT particular about. Seriously. Umm… come back to me :) Ha!!!

Happy Monday :)


Oh thanks Amanda, I agree… she is pretty incredible. HAHAH I love it… you’ll have to share with me sometime what you are not particular about. Have an amazing day!


Breakfast was left over pizza. That is very random for me.
Have a great start to the week.
Impressive miles last week!!


Leftover pizza for bfast… that is a great way to start your day. Thanks girl and I hope your day is a great one!


My appendix are still intact. So glad your nephew is okay!
I am particular about tuna salad and deviled eggs (no relish!) and coffee. My husband is the more particular one in our house.
First running injury was patellar tendinitis. Breakfast was steel cut oats and berries with maple syrup.


Oh thanks Ali! You just made me crave some tuna salad asap. Have you had any kneeish problems since then? I hope your day is a great one Ali!


I am like Andrew and very picky about my pens. I use the same ones he does but only at home. I have a different kind that I only use at work. I am also very brand particular when my husband and I moved from Texas to Kansas I got very flustered at the grocery store because I couldn’t find certain things. My husband got a kick out of that.


No way… oh this will make him very happy to hear he is not alone! I hope that you have found the things in Kansas that you love again. PS what pens do you use at work because I should give them to Andrew to try out!


I use the uni-ball 207 BLX Gel Pens at work. I live in PA now and yes have gotten used to the brands here.


Awesome… searching for them on Amazon now! Thank you and I’m so glad you are good with the brands in PA now:)


When I was little I was running down the sidewalk barefoot and tripped on a crack. It ripped my toenail on my big toe completely off. That’s the only time I’ve lost a toenail :) then as soon as it started growing back I opted the door too fast a ripped it off again. Then I learned that wearing shoes is a good thing.


OUCHHHHHHHH!!! I’m glad that you figured out the shoe trick;) Enjoy your day Jenny!


I listened during my run this morning!! I think I’m going to listen to more podcasts. I felt like I was running with friends versus alone!
Have an awesome Monday!


Oh this makes me so happy! Thanks for letting us join you on your run:) Keep me updated with how you are doing Emma!


I still have my appendix.

I am probably too particular about almost everything :)

First running injury: tibial stress fracture, complete with walking cast UGH

Breakfast today was Siggi yogurt – yum. I’ve never been a big Greek yogurt fan, but this stuff is delicious and nice and high in protein and lower in carbs.


Glad your appendix is still there:)

Walking cast, oh Jen that must have been awful! I am so happy you found the best bfast for you. Have a beautiful day Jen!


The first running-specific injury I remember was during warm-ups for the hurdle shuttle relay in 7th grade. I biffed it on the track (old school cinder track, no one had all-weather surfaces yet) and ran the race with bleeding knees and hands…but we won and set a record (that only lasted a year but, hey, one year is better than none, right?).

Breakfast is cottage cheese and grapes today. I am trying really hard to get 60-70 grams of protein a day (at least this training cycle) and cottage cheese/fruit at breakfast is kind of becoming my secret weapon. What is also nice is finding out that pushing in that much protein is also pushing out some of my sugar consumption. Score!


CC and grapes= the best food combination ever! I love what you are doing with your protein and sugar… thanks for motivating me:) You’ve been hardcore from the very beginning, finishing that race bleeding. I hope your day is a great one!


Where is the pace band from? I love that it is weighted based on the course!


HEY!! Yes!! There are a few places to get something that is adjusted for the course you are doing! It’s awesome! These two are my favorite.


Have a beautiful day Jody!


Black beans must be cool with the kiddos right now because that is exactly what my 3 year old daughter asked for lunch yesterday.

Breakfast today was Raisin Bran Crunch. I always forget how much I love that cereal.

First running injury was breaking my big toe during softball practice. We were doing sprints in the gym and whoever won got to leave first and I was going all out but couldn’t stop before I ran smack into the wall.

I will be listening to your podcast on Ali on the Run this morning! Love her podcasts and listening to your positive attitude will be great start to my week!


Hahah no way… our kids should be friends. Oh that cereal is AMAZING. Okay, that injury sounds terrible… ouch! Oh I hope you like the podcast:) Thanks so much Corrinne and have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday to Brooke! I love the girls’ matching dresses! So cute!!!

I have two funny marathon training stories –
1) On my Friday morning run a truck driver honked at me while driving by and waved out his window! It was super encouraging.
2) On my Saturday long run (13.25 miles, what?!?!) I was running with a small group (I normally run alone) and I was running pretty well so I stuck with a faster lady and one of the other ladies said something about how easy we were making it look – so then later in the run when it wasn’t feeling as easy for me I just tried to channel that comment and make it feel easy in my head – which goes with the quote at the end of your post! I am enjoying the mental training as much as the runs.


WAY TO GO ON 13.25!! I love that you went with a group too and you are rocking the mental training too! SUCH an awesome tip, thanks for sharing! Gotta love people cheering us on:) Have an amazing day Emily, so happy for you!


Haha, babies are quick :). I am glad Skye enjoyed her first taste of cake!

I am not really particular – except – cupboard doors have to be closed in our place. That’s my thing.

Today is going to be warm, so we are headed to a lake, we will hike and swim and spend the day – it is a holiday long weekend in BC so today is still a holiday :)

Breakfast is youghurt and honey!

First running injury – probably an over use injury I can’t remember clearly..

Happy birthday to Brooke and have a great Monday!


Oh yes, I know what you mean. It drives me nuts to see the cupboard doors open (even if it is just a little bit). Enjoy your day at the lake and the holiday! Thank you!


We are particular about the same things! That birthday cake and food looked awesome!!
Ive really been into Trader Joe’s gluten free frozen waffles lately!


I should try those! Thanks Maythe! I hope you have an awesome Monday!


My teenaged kids literally put those pens on their Christmas and birthday lists this year. Ha! Have to admit, they are so nice to write with. That being said my kids hardly write anyways. It’s all done on their computers nowadays.


No way! Oh that is so funny. Andrew goes on and on about how they just glide so perfectly;) I hope your Monday is a great one Molly!


Good call on the black beans, Brooke, for all the deliciousness that comes with them! And hilarious that Skye made a dive for the cake – I feel ya, sometimes it’s just necessary NOW. Also so cute that your nephews are so close, even though they’re far apart in age. Your sis is a great role model for raising sweet kids!


I totally agree Michelle! I hope you get some cake soon yourself:) Thanks Michelle and I hope your Monday is an amazing one!


I don’t have my appendix! I had appendicitis when I was 23 and mine ruptured before they got it out. It was a very painful experience and I am shocked that your nephew is up and around the day after having his out!! I was in bed for 2 weeks after mine!

Your cakes that you make always look amazing and makes me want funfetti!!

I am super particular about my routine but I am trying to be a little more laid back :-)


I love that you encourage and support Brooke in her passions. I think it is excellent for a child’s self esteem, and will empower her to follow her dreams, for the rest of her life.


My breakfast was a piece of 15 grain toast with peanut butter and an apple. I’m pretty sure I ate that in elementary school too, but I was hungry after the gym and it was quick and easy to make.


I am particular about….everything. It’s a bad sickness I have, I do my best to let go when I can, but it’s hard.
Breakfast was a fruit/veggie green smoothie.
First injury was year ago when I decided I was going to run. So I just laced up, and went out and ran. My form was terrible, I ran too far all wrong, and ended up with ping pong ball sized knots around my shins and calves. In case that’s not considered a real injury, the 2nd was shortly after when I was looking off in the distance while running, and totally tripped over a kids bike that was laying on the ground. I had so many road rash marks, it’s hurt, it was bloody and I jumped up and acted like no one saw. lol


OMG Andrew’s pen pickiness is sooo a nurse thing! And those are my favorite too!!! (It’s so weird that I’m so excited about this). I prefer the 07’s though. They are SO black, rarely smudge. The best!! I refuse to chart with anything else (ok a little exaggeration, but you get my point lol!). I would love an update on Andrew’s nursing journey :)

I died laughing at the pic of Beretta in the background of that picture!! Such a sweet dog. Reminds me of my lab mix Whiskey….
Brooke looked precious at her horse show!!
Never had my appendix or gallbladder out! Thankfully….
I NEED to hop on the podcast bandwagon. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Soon!!
Breakfast was my usual oatmeal :)


My son is left handed too, and those are the only pens he will use.


No way! They are the best:)


I had my appendix out when I was 8. It ruptured and required two surgeries to get all the infection out. I was in the hospital for a month – got out on Christmas Eve. I have 3 scars from it (plus one from 2 c-sections now).

I’m particular about a lot of things :) cleaning and routines are big ones for me too.


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