LOTS of Friday Favorites + Quarantined!

8 miles @ 8:30 average pace!   Yesterday I had an easy run by myself and I didn’t listen to a podcast which was quite weird—>  I haven’t done that in quite some time.  When I got pregnant with Skye I started listening to podcasts during 99% of my runs and I’ve probably listened to hundreds along the way.

In the last 20 minutes of my run I had a stomach cramp… I rarely get those but when I do, I am not a happy camper.  I tend to get them more when I’m really hot and I should have brought water with me yesterday.  Do you cramp up often when you run?

When I got home Brooke just wanted to lay low because she was feeling off and I thought it was just because she was tired from all of her cousin time but got out a bowl just in case…  I’m glad I got that bowl out about 30 minutes after this picture.  She was so sick yesterday.  I have not seen her feel so awful in a long time.  Hopefully today is much better!


Knox left for a week to go on a trip with his mom but we got some soccer playing accomplished in the front before he left.  A chocolate popsicle afterwards was necessary.

IMG 5977

Cereal never lets you down when you have a sick kiddo (I don’t think Skye was feeling 100% either) and don’t have any desire to make anything for yourself for lunch:

IMG 5972

PS The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting books is one of my favorite things to give to my other mom friends:)

Basically our day was filled with taking care of Brooke but once she took a nap, Skye and I went on a mini walk until I was drowning in sweat (Andrew was home with Brooke).

IMG 6012

Just the dinner I love the very most—>  Costco tortillas (the ones you cook yourself at home), peppers and onions cooked in olive oil, chicken that Andrew cooked on the grill, romaine, beans, corn, mango salsa and wholly guacamole.

IMG 6024

Skye helped Andrew pay the bills and then once the girls went to bed, we watched The Bachelorette!

IMG 6008


Time for a few Friday Favorites (affiliate links included)!

*This little girl says dada all day long… I have a feeling she will be saying Andrew’s middle name and phone number before she says mama judging by how much she talks about him;)

*A few of you asked to have my recipes all in one place!  So you can find them HERE now (you can see the page at the top of the blog).  I don’t post a lot of my own/my family’s recipes but the ones I do are pretty much the best (and we have made them a trillion times)!  I’ll keep adding more and more!

IMG 5715

*Picked up a new hydroflask because I lost mine in Seattle.  These things are an investment in my health because I drink SO much more water when I have one.  The 32 ounce one is officially my favorite size for these.

IMG 5418

*I’m also drinking this Black Cherry Fresca.  SO good.

IMG 6023

*This article—>  A Pro Runner’s Eating Disorder Struggle Isn’t Over— and That’s Why She’s Sharing Her Story Now.  So real, so good.  I was able to run with Hannah Fields two weeks ago and I just think she is the best of the best.

IMG 5470

*This quote on beauty redefined from Pink.  I absolutely loved this and love those lines.

Screen Shot 2018 07 09 at 3 40 24 PM

*Skye and Brooke got some matching bows from @BusyBowsByLizzy!  I don’t think you have noticed (I kid) but I kind of have an addiction when it comes to bows for Skye.

IMG 5952

*I have had a lot of different brands of gummy bears in my 32 years of life.  I tried these at my in-laws the other day and they are officially the best.

IMG 5497

*IT’S THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!! I spent way too long picking out what I will be buying this year. These are my favorites that I’ll be choosing from this year:

Shoes:  Here, here, here, here and here!

Dresses:  Here, here, here, here and here!

Tops:  Here, herehere, here, here and here!

Bottoms:  Here, herehere, here, here and here!

Activewear:  Here (my favorite), here, here, here, here, here and here (sports bras—> the Juno is on sale, the Fiona and the Hot Shot)!

Outerwear: Here, here (in white), here, here (my favorite), here and here!


Do you ever get stomach cramps while running?  

-I feel like I only do when it is really hot outside!

If you are married, who pays the bills in your household?

-Andrew.  He is much more organized with all of that than I am.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

What has been one of your favorite things this week?

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Hope Brooke is feeling better!!!

Those gummy bears are SO good! They’re the ones from Sprouts! :) Have a great weekend, Janae!


Turns out I need to go to Sprouts asap then! Thanks girl, YOU TOO!


I hope Brooke is feeling better and that no one else gets it!

I used to cramp all the time. Like every time I had a race I always got a side ache. That was when I was a teenager and I don’t get them quite as often now. I’m not sure what stopped them. They say chocolate milk helps but I can’t say I drink chocolate milk before a run. I used to load up on Gatorade before so that I made sure I was well hydrated.


Thanks Jenny! Going in to the doc in a few minutes for her:( Oh chocolate milk before a run would be rough but some electrolytes before–> I need to do that. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I will cramp up toward the end of a long run on a hot humid day. after a race, i cramp up really bad to the point where i can’t eat anything for an hour or so. i learned that i need to drink two bottles of water right after and then wait a while or i get a really upset stomach.
my husband pays the bills. it’s not that he’s more organized, it’s that we arranged things to i could be a stay at home mom but that never worked out.
i hope brooke is feeling better soon. i hope nobody else gets it.


Oh that is terrible that you cramp so badly after a race! I hope that never happens again! Me too… I’m worried about Skye! Thank you so much Lee and I hope you are having a great day so far!


Thank you for posting your recipes! Now I can stop googling ‘hungry runner girl peanut butter cookies’ all the time. They are hands down my favorite cookies! Have a great weekend!


Thank you for reminding me to add those… they are the best. Thanks Tracy, you too!


Good Morning, everyone!

Great post, as always, Janae! I am a BIG fan of cereal, especially in summer – cool and light; I think I could eat it for all three meals!!

I’m lucky that I don’t really cramp (aside from the very occasional GI thing, usually associated with having taken ibuprofen since it affects me so hard that way). I had leg cramps during pregnancy and can’t imaging the discomfort during running, so I’m thankful I don’t have that issue to contend with!

My husband pays our bills; I have always taken it for granted until my dad passed recently, and I’ve been handling my mom’s finances. Luckily she is in a good place, but it’s yet another task and to have to remember and take care of. But I love my mom and do it with joy.

I am looking forward to my long run – it’s with two of my dearest friends, one of which moved from the area many years ago and we haven’t had a long run in a LONG time!!! It’s a little reunion that will be so special to me.

One of my favorite things this week has been getting an email from Deena Kastor!!! I nearly fainted that she replied to me!!!! And so graciously, too.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!!!!


Liz, I am so beyond sorry that you lost your dad. This breaks my heart and I’m glad your mom is doing so much. You are an amazing daughter to take that over for your mom.

What is your goto cereal lately?! Seriously.. it is so good! Oh the leg cramps in pregnancy are nuts, I forgot about that! Enjoy every mile of your reunion run tomorrow, that sounds perfect.
AN EMAIL FROM DEENA… what did she say?! That is amazing! Thanks Liz, you too!


I was just going to say “try Sprouts gummy bears – they are awesome!” But Natalie just said above that Albanese bears are the same ones so, yes, they are the best in the world. If you have a Sprouts nearby, they may be cheaper from the bulk bins, especially when on sale.

I pay the bills in our house. When I first started it was because I willing to balance the checkbook and my husband wasn’t. Then it was because he would pay everything instantly instead of spreading the bills out so our paychecks could cover them without bouncing payments. Now it is because after 20+ years of paying bills, he doesn’t really remember how to and doesn’t want to take the time to pay attention to the details.

My son found one of the smaller Hydro Flasks at the thrift store for $2. It appears to work just fine so total steal of a deal. Maybe a good place to keep your eyes out for backup flasks or cheap ones for Brooke and Knox that won’t make you cry if/when they lose them?


I could not believe how good they are. I am going to Sprouts this weekend for more. TWO DOLLARS… that is awesome, I will definitely be checking out a thrift store for one. Great idea. Thank you and I hope you have an amazing weekend!


Hi Janae! I’m SO glad you said something about cramping! I NEVER get stomach cramps but the last two days (last two runs) it has been 85-90 degrees out and humid because I ran after work instead of before, and my stomach cramped up both times. I was so frusterated (ran through it though!) and figured it was because although I was plenty hydrated before the run, I did not drink during the 6 miles and my body just sweated everything out so fast that I cramped up. So today, I’m trying to figure out the best water bottle/water system to carry or wear. Would LOVE your input! Have a HAPPY WEEKEND and I pray your little ones feel better quickly!


BOOOO to your stomach cramps these last two times. They are not fun! I hope that today is much better for you! Maybe try some electrolytes before you go out (Nuun, gatorade etc)! I used to carry one like this with me on my runs and it was really great:


Have a fabulous weekend and let me know how today goes!


Okay just have to say that I used to live an hour from the Albanese factory and it is AMAZING! You would love it so much! We always stop there on our way into Chicago and load up—they have a store where they sell every kind of gummy candy you can possibly think of, plus they sell like 10-lb bags of “oops” gummies (didn’t come out of the mold quite right but still taste the same) for about $5. Seriously worth a stop if you’re ever in Indiana!!!


That is SO cool Rachael. The Albanese factory sounds amazing. I need to go asap and buy some of those oops gummies. We were in Indiana this summer… how did I not go?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Hope Brooke feels better soon!!!!

YAY for the recipes tab! I will definitely be using that!!!!!!! :)

Ah. I gave up soda about 4-5 years ago, but I do crave a Fresca every now & then! I guess bc it’s kind of an odd thing—grapefruit soda. Ha ha—I tended to get made fun of for having loved it!

Key West—Aaaaah, it was EVERYTHING. I got up at sunrise every day to run easy 5 milers, we biked, hit the beach, pool, ate the best food. RELAXED & Let worries fall away!!!! At the end of the week, my 2 daughter’s asked if we can go back next year. YESsssssss! Mission accomplished! Ha ha We has a nice time TOGETHER as a family, which was nice :)


You are the one that gave me the idea to get going on the recipes tab ha. Let me know if there are any that I’m forgetting to put on there (#mombrain)! Way to go on giving up soda… that is awesome! I am SERIOUSLY so happy you had such an amazing time there. It sounds absolutely perfect. I think you need to go back a few times a year, it is your family’s PLACE. I hope you are having a beautiful day Jen! Thank you!


Don’t get duped by the #nsale. Half of the stuff that’s marked down is cheaper on other sites. It’s a bait and switch.


Oh thanks Leah! I will have to do my research before I make my final purchases! Have an amazing day!


Alas I feel like cereal always lets me down. I feel like I could eat a whole box and still be hungry. I’ve never understood people who could eat cereal for dinner. It always sounded like a good idea when I was younger then I’d be ordering a pizza half an hour later.

I pay most of the bills. When we moved there wound up being a couple that my husband pays. That has caused some tight weeks in the past because we didn’t communicate it quite right. Ooops. Live and learn.


Hahaha cereal for an appetizer and pizza for dinner sounds perfect to me! I usually add a banana to it and that makes it a bit more filling! Glad you guys have learned what works for you two! Have a wonderful day Kristen!


Poor Brooke! Hopefully she’s better real soon, and hopefully no one else gets sick!
I too, feel like when it is really warm/hot, I just feel “off” during my runs. More water definitely helps, but it’s just hard when the temps get so high.
Both my hubby and I pay the bills. He does the mortgage a couple of smaller bills, and I take care of all the utilities…. we’ve done it this way for so long, kinda funny :)
I’m finishing my 1st official training week for my next half marathon, so this weekend I have a “long” run..yay :)
Happy Friday!


Me too… Hopefully tomorrow she is better! I like how you guys split things up! AHHHH WAY TO GO on your 1st official training week. You are going to rock this half marathon of yours and keep enjoying the training along the way. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Cramping is such a bummer !!! I hope Brooke feels better soon and it is not the full blown flu. That is one big bummer about not breastfeeding anymore . Skye doesn’t have that glorious immunity to all those germs young ones bring home !


I feel awful about it. I’m doing my best to sanitize everything and wash all of the hands! Have a wonderful day Sarah!


It really doesn’t make that much of a difference at all. My first kid was breastfed and was sick A TON more than my 2nd kid who is all formula fed, a winter baby and even around big sister who goes to preschool! Just depends on the kid!


Love the recipes tab! Maybe you can do one for the books you love :)


That is a great idea! For running books or normal books or both?


Both! Feel better Brooke!


I will get working on that! Thanks!


Thanks for the recipes tab! I missed the Zucchini cookies post, it is going to my shopping list :). I pay the bills, my hubby hates doing that stuff, he wishes I could go to his office and organize it ha! but thankfully that has restricted access :p . I’ve only got stomach cramps once for dressing up like it was a summer run when it was in the low 20s. I guess I deserved that.

Lately I’ve been having a complicated relationship with running. Mostly my body/mind not doing well with the heat this year, I pushed through it for a while but ended up giving myself 6 weeks of no running at all and then small runs until I felt the falling in love with running again. I think that finally happended today :) that’s the best part of this week. I’m now excited about a 6 miler on Sunday, and can’t wait to jump up to the mileage I was doing before this time off. Sooooo dramatic I was, feeling that my body/mind would never ever enjoy running again and thinking that absolutely everyone in the world was out there loving their hot summer runs, haha.


Yes try the zucchini cookies and let me know what you think! I am so happy you are feeling the love again! You did the right thing to take that time off and then go to the small runs. Enjoy that 6 miler, you are so smart to do it the way that you did it! You are back! Keep me updated on everything:)


Tom and I each have specific bills we are responsible for, even though we venmo each other our half of those bills. I take care of hulu plus, heat, and our storage space and he takes care of our wifi, electricity, and the cell phones (he gets an employee discount through one of his jobs that’s just a bit better than the employee discount through my job, so that one is a no-brainer…). Each month we make it a sort of ‘test’ to see who can write the funnier/more random venmo ‘note’ attached to our paying each other money. :)

I love your Nordys sale picks! I made a few purchases, but nothing ENORMOUS. My strategy is to find good basics (like t-shirts…especially since some of Nordstrom’s brands come in petite sizes) and to look for the one or two SPECIAL items that I really can’t stop thinking about. I also have a ritual of going to Nordstrom to look at everything in person and try on some things that grab me (and take stock of what visually grabs me but isn’t available in petite sizes), mull it over, and then make an order online. And then I always leave money in the budget for the couple of items that stick with my thoughts over time as “why on earth didn’t you get this?!?!?!?” sorts of ‘special’ items that I can’t stop thinking about. So so far, I bought:
https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/caslon-rounded-v-neck-tee-regular-petite/4061980?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAnniversary%20Sale%20Early%20Access%2FWomen%2FClothing%2FTops&color=white (in 2 colors)
https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/halogen-cashmere-button-sleeve-sweater-regular-petite/4876229?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAnniversary%20Sale%20Early%20Access%2FWomen%2FClothing%2FSweaters&color=burgundy%20stem (I love the button detail on the sleeve, and I have a *very* huge affinity for cashmere sweaters…)

The couple of things I am still thinking about:

https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/kut-from-the-kloth-donna-release-hem-ankle-skinny-jeans-civility-regular-petite/4944540?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAnniversary%20Sale%20Early%20Access%2FWomen%2FClothing%2FJeans%20%26%20Denim&color=civility (I am not a huge fan of the hem but I am so short that I need to get these hemmed anyway–then I can make the bottoms look like normal jeans)

https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/le-specs-air-heart-51mm-cat-eye-sunglasses/4933778?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAnniversary%20Sale%20Early%20Access%2FWomen%2FHandbags%20%26%20Accessories%2FSunglasses&color=volcanic%20tortoise (I have my favorite pair of tortoiseshell sunnies from last year, but I am in serious love with the shape of these and how they look on my face–I love really oversized sunglasses…)

There’s also a pair of flat mules from Madewell that I am a bit nervous to REALLY pull the trigger on (what if I move my leg forward and kick the shoe off?!? What if I am walking down the street and a shoe flies off my foot?!?!?), but I love them so much, and that pair of Sarto ankle booties you linked is something that caught my eye big time…

Did you place your order? I did this morning–right after I got home from teaching a 5:30 AM spin class (my 6th class to teach in 5 days. All of my, especially the entire gluteal region, HURTSSSSSSSSS). I consider my order–even of t-shirts and a cashmere sweater–to be my ‘treat’ of sorts for kicking butt this week and subbing everyone’s RPM and Body Flow classes!!

I hope Brooke feels SO MUCH BETTER today and that the gradu does not spread around. It’s not any fun at all!


Bahaha I bet your venmo notes are awesome! OH I love the things you already bought… I think you should go for the cat eye sunglasses:) They are way cute! I haven’t placed my order quite yet because I’m still debating a few things. 6th class in 5 days–> you are a rockstar! Thanks so much Stephanie, enjoy your day!


My 7.5 m0nth old has been babbling a lot lately too-Mostly bababa or dadada and only when she is upset or unhappy will she say mamama. Still fun to see them change!


Oh I love that haha! At least she is saying mama though! Our babies are so close in age… keep me updated on everything she is doing. Such a fun part of life!


LOVE this quote from Pink!!! Having a chronic disease changes your perspective on growing old! To me, it is such a privilege! I am so grateful for every year and every birthday :-) Poor Brooke! Don’t we hate it when our little ones are sick?! I had to bring my little guy to the clinic yesterday as we were suspecting step throat. Turns out it is propably just a virus, crossing my fingers! But little ones are usually the best at recovering quickly. Really hope Brooke feels better soon!


You seriously teach me so much Mel! I love your perspective on things. I am so sorry your son is so sick… we are going in today because her throat is bad too! Thank you and hopefully he feels 100% soon! Thanks Mel!


My husband pays all of our bills- he works in finance, so I just let him take care of it. It was a weird transition when we were first married though!

Sorry you lost your hydroflask! I just got my very first one 2 weeks ago (after reading about them here for years…) and we now have identical bottles- down to the lid color even! So I really like your new one :)

Hope the girls are feeling better today! Have a gret weekend!


It was a weird transition for me too but I love it now:) I am SO happy we have the same bottles now… great minds think alike. I hope you love yours as much as I do and didn’t talk you into something you don’t love ha. Thanks Blake, YOU TOO!


Those gummy’s are so good!!!!!! Ive been eating them since we moved to Indy.Those gummy bears/worm/butterfly’s are made here in Indiana and we live in Indianapolis about an hour and half from them. The factory gives tours/tastings, I pass it every time We go visit my mom in wisconsin. it’s my goals to go there with my 4 year old daughter. I ?the their flavors!


YES stomach cramps while running, i read it could be related to stepping and breathing with your right foot, so i tried to change things up, breathing when putting my left foot down and changing it up and it seems to have worked? i have no idea! but it’s so frustrating when it happens.

husband totally pays the bills – i cannot keep it straight to save my life…!

this weekend, i’m looking forward to a long run in not sweltering heat!!! :)

i have no friday favorites… hm let me think. i have been using aftershokz bone conducting bluetooth headphones for awhile when running and listening to podcasts and it’s been pretty great. it allows you to hear whatever you’re listening to but also hear whatever’s around you in case you need to be in tune with your environment. i like it so far! i wouldn’t recommend it if you’re running in an area with lots of cars, b/c it will drown out whatever you’re listening to very quickly. but in parks and along the waterfront it’s been pretty good (and plus i totally like running way better when cars aren’t zooming by!).

Enjoy your day and weekend!


Ahh those are the best gummy bears! I am from Indiana but even if I wasn’t, I’d say they are the best. Just so much more flavor and much softer. ? I’ve been enjoying the Nordstrom sale too! Have you ever had Zella leggings before? Curious about the quality compared to say Athleta or Lululemon. I’m the bill payer and financial planner in our house. Takes so much time but I enjoy doing it and figuring out how to best utilize and forecast our money.

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