Five topics we need to talk about and this took up a lot of my thoughts yesterday!

I’ve got a new HRG Baby post if you want to check it out!  25 week update and some talk about sleep!


Just a morning cool-down stroll with Brooke after my run:)

She is really loving to do peace signs lately for pictures:)

IMG 4291

Yesterday I noticed that my shoelaces had DIG DEEP on them (not sure if I’ve ever noticed this or just forgot… pregnancy brain is a real thing).  For one of my 1/2 marathons in 2013 I repeated ‘dig deep’ to myself probably a million times over those last 5 miles.  I love this mantra because it is so simple yet reminds me that I have so much more to give and so much potential to reach into when things start feeling really hard!  We’ve got a lot to tap into… don’t forget that and find your strength next time you are wanting to quit.

IMG 4305

During yesterday’s run I listened to I’ll Have Another and the episode was with Sam!!  I have ‘talked’ to her a bit in the comments (I consider you my friend whether or not you want to be if you comment/email/tweet/anything with me online;) and WOW.  Sam, is beyond amazing.  She has been through so much and she is so strong (her olive analogy at the end is everything).  This episode is about how she was abducted and raped while she was out for a run and how she has bounced back from a beyond awful situation.  Sam is amazing.

IMG 4303

I am really going to have a hard time once peaches are out of season again.  One snack that I am loving right now combines two of my biggest cravings (peaches and milk) so I combine them and it is amazing.  My dad used to do this all the time when I lived at home… he is a brilliant man (he is an inventor for his profession so clearly, any of his food creations are amazing too).

IMG 4312

Knox came home and they got to work on some art projects while I got to work on eating tuna on toast.  When you are pregnant you are only supposed to eat up to 12 ounces of light tuna each week and I’ve hit my max this week now… so I have to wait for more until next week.

The only food that I really miss while being pregnant is sushi:)  I think I’ll request my first date with Andrew after I have the baby to be our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi place.

IMG 4326

I fell asleep on the couch for a total of 7 minutes but somehow it was exactly what I needed.  I felt so much better after.

IMG 4327

Clearly, Beretta can fall asleep anywhere just like me.  I’m glad she thinks chair legs make comfortable pillows.


Taking Brooke to the movie leap is what inspired her tutu to Target.

IMG 4332

If there is baby stuff, the kids let me know exactly what we need to be buying for their sister.

IMG 4337

I was in desperate need of a smoothie after Target.  Even better… this smoothie place has a drive-thru.

IMG 4339

Also, I had some amazing watermelon last night.  Fruit took up a lot of my thoughts yesterday.

IMG 4341


1.  PSA on pacing from Hanson’s Half Marathon Method!  Don’t cave into the temptation to run different paces than what your coach or plan are telling you to do!  Also, here is my post on how to KNOW your paces for your runs!

IMG 4317

2. Who else feels like this on rest days!  I swear this below image is every Sunday for me ha (pregnant or not:).  Thank you running for giving me more energy compared to the days that I don’t exercise!

IMG 3773

3.  A failed attempt at a running selfie of me and Andrew at our last race but at least you get a nice shot of my permanent retainer;)  This topic is about how I need a race to sign up for.  I currently don’t have anything I am signed up for but I’m looking for a 10k.  I’m the type of runner that loves having a race to train for (even if I’m pregnant) and I’m feeling my motivation slipping because I have nothing I’m signed up for so I’m going to find one today.

IMG 3442

4.  Katrina reminded me on yesterday’s post that Stranger Things 2 is coming out this fall.  I completely forgot about this… I cannot wait.  Between This Is Us starting next month again and then Stranger Things starting the month afterwards… my dream of relaxing and watching my favorite show during my third trimester is looking like it is going to happen.  This season I don’t think I’ll be able to stay up until 3 a.m. binge watching Stranger Things… sorry Andrew.


5.  If you could choose to have one small indulgence of your choice… what would it be?

My family sometimes plays this game and I had some of their answers written down and I added in ours too:

*My Dad:  To have Smucker’s Currant Jelly always stored in the pantry.

*One of my brother’s:  A brand new pair of socks every day.

*My sister: To be a member of the Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club

*My mom:  Have a chef make an extraordinary dinner for us once a week.

*Me:  I’m like my sister… to have a large bowl of fresh fruit cut up and in my fridge every single day.

*Andrew:  For a 15 minute foot massage each day

*Knox: To watch MJ music videos every day.

*Brooke: For sprinkles to be a part of every meal that we eat.


Another chance to check out the latest HRG BABY POST—>  25 week update and some talk about SLEEP/schedules (aka I need your recommendations).


If you could choose one small indulgence to have each day… what would it be?

Did you get into Stranger Things?  Also, ever binged watched a show all night before?  

What kind of runner are you… need a race on the agenda or do not need a race on the agenda?  Who has a September race?

Who has had braces/headgear/retainers/anything else?  Anyone else still have a permanent retainer like me?

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I think my one indulgence would be to have access to my favorite froyo place at anytime. So, basically, I just need its machines in my apartment. I wouldn’t mind that. :) Or a 20-minute chair massage every day. That would be nice, too.

I’ve never tried peaches in milk, but I might have to. I’ve been really into pears lately, though. They’re SO delicious!


Clean fresh sheets every day.


Oh that would be so nice!


One small indulgence every day that’s tough! My would probably be a 20 minute massage every day but I would get to choose where it it would be. When you mentioned how much tuna you’re supposed to have while pregnant I read it as how much tuna you have to have while pregnant and just about died ha! I am not a seafood person so I’m happy I just read that sentence wrong :)

My only race for September is a charity 5k on the 9th! I think I’m the type of runner who has to have a race so that I feel like I have to run in a sense.

Have a great day Janae :)


I have a permanent retainer too! It makes flossing difficult on my bottom teeth but other than that I really don’t notice it or mind it.

I love the mantra “dig deep”! I have used this during many races myself. I first heard it from Chrissie Wellington years ago after she won her first or second World Championship, right after she crossed the line they were interviewing her and she said she just kept telling herself to dig deep. LOVE!

It’s been years since my last race and I should probably sign up for one soon…I’m sure it would help my motivation!


Oh I love it Torrie… have you read Chrissie Wellington’s book? It is so good! I hope you are having a great day!


I didn’t even know she had written a book! I’m going to download it on my Kindle right now! Thanks Janae!! I hope you have a great day too :-)


-Similar to Natalie, I think I would like a 10-15 minute massage every day on either my neck/back or any area that is sore!
-I loved that podcast episode with Sam Gardner too! Her story was so scary but she really came out on the other side.
-I don’t really race at all actually…people always think I’m nuts for running/exercising as often as I do and not taking part in races…but I just enjoy it as it is! (Some days more than others…lol)
-I don’t have permanent retainers, but I still wear removable ones at night. I’m almost to the point now where if I DON’T wear them I feel weird!
Have a great day, Janae :)


Keep doing what you are doing and loving!!! I have a removable retainer on the top too and I love it:) I hope you get a massage asap! Thanks Leanne and I hope your day is a great one too!


Haha the tuna thing. I ate almost an entire tuna casserole over the course of two days when I was pregnant last time and THEN read all of the stuff about not eating tuna while pregnant and totally flipped out. I think my one small indulgence right now would to just be to have a couple hours between dropping the kids off and work to lazy around, drink coffee, read and just relax. I’m so burned out! But I love my kiddos and they’re worth it. :)


What is it about craving tuna while pregnant and not being allowed to have it as much as we want!?!? Oh that would be an amazing indulgence Mollie. I hope you get some rest and relaxation soon! Enjoy your Thursday!


My one small indulgence would be a small dessert. I don’t need anything huge, but to have a sweet bite after dinner just makes me happy!

Hubby and I have watched all of Stranger Things—it was so much weirder/more sci-fi than I thought it would be! We live on binge watching shows… sometimes all night, mostly just an episode or two a day until we’ve seen all the episodes available.

I need a race!

I have had braces but I really wish I had a normal retainer after — instead I got this weird invisaline type thing that cut my gums up so badly I had to stop wearing it! Of course that meant that my teeth moved back some, so now as an adult I wish I had had a permanent retainer :(


I loved Stranger Things! I can’t wait for the second season to come out! I binged watched the entire series of Dexter in a week – often watching very late into the night.

I need races on the calendar and monthly/yearly mileage goals to keep me running. I’m signed up for a 10k on Labor Day – I did this race last year and it’s well organized so I’m excited to run it again!

I had braces and have permanent retainers as well.


My indulgence would be to have a salad bar set up in my house at all times! I love salads but hate chopping everything for them!




My one small indulgence each day is a a couple of squares of REALLY good dark chocolate each night after dinner. My mind craves that chocolate each night and it really signals to me that the day is over and time to settle in for the evening.

I am waiting to see if I will be racing the Buffalo Stampede 10-miler on September 9. Soccer season kicks off that day but if my daughter’s game is later enough, I’ll be able to do both. If its one of the first two games, I won’t have time so we shall see. This race, if I do run it, will just be my long run that weekend as I train for CIM in December.


Oh I LOVE your indulgence… that would be such a good one. One of my uncles is REALLY into fancy dark chocolates and so he finds the best of the best and he does have a few squares each night after dinner! Keep me updated with your race plans! So excited for you to run CIM… that is on my race wishlist! Enjoy your day Rosie!


OOooh… one small indulgence would be a mid-day break from work. Not lunch, because I usually am still thinking about work, but to be able to actually pretend like work and responsibilities don’t exist, only for 15-20 minutes, would be amazing!
I don’t really need a race – I enjoy running but I also like the freedom that not training for a race gives me, so I can do strength training and other workouts instead. But I am still taking advantage of the great weather outside and running when I can!
I had braces when I was in 5th-7th grade, but now I have them again as an adult…that’s what happens when you don’t wear your retainer like you should and when you get them when you might be a little bit too young!


I like cake frosting so I think my small indulgence would be that. Honestly, most days I have starbucks whipped cream in my coffee and that’s the same thing…so I guess I already do.

I have a retainer…I’m supposed to wear it but I don’t. Ha ha

As far as races, I love them and I love the attitude and atmosphere at races. If my schedule allows, I definitely prefer them!


I just bought those elephants that Brooke and Knox have for my little niece! So soft!

I’m with Andrew and your sis on the daily indulgences. A massage + Harry and David snacks (particularly moose munch) would be fabulous :)

Wear a retainer (top and bottom) to bed every night!


Small indulgence would be a handful of peanut m&ms. And a cool breeze coming through my window each night at bedtime.


I picked up Sushi for my daughter in law after she had my grandson! It was a ruse so I could hold him but definitely a win/win!


Hahaha I love it!!! Maybe my mom can do the same for me:) I hope your day is an amazing one Kathee!


im not big on races so I definitely don’t need one on the calendar. I love Brooke’s answer!


Thanks for the shout out friend ;) I appreciate you listening and sharing the episode! A small indulgence I would really love is to have Sonic ice (or just those little ice nuggets in general) available for my consumption each day. I’ve not watched Stranger Things. I’d say I am a fairly consistent runner, race or no race. If I have a specific race on the schedule, I definitely do more specific and harder workouts, but I don’t really find that my motivation to run ever seems to decrease. Haha. So, I had a “permanent” retainer on my bottom teeth, but after several years it started to loosen and eventually they just took it out. I do think that my teeth have shifted since then too, but oh well. I hope you have a great day!


Thank you for being so open and sharing your story Sam! You are amazing!


Oh I think I will have such a hard time not eating sushi when I am pregnant!

I think my one small indulgence each day would be to workout with a personal trainer each morning before work. Not sure if that could be considered a “small” indulgence though, because I know it would be super pricey.

I am SO into Stranger Things and cannot wait for the next season. The show I ever binged the most was Parenthood. I could not get enough.

I had braces/headgear/retainer when I was in like 7th-8th grade. And I actually still have the retainer and am supposed to wear it like once a week at night to make sure my teeth don’t move. And I am so obsessed with having straight teeth that I actually do it still, almost 15 years later! I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without losing something…haha

Have a great day!


My indulgence: Have my hubby clean up the basement …daily…

*the basement is his place* He has a lot of his childhood things down there, items from his parents, old everything, and stuff I don’t even want to know about…the random times I go down there I can feel my heart start racing and I kind of cringe inside seeing what I think is “junk” and what he calls “family memories/treasure” (ha!)ALL OVER THE PLACE. I basically check for garbage, dirty dishes, and clean the cat pan once a month…..otherwise, I hope he does it because I don’t.


A massage every day sounds amazing to me! I just finished Pretty little Liars on Netflix and I am considering stranger things next. Glad to read that many people here liked it!


Love this question! I think I would want a fresh green juice in my fridge every morning. I love fresh juice so much but I try to limit my consumption since they’re like $10 each lol.

I was just thinking I wanted to use the “dig deep” mantra in my 1/2 marathon that’s coming up in a few weeks. It’s a test run for my November marathon, but based on my training, I think I have a good shot at PRing. But I know it’s going to hurt! So I’m practicing my mental game now. Totally feel you on the needing a race to train for thing too. When I’m in peak training for a race I’m always thinking “man it’s going to be so nice when this is over and I can just run when/ however long I want” but then like 2 weeks after a race I’m bored and ready to sign up for something else!

I loved Sam’s episode of I’ll Have Another too! So inspiring to hear her story. I’m also glad you consider everyone who comments to be one of your friends because I feel like I’m friends with all the bloggers who’s sites I read regularly! Have a great day!


Oh I LOVE your indulgence… that would be SO nice! I am SO excited for your half marathon that is coming up and I want to hear all about it Diana! Oh we are friends… whether you like it or not ha! Thanks Diana and I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I would love a 10k to look forward to! Let me know if you find a good one!
How “small” of an indulgence would it be to never have to do my own laundry? Or at least have it fold itself and put itself away? ;)
I know I’m in the minority but I didn’t love Stranger Things. I just watched it to keep up with conversations at work haha I don’t know that I’ll care too much the second time around.
I have a permanent retainer on the bottom. I should wear my top retainer every now and then just to be safe. ?


Yep, my boyfriend got me hooked on Stranger Things. I can’t wait for the next season!


A small indulgence I would like to have every day is to have someone else do my hair & I could knock out work emails while they do.

I like having an agenda of some kind only because left to my own devices I think its ok to run 10 miles every day and will hurt myself LOL. So even if I’m not doing anything formal, I try to make a vague outline of the week.

I am racing Chicago come October so I am getting pumped for that!


Your brother’s indulgence WOULD have seemed so random to me even just a few weeks ago. Then I got new socks for the first time in forever. And when I put them on, my feet were in heaven. Even after just one washing, they don’t feel the same! They are still nice but not AS wonderful as that first wearing. So I’m on board with your bro :)
As far as a housework task – you know how we all have some tasks that we like and some we don’t? I’m fine on everything EXCEPT taking out the trash. I would have someone roll out my trash cans and roll them back in each Tuesday for me. At least my city does have trash pick-up. I’d be in real trouble if I had to go to the dump (aka “recycling center” which is supposed to make it sound more appealing?? ) :) !


I prefer having a race on the calendar, it definitely keeps me motivated! :) And I have a September race! My first MARATHON (!! woohoo!) is September 17 and I am super excited <3 My 20 mile run went really, really well – which gave me just the boost of confidence that I was hoping for as I enter taper mode now. Hope you have a great Thursday, Janae!


Indulgence: 20 minute nap/meditation after lunch. No responsibility to anyone but myself.


I had braces when I was 12. My dad’s a dentist and wouldn’t let me get a permanent retainer because they are apparently a pain to floss with (and I’m a bad flosser)

My indulgence would probably be a maid to come clean my house everyday. Particularly my kitchen because I feel like it’s never clean enough.


Oh I love that Erica!! How is school going so far this year!?!


I’m on board with Knox and Brooke – a simple indulgence like my favorite music or sprinkles sounds wonderful! Actually, I would love to have someone brush my hair and give me a head massage daily.

I’ve been running for over 20 years and have done less than 10 races! I don’t have a competitive nature at all so just getting out and running works for me.

I have TMJ (jaw pain from clinching my teeth at night.) I have had this since I was a teenager and wear a mouth guard are night – it helps a lot.


Okay, yes… head massages are my favorite. That is the main reason I look forward to getting my hair done ha! TMJ does not sound fun but I’m so glad the mouth guard helps! I hope you are having a beautiful day Kathy!


I agree with your Mom…a chef to a really nice meal once a week. I feel like it wouldn’t be a treat if you had it all the time. For the other days, I’d want a nap or massage :)

I need a race to train for to keep my motivation. I like to race every 5-6 weeks with two goal races (HM or 15k) a year to really focus on.

I had braces for almost 4 years. After that I had a permanent retainer on my lower teeth for about 10 years. Once I had my wisdom teeth removed, I got that taken out and now I have a regular retainer that I wear at night. PSA: Never stop wearing your retainers!!!

I love that you consider us friends if we chat with you online. I feel the same way!!!


WE ARE FRIENDS:) We just need a big get together one of these days! Thanks for being my online friend Elizabeth!! I hope you get that chef meal someday! Thanks girl and I hope your day is amazing (PS I wear my upper retainer at night still:)


My favorite peach farm lost their entire crop to a Spring freeze. I’m devastated. I keep eyeing the ones in the store but after a Burgess peach, it’s so hard to go back. ?

Also, can you do a California roll when you are pregnant? Or a veggie roll? Since it’s all cooked…I don’t know. I discovered I liked sushi after my pregnancy days, so I’m clueless there.

My indulgence would be all the carbs, all the time, with no negative effects on my body. I love carbs but they don’t always love me. ?


Hey Michelle! Yep, you still can do california rolls or veggie rolls but I love sushi for the raw fish part ha so it’s not worth it to me:) Oh that is awful about your favorite peach farm! I hope you get some delicious carbs soon!


I’m with Brooke…sprinkles make everything better.

I don’t always need to train for a race but I like looking forward to them. I guess I like the anticipation. I have a half on 9/23 and a pumpkin run on 11/4 and plans for a 15k on 10/7 and another half on 12/2. This will be it until I find something for after tax season. I do like having a race to look forward to during tax season. It keeps my mood up and the training ensures I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour the nights before I run.
Speaking of peaches, i’m making a peach pie for a bareque this weekend. I’m not sure if I’m going to share it yet.
Have a good thursday!


You have some fun race plans for the rest of 2017… I love it!!! I don’t think I would be able to share a peach pie haha! Thanks Lee and I hope your day is great too!


One small indulgence — for my clothes and sheets to always have that fresh-out-of-the-dryer warmth and smell

I binge watched Girlfriends Guide to Divorce one weekend…and I am equally excited for This Is Us!!!!!!!

I almost always have something I’m training for or set a goal like “Do the entire 30-day butt workout” or something. I always tell myself once I’m done with a race it will be fun to just run for me without a plan. Then I get bored about 2 weeks later :)

p.s. I have shoe envy over Brooke’s jelly shoes


Oh my gosh, I love Brooke and Knox’s responses :)

I would enjoy having froyo with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups every single day!

My 11 year old wants to have a Stranger Things themed birthday party and he is willing to wait until the end of October for it :) His bday is 10/14.

I definitely like having races on the agenda; however, looking back at my PR’s, they tend to happen on the years that I race less. Go figure.

I wear a retainer each and every night. I’m the one who paid for my braces 15 years ago, so I’m definitely not going to let my teeth get crazy if I can help it!


I’m with Andrew 100%… except mine would be a full body massage. once I win the lotto that will be my splurge.


I had braces……..they made my first year at college……..interesting!
I don’t watch Stranger Things, but I have binge watched many shows over the years! Currently watching NCIS New Orleans and Fresh Prince of Bel Air! And I might re watch the last season of Will and Grace before it comes back on! And I have several dvds to buy soon……..The Middle, Modern Family, The Goldbergs, and NCIS. (Have you watched the Goldbergs? Fantastic! Set in the 80’s and makes me love it so much more!) I love tv. ha!

My indulgence would be shoulder and tush massage………is that weird?! I feel like my hips and glutes are always tight as well as my shoulders.


Oh, and no September races, but I have a half on Nov 4……..having a race to plan for helps keep me motivated.


I’d say my one small indulgence would be a ghiradelli dark chocolate and seat salt with caramel bar. TOOO good! But, I love your brothers idea of fresh new socks…those are the best!!

Yes, we watched Stranger Things all in just a few sittings! It was so …well…strange!!!! But it sure was addicting and we can’t wait to binge watch the next season!! Does binge watching Gilmore Girls over and over again even after I’ve seen every episode count too? Because I could probably watch that for 72 hours straight. (#guiltygilmoregirlsaddict)

I totally need a race on my schedule or I’m such a major slacker! It’s so strange how those things can just trick your mind completely into getting up off the couch and moving! I love it! I have half marathon for October, but I’m wanting to squeeze in a few September races too!

I have bottom permanent retainer too! I’m so curious how it’s going to fall out…or more so, when? Like am I just going to be eating one day and accidentally swallow it?? Gosh, I sure hope not!!


My peach obsession right now is 1 peach + almond or peanut or cashew butter + some almond milk + ice = amazing! :-)


My indulgence- someone to clean my shower once a week. Daily seems like asking for too much. ;-)

I’m running my first post-baby marathon this weekend in Ohio. It involves glow sticks. It will be interesting.


My small indulgence every day would be to have someone change my sheets each morning. I absolutely love getting into a clean bed, but cleaning/changing the sheets is the worst chore. :)

I had braces for a couple years and now have a permanent retainer. I grind my teeth at night so I am supposed to sleep with a night guard too. I have had 2 of them and my dog keeps chewing them!! The funny thing is that he doesn’t chew anything else ever!
Have a great weekend!!


I’m with Andrew on the foot massage. And I love the Dig Deep on your shoes. What a great reminder every time you lace up!


Today is my rest day. I was sitting at my desk working (at home) being totally exhausted. I had probably taken 11 steps. So I went for a walk up the mountain behind my house, where I broke my ankle the beginning of May. It’s the first time I’ve been up there since my ankle. It reminded me how much I love it!! I was so tempted to start running, but resisted. After all, it’s my rest day :)

I love races on my schedule, and almost always have one. I have 2 halfs I signed up for before I broke my ankle in October. I am finally able to run again, and I’m out of shape! But so happy to be able to again! I have so many I want to sign up for it’s hard to decide. Favorites I’ve done and want to do every year, and new ones I want to do. Decisions, decisions!!!


Hi Janae,
This is related to your HRG Baby post, but I would love to read a post by your sister about how she sleep trained Brooke! I’m sure she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve with 5 little ones if her own. I have a one month old and would love to hear advice from someone who’s had success getting babies to sleep better.


I love that detail on the shoe laces! I guess stuff like that is why running shoes can be so expensive sometimes!


I think I’d love it if someone else cooked once a week. Just one day of no planning, prepping, or cooking would be delightful.

I run if I have a race or not. I don’t do high mileage (I stay healthier when I don’t) but I stick with my fitness either way.

I was going to ask if you were limiting the tuna but didn’t want to be the food police. :) I did a presentation a few years ago on eating healthy during pregnancy.


First off i too have a permanent retainer on top and bottom teeth and I don’t mind because my teeth haven’t shifted!
I am loving that big box of markers and crayons I think it was in there. Where did you get that? And did Brooke draw that picture of the castle she’s working on? Because if so, that’s amazing!


I have a super random question for you regarding the kiddos! It’s something I’ve run into as a nanny. When you get a mid-day (or any time really) “treat,” do you always get one for the kids too? How do you say no? For instance, when I’m with the kids I nanny, I often stop for a smoothie/snack/coffee, and then they beg to get something too! I know 1) they don’t want something healthy, and I feel bad giving them too much sugar and 2) half the time, they eat 1/4 of whatever I get them, then get full or bored and we waste! It gets so pricey so quick!
What do you do for the kids when you get a midday smoothie or Culvers or something?


Totally looking forward to Stranger Things. I binge watched Downton Abbey all night at least once.

I had braces as a child, then invisalign as an adult and now I have a permanent retainer so that I hopefully won’t need a third round of orthodontics.

Brooke’s sprinkles on everything, so cute.


I always thought I needed 8+ hours of sleep before my baby was born, but now that I’ve realized how little sleep I can actually function on, it’s crazy how those little 10-15 minute power naps make me feel completely human again!


Totally ice cream! I do have it most days too ;)


i noticed that ‘dig deep’ on my laces after a few months of having my first pair of Launches, and i look at it all the time for inspiration! my favorite part of the shoes!!


Woah! So, this post was funny for me…I was just reading along and then you mentioned my sister! Sam is my sister. She’s married to my brother Daniel! So, it was funny to just be reading along and then realized you gave her a shout-out. So cool :) I obviously texted her a screenshot of this immediately after I read it. We both talk about how we love your blog, so this was fun! She definitely is awesome.

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