Lots to catch UP on over the last 1.5 days + my video + Glycerin 15 REVIEW!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week has been a great one so far!  It feels like it has been some time since we last caught up so let’s get talking!

Monday night we met all of my family for some delicious fresh mex salads.  My brother and his family are here in town from Arizona (best time of year to get out of Arizona right?!) so we want as much time with them as possible.

After dinner last night we went to a birthday party for one of my friends (we got there early… because heaven forbid I stay up past 8:30 pm) and Brooke was the life of the party.  She cried when we left, that is how much fun she was having with all of her 25+ year old friends of hers.

IMG 8812

*Beretta helped her to feel better when we got home.

IMG 8809 1

Tuesday morning started with an early morning run.  This picture was after the run because plopping down on the ground after a run is kind of my favorite thing to do.

IMG 8845

My fuel belt is working double duty right now.  It carries my phone perfectly and it is now turning into quite the belly band.  With each run it feels a bit tighter and does some of the work to support the little bump right now.  I’ll switch to a real belly band soon but for now it works great.  Just look forward to when my belly button pops out in a few weeks like it did with Brooke… I always got the funniest looks when I was out running with a tight workout top on:)  PS this belt is my absolute favorite of all the belts I have used over my last 19 years of running (okay, I didn’t start using belts until a few years ago but just trust me on this one).  It holds everything perfectly without moving around and you don’t even feel it.

IMG 8838

I got in 7 miles @ a 9:22 pace which was the exact pace that I did on my Monday run.  I don’t look at my pace during the run but it turns out 9:22 is just what I have needed this week.

IMG 8833

Brooke has been carrying this little baby around and she told me yesterday she is practicing for her sister (we don’t know the gender yet but Brooke is sure it is a girl).

IMG 8849

Knox was home for a few hours so they went straight to playing non-stop.


Later on in the day yesterday my good friend Sarah (remember the one that I visited when she was living in Thailand?!) invited us over to swim!  She is living in Switzerland now and it is so fun to have her back for a bit.  The four of us all lived together while in college.. it was the best.  Sarah had quesadillas and a ton of fruit and veggies with hummus for us to eat.

IMG 8857

After a few hours I finally convinced this little fish to get out and come home with me.

IMG 8860 2

I came home and went straight for the bagel and tub of cream cheese.

IMG 8863

I received this email about the St. George Marathon!  I think we might just have to go down and cheer on the runners of this race because the idea of missing out on this weekend in St. George is hard for my brain.  I’ll be there running in 2018.

Screen Shot 2017 06 27 at 5 04 28 PM

So, I don’t know if you are catching on but Mexican food is the name of the game for me right now (until I eat it too much and never want to see it again).  After a bunch of tests that Andrew had and some working we went to 180s for salad and tacos.


We were the only ones in the restaurant and Brooke loved the freedom.


On the drive home Andrew mentioned caramel corn so when we got home, I made this recipe (so easy).  I had a little bit and it was good (normally I LOVE this recipe) but a bowl of chips would have tasted better to me.


*I’m excited to show you the video that I made with NordicTrack!!  Typing is easier for me than being on camera ha but I had a blast doing this.


The Glycerin 15s!!! I have put 50+ miles on them and wanted to share my thoughts!  I have had a pair or two of Glycerins in the past (I don’t remember which #) and the main thing I remember about them in the past was THE CUSHIONING which made me excited to try these 15s out right away!


The Women’s Glycerin 15s come in at 9.2 ounces.  They are best for runners with a neutral gait and they are awesome for those of us with medium/high arches.  The drop from heal to toe is 10 mm, they come in four different color combos and they are best for the road/treadmill (I wouldn’t used these on the trails).  PS right now Brooks offers a free duffel bag with the purchase of these so that is fun:)

Like I said a second ago, the Glycerins are known for their comfort and softness.  The cushioning is amazing in these because of the SUPER DNA which has 25% more adaptable cushioning than Brooks’ normal DNA midsoles.  This Super DNA was first used in the Transcends (if you have used these… SO comfortable). Even the tongue of these shoes are so cushioned and soft… pure comfort.  While the cushioning is more than all of my other running shoes, the shoes still feel very light.  They are especially perfect for my life right now where I’m not doing any speed work.  I think I would have a harder time doing speed in these shoes because of how comfortable they are… for speedwork I need a little less shoe if that makes sense.  I think the Glycerin 15s are great for the long runs and easy runs (aka everything I do now) but for speed/tempos I would still stick to the Launch and PureFlows (more of an energize type shoe).

The Glycerins feel like they are ready to go run 10 miles from the first time you put your feet in them (some shoes I feel like I need to break them in a tiny bit, not these).  They feel great and ready to run from the first step.  The top portion of the shoe offers a 3d Fit Print technology which allows this portion of the shoe to really expand/move with your foot throughout your run!  The air mesh in the upper gives that great breathable feeling (perfect for summer… or really anytime;)   The 15s really offer a smooth and comfortable ride.  I think my only negative about them in the future will be that they make me just want to run smooth and comfortable ha (or maybe that is just because that is all I want to do right now… have the feeling of running on clouds:)… so I’ll save them for the easy runs and longer runs at an easier pace!  They feel like a treat when you put them on your feet!  I hope if you try them you love them too!  PS I’ve heard that some people have had to go up a size in these compared to the 14s but I seriously wear the exact same size (10) in every pair of Brooks shoe that I own.



When was the last time you tried a ‘new to you’ running shoe?  Or do you mainly stick to the shoe that you love and rarely stray?  Over the course of a week, how many different pairs of running shoes do you wear?

What size shoe do you wear in normal shoes vs. running shoes?

-Normal shoes = 8.5 or 9.  Running shoes= 10.

What do you use to hold your stuff while running?

What was the last treat that you had?  How often do you eat a treat?

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Brooke with the donut necklace and hat from the party cracks me up. Have a great day Janae!



I have always had a hard time finding running shoes that fit my long, narrow, high-arched feet. I’m currently wearing asics gt 1000s, but I also wear Mizuno wave riders.
I am normally a 8-8.5 in regular shoes, but a 9.5 in running shoes. And I am not that tall!
I use a flipbelt while running, it’s highlighter yellow which makes me stand out more :)
I finished off half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s last night, I try to have something sweet everyday! I hate restricting myself.


I wear 7.5 regular shoe and 8.5 running.
I had strawberries with sugar sprinkled on it this morning. That was a treat. I also had crumb cake this weekend.


Hey Janae! Just a quick question. I am starting to get into trail running and was wondering what trail shoe you recommend. Ever since I started running a few years ago I’ve worn Brooks, and want to stay with that brand, so I thought you would be a good person to ask :)


Hey Natalie! YAY for trail running… I’m so excited for you!! Here are my absolute TWO FAVORITE trail running shoes ever (good call to stay with Brooks;)

Both amazing shoes… you can’t go wrong! Let me know how it goes!


You did a great job on that video, Janae! Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! :)


Oh thanks Jamie!! I hope your Wednesday is a great one too!


I tend to switch my running shoes up quite a lot. I started with Saucony’s (Ghost, I think; they were extra cushion-y coming off my broken foot), then went to Nike (Pegasus 2?? – hated), Newton (Fate x2 – loved these, but they’re on the expensive side!) and now Under Armour (Charged Bandit 2). I really only picked out the UA shoes because I have a benefit through work and got them for free, but I actually really like them! I might stick with them for a while since I get such a great discount ;) Plus, I haven’t had as many problems with blisters, etc in my UAs. Makes for a happy runner!

I usually lock my stuff (keys, etc..) in my boyfriend’s truck because he has keypad entry (I don’t like carrying things on my run), but I’m going to need a fuel belt soon when I start getting into longer runs and need to carry fuel. I’ll definitely be looking at your fuel belt recommendation ;)


I need that donut pillow hah! Also so down for mex salads. i always order them at mex restaurants! Last treat I had was part of a stout and caramel chocoate bar– I have treats every week! Several times a week!


I’ve only bought the same style shoe twice in the past 4 years – Mizuno Wave Riders. I had the 18s a few years ago and just bought the 20s. Still not a huge fan, but they’re good for shorter distances. I’m really liking Asics DynaFlytes for speed work, so these will stay in rotation! I’m currently running in Saucony Rides for my long runs.

Normal shoe – 7.5 or 8 Running Shoe – 8 – 9

I just started running with a Nathan fuel belt, with the 2 water bottles and a zippered pocket. I’m not a huge fan (just because of the extra weight) but it does work well without too much bounce if you have it sitting in the right spot, and it holds everything I need/want on my run.


Great job on the video!!
The Glycerins are my shoe of choice the last year or two and I was so excited to get the notification that the new ones are out. I’m so tempted to run out and get them! (but I need to buy trail shoes so these might have to wait a little bit) love them though! They’re my favorite Brooks shoe I’ve tried and I’ve had a hard time going back to my Asics since! ?

I’ve been using my flip belt lately and it works like a dream! But I bought a new fuel belt for me and my dad for father’s day to use when we go trail running and I’ll want it for my long runs coming up because I just signed up for the Top of Utah half!! Can’t wait!!

Normal shoes: 6 Running shoes: 6.5


Your pregnancy craves are so similar to the ones I had with my son! Good memories! After 10 years of Adidas (and frustration with their new models) I trained with the Ghosts 9 last winter (Pb on Half!) and am currently running with the pure flows. Switching running shoes is a big deal (!) but I am really happy so far. Popcorn is my favourite snack but it has to be salty (white cheddar ; dill; sour cream and onions, etc.)


HEY MEL!!! Oh that is crazy about our pregnancy cravings… I love it:) So happy that the Ghost 9s were with you on your half PR and now that you are loving the pure flows. Switching shoes is a big deal! I hope you get some popcorn asap!


I went from mizuno to Brooks last year. I like both about the same.
My shoe size normally is 5 -5.5 so my running shoe is usually a 6.5….I have tiny feet.


I want tiny feet:) I’m going to have to look into roosport… love the Utah companies!I hope you are having an amazing day Jenny!


I recently switched from brooks ghosts to an even more cushiony show, the brooks GTS’. I used to run in Mizunos, but their newer editions have been cut so narrow that they give me terrible blisters! I try to switch off between shoes, saving my newest pair for my longer runs, but a lot of the time it comes down to what pair of shoes is nearest by when I’m trying to get out the door.
I have tiny, narrow feet so I wear a 5.5 in normal shoes and a 6 in running shoes. Some companies don’t even make shoes under a size 6, so I have all kinds of inserts that help me make slightly too big shoes work!
In the summer I usually just use the back zip pockets on my running shorts to hold my gels, and then i use an armband for my phone and key. In the winter I have this awesome jacket with all kinds of pockets and I love it!
I took myself out for froyo last weekend! I try to have a treat or two a week.


I’m so glad that the GTS is working for you Kerri! That is interesting that a lot of companies don’t make smaller than size 6! I am glad you went out for a froyo last weekend… the best! Enjoy your Wednesday!


Oh, and I use a roosport instead of a belt, and I absolutely LOVE it, plus it was invented in Utah :)


I actually just started wearing Brooks Launch 4s. I’ve been pretty faithful to Skechers Forza and Ride for a long time and still love them but they don’t last too long past 150 or so miles so it seemed like I was always having to buy new shoes. I had read lots of reviews for Brooks and they seemed to have a longer life than Skechers. So far I’m happy with my purchase and my daughters told me that Brooks shoes are prettier so I should keep wearing them.
I love ice cream and I just bought some Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup that is sitting in my freezer waiting for me to eat it…I’m hoping to tear into it tonight after my run!


YAY for the Launch 4s… the best! Hahahah I agree with your daughters. Enjoy every bite of the PB cup Halo Top and your run Courtney!


I’m a size 9 no matter what the shoe/sandal.
I converted from Saucony to Brooks a few years ago (honestly, it was from reading your blog, Janae – your love of Brooks is contagious!), and had only ever owned the Ghost model, until this year. I tried a pair of PureFlows and I love them. I plan on trying out a Nathan fuel belt soon for all my stuff.
I had a lemon cookie from Panera yesterday, I love any baked goods made with lemon. I’d say I treat myself a couple times per week. I’m not much of a sweets person though, I usually go for the salty stuff.


Okay, Amanda… this makes me so happy! I’m so glad you converted to Brooks ha. I’ll be a lifelong fan! I am SO happy you love the PureFlows! Oh and now you have me wanting lemon! I hope your day is an awesome one!


I’ve been curious of your thoughts of the new Glycerin. I’ve been running in them and the ghost recently. I actually found the ghost a bit easier to run out of the box. Have you tried the ghost 10 yet? I will say I do like the Glycerin a lot too.


I haven’t tried the 10s yet… I need to ASAP! Hollie, I loved your video on the anti-gravity treadmill.


I am a 7 to 7 1/2 in regular shows and 8 to a 9 in running shoes.

What are your suggestions for cycling shoes for cycling classes? Is it worth it getting the ones that click in or is it just as good to use regular sneakers?


Hey Carrie!! If you are going to cycling classes often then I 100000% recommend getting cycling shoes. They offer so much more control and power on the bike (you can really crank it with cycle shoes on)! I think it helps promote the pull up motion with each pedal (rather than just pushing down on the pedals… so great to push down and engage hamstrings to pull up too)! They were an awesome investment for me and they last FOREVER. I hope your day is a great one!


I’m an 8.5 in running shoes, and 8 or 7.5 in street shoes/dress shoes. I don’t think I would have recognized you in that video if you didn’t tell us it was you! Not sure why, but I guess you look differently “in motion” :) It looks like an awesome treadmill. I would go crazy without my treadmill!


You look so much like your sister in that video! You guys usually share a resemblance of course but this time it’s REALLY close!


Oh that makes me so happy Suzy:) Thank you!! PS loved your 30 week updates… I SO look forward to your updates, thank you!


Awesome job on the video!!



Thanks Audrey:) I hope you are having a great day!


Good Morning Janae and Happy Wednesday!!!!

I tried the Ghost for the first time last month and I love them! I work part time at a running specialty store and they were defects (fine for me) and I absolutely fell in love with them!! The new Ghost just came out and I LOVE them because they are so comfy and cushion-y and they make me HAPPY :) Try them!!!!
I love treats….all treats. Cookie dough, cookies, cookie cake- anything COOKIES! But I am going to Boston and Cape Cod in 2 weeks so I’ll laying off those for now :)

Thanks for being you, Janae! You rock!

What was the last treat that you had? How often do you eat a treat?


Oh that is awesome that you love the Ghost… they are great shoes! I need to try the new ones though! Ahhhh enjoy your trip to Boston/Cape Cod soon!! I hope your Wednesday is a great one.


My daughter has the same doll house and furniture as Brooke. It was a gift from Santa Claus. She’s 11 now and it’s about time to part ways with it. We both want to give it to the children’s home in our hometown but I can’t seem to give it away yet. We gave some other toys but this one is close to my heart. I sold some much loved baby/kid toys at a garage sale years ago and it pains my stomach to think they are gone forever.
When I clean house my daughter and I clean her room together. Dust, vaccuum, organize, the whole nine yards but her room isn’t completely clean until the Barbie house is clean and spotless and organized.
Have a great day!


NO WAY!!! Oh that makes me so happy:) I am guessing Brooke will have this for a very long time too… it is an amazing doll house. I love it. Thanks for sharing Betsy and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


I wear an 8.5 normal shoe and 9 running shoe.

I hate having extra stuff with me when I run, so I always looks for running clothes with big enough pockets for my phone and such. Lulu makes a ton of pants and shorts with flat pockets that fit my phone, and now they have a new bra with a pocket in the back strap for your phone – love it!


Hmm I don’t think I’ve tried a new shoe in a couple of years now. I used to wear the Brooks GTS and then switched to PureFlows so I could have the same stability and function with less shoe. I have to say, I didn’t like the PureFlows from last “season” as much as I like the ones this year! I currently rotate between 3 pairs of PureFlows, just got a new pair in fact, and am breaking them in! I also have the habit of wearing old running shoes that aren’t completely used up for other workouts that I do.

I use a FlipBelt – I would struggle without it! In fact, if I ever have to do treadmill runs, I always feel a little weird that I don’t have that with me.

My coworker brought in homemade baklava yesterday, and I definitely indulged in that! SUPER yummy treat!


About 6 months ago I switched from my tried and true Mizuno Wave Creations to Hoka Clifton 2’s and Brooks Ghosts. I had started having a bit of outside of foot pain, so it made sense – and was a great move for me! I am a 9.5 in most regular shoes, and a 10 in running shoes. Not to big of a jump, but I have never lost any toenails so I guess I’m doing okay :-)


You did a great job on the video!! Right now, I am running in Mizuno Wave Skys and I just tapped out mileage in my Mizuno Wave Engimas. For my next shoes, I am looking into trying to Brooks Glycerins or the Brooks Pureflows! Do you recommend one over the other for marathon training?

Hmm, the last ‘treat’ I had was a GIANT bowl of air popped popcorn, topped with coconut oil, salt, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. It was basically cheesy popcorn and I was a very happy camper. :)


Thank you Bethany:) It totally depends on what your training plan is like and what works best for your feet BUT for me… I would go towards the Glycerins for the bulk of marathon training. The PureFlows would also work great but they don’t get quite as many miles on them and I love them more for the faster stuff/tempo these days! Okay, your cheesy popcorn sounds amazing! Have a great day!


Like a month ago I tried the Asics Kayano for the first time and they felt amazing. I’ve been running this whole entire time with neutral shoes when I actually needed stability shoes. The difference is huge!

I’m size 8 in normal shoes and in running shoes I am 8.5 – 9.

When I’m running, I hold my cellphone with my hands. I would also tuck in stuff inside my shorts and my sports bra.

I’m still eating birthday cake leftover as a tread. I eat treats almost everyday ;)


Brooks is by far the most consistent model for sizing. I love that about them! I wear a size 9 in all Brooks which is the same I wear for regular shoes too.


I’m a 9 in regular shoes but I get 10’s for running.

I use 2 different Nathan belts. One for short runs that can hold my phone and one for long runs that has 2 mini water bottles attached.

I haven’t had a treat in months since I’ve been doing Whole30 for 59 days! I guess a Larabar/RXBar/Perfect Bar with some almond butter and fruit on top is the closest thing I get to a treat right now. :)


Hey Heather!! Way to go on the 59 days of Whole30! I think I need to copy you with the nathan belt that has the two mini water bottles! I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


Loved the commercial! I need that tready in my life. <3

I'm pretty much a 9.5 across the board in running shoes, except for Zoots (size 10).


I wear a 9/9.5 in regular shoes and 10/10.5 in running shoes. I mostly stick with Brooks Ghost and Mizuno Wave Riders. I switched to a pair of Asics a little while ago cause I wasn’t liking the changes in the wave riders but the asics were just okay for me. The wave riders have now improved again so I’m switching back!

I have several belts I’ve tried over the years…..spibelt, fitletic, fipbelt. Honestly none of them work for long for me. I don’t think it’s the product though, I just think my hips/waist are such that belts end up moving around on me too much. So if I don’t need water and I’m just carrying fuel or a nano/phone (shorter runs/races) I seriously try to buy shorts/capris that have many pockets on them (and deep pockets). If I’m going for a longer run where I need hydration, I bring my Nathan vest.

Have a great day!


Mine just came in a beautiful Brooks box today! Love the free bag too :)
I have been an Asics girl all the way for 9 years but running around in these at the store I went home and had to buy them! Can’t wait!


Oh that is so so exciting Mel!! Enjoy those miles in them:)


I’m running in the Glycerin 14s right now – my first Brooks shoes and I love them! I wear a size 5 in normal shoes so finding any shoes that fit is a challenge. 5.5 works for running shoes. I also have a super high arch (my foot print is two blobs with nothing connecting the ball of my foot to the heel.)

I always run in cycling jerseys and for shorter runs I put my stuff in the back pockets. I have a couple different fuel belts when I need to carry water.

I had a chocolate chip cookie at Subway yesterday. I try to limit my treats to once a week but I’ve fallen off the wagon a big lately.


You are adorable…. great job on the video. You have the sweetest voice!


Treats are my favorite food group:) tonight I’m having stuffed cupcakes that we had for our wedding to celebrate my 28th birthday! Hope you’re having a great day, Janae!


HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY EMILY!!! I hope your day was perfect and enjoy those stuffed cupcakes!


I literally just bought these shoes during my lunch hour today!!! When I got back to my office to eat and read a couple blogs I saw your review of them! LOL! It’s my first pair of Brooks because of how much you and other runner’s rave about them. Trying them on was like slipping my feet into silk jammies. I can’t wait to start logging miles on these babies!


I tried out the Launch earlier this year and i do really like them, but I need to go up another 1/2 size because my right foot is wider and they don’t come in wide. I wear 8’s in most shoes, but 8 1/2 or 9 in running shoes. And I love treats-ha! Had some famous amos cookies last night!


You’re the absolutel best! Thanks for coming to my party last week, it really means a lot! Sure love you guys!

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