A new chapter of life and my favorite Memorial Day Sale items:)

Well, my knees were happy for 2 miles this morning!  Andrew was gone so Brooke joined me for the work out and I think we are entering a new chapter of life… I might have a little cyclist with me on some of my runs:)  I started out by walking for 2 miles to see if my knee was okay (I fell last week if you missed it) and it was… so I ran back to the car.  It felt SO good to be moving again and I’ll gradually increase my mileage but I’m just happy to have happy knees.  Whenever I’m injured or hurting I’m always reminded over and over again about how important that specific body part is and how much I use it!!!.

Her excitement was quite contagious!

IMG 6635

I was pretty thrilled to bring out my patriotic Brooks for the day too.  Probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes… I think I might need some new ones for July 4th.

IMG 6663

We stopped a few times along the way if we came across any animals.

IMG 6672

I guess it was more than a few times because there were animals everywhere this morning!

IMG 6664

We are off to a bbq so this is just a short post but I wanted to fill you in on any deals that I am loving (taking advantage of today:)… there are affiliate links, some…not all… links!

Old Navy—>  Today their tees, tanks, shorts and swim are all 50% off!  But most importantly… their activewear is 50% off (for everyone)!!!  My favorites right now—>  I am obsessed with these leggings (and they are only $15).. these ones too, this cross-back tank, this lattice sweatshirt looks so comfy, I ordered these shorts to try for running too, love the run in the sun tank!

Roolee—>  EVERYTHING is 15% off (use the code REMEMBER)!  My three favorite things right now from there are here, here and here!

Gap—> Is currently 40% off with free shipping!! One of my favorite tee’s is less than $10 there right now!  Obsessed with these stripes and these ones too!  I need these sandals:)

If you spend $100 at Brooks today you get 20% off of full-price apparel and select sports bras (they have the best sports bras)!

Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale!  So many Zella leggings are on sale and they are SO comfy!

40% off SALE and 30% off everything at Jcrew!  Need more of these, want this and need this:)


I saw this on IG the other day so I had to ask you too…

IMG 6588

WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE if you could have A, B, C or D!?!  Or is there something that you would add to the list?

-I would definitely choose A!!!

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I would DEFINITELY choose A! Laundry is my absolute least favorite house chore. Haha! How can 4 people create so much laundry?!


100% D. I do this ALL THE TIME!! Even when I have a list!


“A” for sure! Happy Memorial Day Janae!


Brooke is adorable waving at the horse!
I would definitely pick B – I hate cleaning bathrooms!


Totally B. My husband didn’t even make it past B without laughing and saying…”B”. Totally. He knows me well.


Awe that’s so cute. I’m glad things are going along well for you Janae and that you are recovering well. I bet you are back to running in no time.

I have a pair if those Brooks shoes and they are one of my favorite pairs too. If only they weren’t limited edition.


Happy Memorial Day! Glad the knee is doing better. I would hands down pick A!


Brooks always does the best limited edition shoes. I have those Launch in blue and love them. I should have worn them on my run today too! Glad you had a good run with no knee issues, and I would definitely pick A!! Especially with how much laundry we have (my husband does BJJ).


So happy your knees are healing! And I want A, right here right now, please!


D for days, every trip to the store, list or not. My son was asking for sandwiches so I went to the store tonight and bought mayo… but forgot sandwich meat!


A A A A A A A times a million! There is nothing that annoys me more than putting my laundry away! In fact I have clothes sitting in the dryer right now that have been there since this morning and will probably be there until tomorrow because I have zero motivation to deal with it now! haha

I can find the motivation to work out but I cannot find the motivation to deal with laundry! :)


TOTALLY A! I hate laundry and folding, so that’s made for me! Happy memorial day!


B!! I don’t even really mind cleaning the bathrooms but for some reason, I always leave it for last and it often gets neglected for an extra week. This way I would always have clean toilets. D was a close second for me, though. Oddly enough, I actually like doing laundry. And my 5 year old daughter is really helpful with my 9 month old in the car, so definitely no partitions!!


A A A A A does it put it away too?? Hope you had a wonderful long weekend, love Brooke’s headband!


A all day, every day!!

Partitions would be cool too, but I despise laundry!

Yay for happy knees!


Definitely A!!! Just when you think you’ve caught up, it’s piled up again! However, I like trying new scents and finding the “perfect” scent so when I get new laundry detergent that’s the only time I don’t mind doing it;) it’s the worst when you forget about it in the wash and then need to wash it again haha.

Glad your knees are starting to feel better. Brooke is adorable.


D i forget my list half the time or I forget something I really need. So frustrating.

Glad your knees feel better.

I hit the Old Navy sale and I had reward dollars so I really did well. The Nordstrom’s sale is dangerous.


B! I hate cleaning the bathroom. Ick.

Oh man….I will live vicariously through your sales. I’m on a super strict budget but a girl can dream of next year.


D!! but now you need to make that dream come true.

And now I am clicking all the links and have a list of wants. Crap bags.

I hope your knee keeps feeling better and you can run again tomorrow.


Yay, happy knee!!!! You are so smart to let yourself heal. I know it is tough but worth it in the long “run” ;)
DDDDDD please!!! I rarely remember everything on my list :0
Enjoy your week!!!


I’m with you on definitely choosing A! I do too much laundry and then it mostly just sits in the basket until I get sick of searching for a particular item :/

Brooke looks so cute in her little workout gear! Glad you got to experience that together :)


Without a doubt, A!! ?


My dog and I ran 4 trail miles (him off-leash) yesterday (Monday) morning. It was the BEST having a partner (animal or human :)).

Those Brooks are awesome! Very glad your knee was feeling better.


I am actually going with D on that list and A is a close second mostly because I don’t min washing, drying or folding it…it is the putting away part that I hate. I also always seem top forget 1 thing and when I go back the line is long!
My girls bike while I run quite a bit and I love it! I really love it because they keep a water bottle on their bike and then I don’t have to carry one. They are older, but they like to bike and would not want to run 8 miles :)


SELF CLEANING TOILETTES!!! I’ve never minded doing laundry.

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