Silentish Saturday and the winner of the shoe giveaway!

15 degrees for a Friday run.

My socks matched part of my jacket which I was excited about.


Running tights (I bought these about 6 years ago) with fleece on the inside save me on the frigid runs.

IMG 8130

Post 5 mile run bright red/burning face… I’ll be on the treadmill today ha.

Photo on 1 27 17 at 11 52 AM

Beretta places her arm like this so that Andrew doesn’t stop scratching her.

IMG 8128

Cereal kind of a morning.


Sad to say goodbye to Knox but it has been an amazing 2 weeks together.


Bagel with pb and jelly on the go.

IMG 8134

Hung out at Mer’s house and the pup drags Brooke across the floor while playing tug of war.

IMG 8145

IMG 8149

We were out doing errands when hunger hit all three of us so we stopped off at El Mexiquense.


They run out.

How do i stop eating chips and salsa do they 2495790

Home Goods because the home renovation/home decorating bug is back (we just took a 5 month break or so from it;)

IMG 8154

When your parents take WAY to long to make any decisions.

IMG 8156

IMG 8158

Mirror in the main room helps to make it feel way bigger.

IMG 8157

We may all still be on Hawaii time and the whole sleeping thing isn’t going so well.

IMG 8160

I’ve got a long run to get in today and then I get to go spend some time with my dad!  I hope your weekend is an amazing one!

The winners of my running shoes giveaway are:

Screen Shot 2017 01 27 at 8 38 44 PM

Screen Shot 2017 01 27 at 8 39 54 PM

EMAIL ME ASAP so that I can get you your shoes!


What is the best part of your Saturday going to be?

Long run inside or outside today?

Anyone else doing home renovations/projects right now?  We are thinking we might be as crazy as doing the kitchen (not the cabinets or floors) ourselves soon… 

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The best part of my Saturday will be my family coming over for lunch. I can’t wait to start doing renovations on my house! The first project we’re going to tackle is redoing the powder room.


Oh that is awesome Lisa! I hope you had an awesome lunch with your family! Keep me updated on the powder room renovations, sounds fun!!!


Teaching spin this morning then I have a final. The best part of my Saturday will be completing my final because it is my FINAL class in my nutrition degree. Graduation is soon! Then maybe I’ll have time for Home Goods, hair cuts and real life again. Haha!


Adam and I are right there with you being crazy and doing the kitchen ourselves! We’ll be starting that project very soon. I have my backsplash picked out and sitting in boxes in my house. I am very scared that I am going to put a tile up slightly uneven and then it is going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life! :D

Look at all that snow on your run – it’s so beautiful! Temps are dipping here this weekend. Tomorrow the high is only 67!!


Best part of my saturday is volunteering with a kids activity group! I don’t run here without my dog and she’s sick right now so no running for us :/

I can’t wait to have a house of my own to do decor and projects! Have only been in short term apartments for several years now

Tell your dad we say hi!!


Tomorrow is a special mommy/daughter day so today I have a lot of chores to do. But I do get to go to my daughter’s softball practice and hit up the sporting goods store with a 20% coupon!


No reno’s for us until later this year. Then it might be a little kitchen and floors throughout whole house. And who knows what else we’ll get into. And soon it will be decorating time. We’ve lived in this house for 8 months now and I haven’t done any deco. Didn’t feel it. Now I’m feelin it. It’s time. Best part of my Saturday is celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday. She’s having a Minute to Win It themed party with 6 additional little girls for a sleepover. I guess tomorrow will definitely be a rest day ! So I got my run in this morning for sure. Hope your Dad is continuing to do well.


Best part of my Saturday: Cleaning! My house has been driving me nuts since Christmas, and today I finally have time (and no kids to get in my way) to clean everything. I’m ridiculously excited about it, TBH.


We’ve found that home improvement projects never ever end… we’re planning on new countertops this year. Now to decide what I want!

12 miles planned on the treadmill today… way too slick to run outside. Boo.

Have a great weekend!!


long run outside today! it wasn’t too cold, just a bit windy. have a great weekend!


Congratulations to the winners, though I am super jealous. =)

I haven’t even thought about what I am doing today and that is an awesome feeling. I think it’s the first Saturday with nothing on the agenda for a long time. Tomorrow is a busy day for us so I want to make sure and enjoy the quiet today.

No running today. I have to take a rest day every other day while I rehab my foot.

I really need to do something different with my kitchen decorating-wise. We have lived in this house almost four years and it still feels incomplete.


I can’t believe you run in freezing temps like that! I hate when early morning runs are in the upper 30’s! Such is life for a California girl… ha!
I have a 10 mile run today, and if all goes well with my knee issue that I’ve been dealing with, then it will be a 20 miler tomorrow! Other than the runs, it will be a good quiet weekend of house and yard work :)
Happy Saturday everyone!


Inside run today, hopefully with my boys working out beside me. I love when that happens!
We’re moving into a 4000+ sq ft house in a few weeks and while it’s been well cared for, it has not been updated. We are stepping into the 1990s! We have a lot of reno work ahead! Best of luck on your kitchen reno!


Oh that is so exciting Ali! Keep me updated with all of your renovations and good luck with the move! I hope your workout was fabulous and that your boys were right there next to you!


No long run for me today, since I am still recovery from a injury, but I did get a 2 mile run in outside. Even though it was cold, I’ve missed running and it felt good to run again! I’m hoping that this means I can get back into my normal running/training.
Best part of today? My run, family time, and our traditional Saturday morning, lazy breakfast! Have a great day Janae!


We’re currently reprainting our cabinets. It’s a much bigger project than I reliezed.


Oh good luck with that Rebekah… painting takes SO much time and I bet on cabinets it is insane. I want to see a pic after you are all done! Hope your weekend is a fabulous one!


Did 14 miles outside with some girlfriends!! It was way nicer out than I was expecting it to be (25 degrees but no wind)! Haven’t hit this distance in a while and it felt great!


I ran my first marathon in 1995 and at the finish there was a table where a girl offered to make you a fresh PB &J bagel. I will never ever forget that bagel :)… And Mer’s puppies are just adorable.


My morning run today was 35 degrees and sunny. It was perfect!! And my sister’s dog does that too – puts his paw around your arm. I feel like he feels in charge when he does that LOL


No long run for me today, but my first run in a week: 9 miles nearly devoid of shin splint pain! (Coming off of 90mpw, this is not a long run for me… But don’t worry, walk breaks were still taken! I do not want this pain to come back.)

By the way, I always admire your winter running. My motivation drops off around 42 degrees. Luckily, here in Florida, that’s like, six days a year,


Yay! You get to spend time with your dad. I had an awesome time spinning (on my own because schedules DONT work for babies or husbands). It was the first time in over six months I had sat on a bike and it was amazing. I might wake up at 5 am just to sneak out and get some miles in. I also ordered a special harness for my shoe that allows me to do more intense glute work on the pulleys. I’m lit for these things. It’s what makes my world go around.


Best part of Saturday was having the kids home for dinner together! My daughter was out of town for sports but got back earlier than I thought.

This winter I’ve been cross country skiing on the weekends which is a switch up for me, as I love running so much! I figure that skiing only happens one season a year so am taking advantage of it. Besides, it’s been so cold that I find my limit is about 10km of running before I start to cool down. For some reason I can ski for 12-15km and stay warm though! It’s an amazing upper body AND quad work out. whew!


Do you use Dermalogica products? They make a lipid barrier protect that is amazing for protecting your face on a cold or windy run. I have sensitive skin and it’s been a face saver!

Missy will hold you in place with her paw as well, it’s the cutest thing. She also gets jealous when we hug or kiss, she tries to get us to pet her.

I painted all of our kitchen cabinets years ago and they now need a fresh coat. It’s a big job as we have a lot of cabinets and 4 or 5 drawers. I usually do the painting in the house, the husband isn’t a fan of doing it. Our kitchen floor needs to be done and I am considering doing it myself.


I did 9 miles outside today. It was -4 degrees when I started and 2 when I finished ;) I had icy eyelashes!


What headbands do you use while running and to keep your ears warm?


Celebrating my birthday, my stepson’s and my mother-in-law’s. All happened this week and today we celebrated.


The best part of my Sat is watching my boys play basketball and friends coming over for dinner.

Run was outside today, which was awesome especially because it was 51 degrees!

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