A bunch of pictures and a movie from our Christmas.

Our annual breakfast/present opening over at my house Christmas morning.

IMG 5305

My mom telling me how much snow they got at their house that night:

IMG 4303

A very white Christmas for sure.

IMG 4312

Brooke was a little bit excited about everything going on.

IMG 5296

My favorite breakfast of the year.  

IMG 5310

PS the egg casserole I tried was sooooo good!

IMG 5294

Each Christmas with her gets better and better.

IMG 5312

Her little reactions to things.  

My brother sent this amazing bag of MARSHMALLOWS ONLY cereal.

IMG 4309

Watch out blogging world… 

IMG 5316

Candice gave me this amazing jacket to remember our incredible experience at Boston last year.  I died.

IMG 4315

Played games all afternoon.

IMG 4317

We finally got out of pjs at 5 pm.

IMG 4322

And went to dinner at my mom’s house… I was stoked that my brother and his family from Arizona could be there too!

 IMG 4324 

Now we are off to California so Brooke can visit her dad!  I’ll see you tomorrow and I hope you are having an amazing weekend already!

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Looks like such a fun day! Brooke is at such a fun age for Christmas, my niece and nephew are very similar ages to her and watching them get so excited about everything is the best! Have a fun trip to CA!


Fun Christmas! It looke like it was a successful day.


That egg casserole looks like something I need to try too. I can’t even imagine snow at this point since it’s been in the 60s here in NJ!


How fun!! Brooke is precious opening her presents!!! We have Christmas round two at my dads house today!! Have fun in Cali!


Yum your breakfast! We had some good casseroles yesterday morning too. Ah the video of Brooke is adorable! I love her precious little laugh. We spent a lot of Christmas watching old home videos so she’ll love that one day.

I hope you both have a safe and easy trip to California!


It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Those cinnamon rolls –> yum!!! Brooke’s reaction to opening presents is priceless. My son is almost 4 months old, so he was kind of oblivious to everything going on, but I am really excited for him to experience it all again next year. Safe travels to California!!!


Looks like Brooke had fun opening her gifts. Merry Christmas!


if only I could eat those cinnamon rolls….


That breakfast though!!! Nothing better than a good Christmas breakfast :) Merry Christmas! Have a great weekend :)


Sounds like you had the best day! I would like to eat that breakfast right now. Especially the gummies sitting so innocently in that photo…mmhmm. I saw that.


Brooke is adorable, my husband teaches guitar. All his students should be so enthusiastic!

We had a foggy wet Christmas. The weatherman says in 2 or 3 weeks we’ll have cold but it’s going to be in the 60’s tomorrow, running has been a pleasure.


Your Mom is too cute! I love the warm atmosphere of your big family. It just makes me smile every time I stop by your blog.


So fun to see Christmas through the kiddos eyes!!! When there seems to be so much stress and pressure to get so much done, it makes you remember how much fun and how exciting it can be.

And I have to say…you are so much better than me, Janae! I would have shown up to dinner in my pjs!! Ha!

Merry Christmas!


Glad you had a Merry Christmas! That breakfast looks amazing!!! Good luck with all of the snow!


awww! i love the picture of her clinging to you like a sweet little monkey! glad you had a great christmas! <3


Looks like lots of family fun!


Looks like you had an amazing day! :)


It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!


That sounds, looks and seems (talking about the food here on thay last adjective) like th best Christmas ever! So glad your day was great. Enjoy Cali and AZ and then can we hang out when you get home? It feels like it has been forevah!


It looks like y’all had a wonderful Christmas!


WHAT. Cutest little reactions ever. :)


Sounds like your Christmas was great! :)


Amazing pics!


Soo Lovely


Yay!! I hope you had an amazing Christmas!!
If anybody gets the chance it would be amazing if you could check out my blog:


Loving Brooke’s bun on Christmas morning! So cute!

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