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Brooke’s first VLOG and giveaway winner!

 Brooke’s first video and I am sorry that I do not know how to speak anything but baby talk in baby tone when I am in the same room as Brooke.                                                 … Continue Reading

TOP TEN!!!!!

When we first decided to move to San Jose for Billy’s law school I was really nervous.  I couldn’t even look at my nieces and nephews and think about moving away from them because I would end up in tears.  I couldn’t imagine living more than 10 minutes away from my mom and missing our … Continue Reading

Dinner with the family and Garmin 10 Review

Brooke has a constant look of surprise on her face. She loves having her eyes wide open so she can take in as much of her surroundings at one time as possible. We have also decided that she has the most active toes in the world, they are constantly wiggling around like crazy. Last night … Continue Reading