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Running therapy and peeps.

Who looks up random peep facts late at night when they can’t sleep?  Me. Who finds these facts extremely interesting?  Me. I think I may need some new hobbies if I have this much free time to learn all about peeps. (Source)  27 hours to make one peep!??! I am going to be trying my … Continue Reading

First Baby Bump Picture and Running thus Far

I am so excited about this new spot on the blog. I love learning new things (unless it has to do with grammar or how sugar is bad for you) and I knew NOTHING about exercise and pregnancy before and now I can’t stop reading everything in the world about it. First, a few people … Continue Reading

Shopping fail, lean beef and why I love Wednesday nights.

Double Fail: Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom to find a dress for the Endurance Live Event this weekend.  I went to go try stuff on and looked in the mirror for the first time that day to find a stain near my belly button (I am guessing from lunch) and the … Continue Reading