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Triple Tangent Tuesday!!!

It is TUESDAY and I know that you look forward to getting through your weekend and Monday as quickly as possible so that you can read about a little bit more randomness in the life of Janae.  Previous Tangent Tuesday’s HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE. 1.  I couldn’t resist this picture because I already miss … Continue Reading

Attitude really is everything.

Obviously, I don’t tell you everything on the blog and I really try to keep it positive because who wants to read a depressing blog but there is something I do want to tell you that I didn’t think I was going to. Yesterday I got mad at Billy for going running.  Real mature, Janae. … Continue Reading

Harry P. Rocks and Embarrassing Billy

Monday night=family night (even though every night has been family night….Monday night is just official family night).  What better way to spend time together than watching wizard’s fighting each other, eating homemade popcorn and candy.  Note to self:  Do not eat that entire thing of popcorn by yourself so that you can only fit in … Continue Reading

I caught this picture of my MIL right as she saying, ‘THIS IS SO GOOD!’ I LOVE watching people laugh! Can’t wait to be out there running around with Charlie again! ——————————————————————————-