I caught this picture of my MIL right as she saying, ‘THIS IS SO GOOD!’

IMG 7916

I LOVE watching people laugh!

IMG 7917

IMG 7923

Can’t wait to be out there running around with Charlie again!

IMG 7926


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you’ll be out there running and kicking billy’s trash soon enough! I love that Charlie is in love with Yogurtland. You should make him his own bowl next time (but eat most of it and only share a little)


I love all the didn’t cut it posts!


:-D I love seeing people laugh too! your MIL has really pretty eyes.


Can I tell you that after seeing your Yogurtland obsession I had to go there. I live in Canada where Yogurtland is a far off mystical place and does not exist here (only in one’s dreams). My sister lives in Henderson, NV and I was visiting her and in 1 week I went to Yogurtland 8 times!!! Also went to Uswirl twice (similar to Yogurtland but doesn’t compare). Thank you Janae :-)


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