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Child proof salad.

Pretty funny joke Carls Jr.  Make it so I can’t get into my veggies while my husband laughs at me giving myself a plastic-paper cut. I bet I could fit a nickel into that crater of wrinkle on my forehead. As you know from my latest training post, my bladder literally almost exploded on our … Continue Reading

Early morning treadmill walking and new running gear.

I am typing this as we are passing through Vegas, I drank way too much water this morning and now I am suffering the consequences (we like to take the least amount of stops as possible on road trips) and I am getting a little antsy. I did do something awesome and woke up an … Continue Reading

Salads, Favorite People and a New Recipe!

After a 6 MILE RUN and weight training.…I was a hungry beast. The only thing that could satisfy my screaming belly was a salad the size of my niece.  It was a winning idea to go to Fudruckers (with my awesomest bro and sister-in-law Danny and Shelly) for my collosal salad and B could get … Continue Reading

Really, Janae!!! More Pictures…this is kind of ridiculous.

Danny and Shelly are so good to each other…. she even cleans he ketchup off of his face, now that is love. Random, but this car had eyelashes on its headlights?!?! Could a baby and Mom get any cuter?!?! And last but not least…Chef Billy working his magic in the kitchen. Have an amazing SUNDAY … Continue Reading