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His and Hers

Dinner tonight at Billy’s brothers. This would be hers: This would be his. Have you ever been to  Should I send Billy’s potato/mac ‘n cheese/chili/plus more cheese in to that website? What crazy combinations have your husbands/brothers/boyfriends put together for a meal?  

Omelet the size of your head

Please e-mail me your favorite snack!! Even if you just take the picture with your cell phone…I want as many ideas as possible.  Read about it hereif you have questions and thanks so much to those that have sent pictures! Workout: Taught Spin for 45 Minutes- Hurt like heck….yelling+breathing heavy+sore sandpaper throat= severe pain and … Continue Reading

Hanging out with High Schoolers on a Friday Night

As some of you know I am a teacher.  I pretty much teach every subject under the sun besides English….I am sure you could guess that.  I teach health, civics, geography and world civilization, drivers ed, p.e. and student government. A lot of lesson planning. I run around the school like a chicken with its … Continue Reading