Hanging out with High Schoolers on a Friday Night

As some of you know I am a teacher.  I pretty much teach every subject under the sun besides English….I am sure you could guess that.  I teach health, civics, geography and world civilization, drivers ed, p.e. and student government.

A lot of lesson planning.

I run around the school like a chicken with its head cut off.

Tonight was the student government bonding retreat and like usual Billy and I got to chaperone:)

But first lets talk about dinner…..


My healthified breakfast burrito.

High fiber wrap, salsa, egg, potato, zucchini and onions.  Just what I was craving! Billster had left over soup.

Now for the really good part.  All I have to say is my students are really lucky.  I made them pb chocolate chip dough bites.  I used this recipe.

Don’t tell them they are vegan.


I probably had about 5 cookies.  It wasn’t pretty.  These little dough bites taste just like cookie dough but there are no eggs and you cook them just for a little while so no salmonella poisoning!

Don’t forget to send me a picture of your favorite snack.  Read about it here.

How did you spend your Friday night.

-I spent it running around the school playing hide and go seek in the dark and watching ’17 Again’ with a bunch of 17 year olds.

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it's very hard for me to read your posts when I'm tapering. Makes me more hungry! I might as well change my name to the Hungry Hotlegs Runner. hahaha!


I am very intrigued by this pb chocolate chip dough bites recipe, but I don't think the link is working…? Can you check the link when you have time? Thanks! :)


Lol. Date night with the H, dinner at BJ's and a trip to Target :D


hide and seek in the dark is the BEST. and your students are WAY lucky for those cookies. yum.

my friday night was spent in a pub playing pool and darts. i'm god awful at pool but halfway decent at darts. yay hahah


My Friday nights always involve high schoolers as well! I teach middle school but coach high school cheerleading. Last night was our annual BBQ chicken fundraiser and our first football playoff game. I spent most of the time making sure the cheerleaders' assembly line of bbq chicken plates was moving as quickly as possible, then the rest of the night cheering on my girls and the team!


oh my God I want those cookies! That is a lot of different classes…I don't know how you do it! I had a low key Friday night consisting of going out for sushi and stopping by to see my friend and her hubby :)


That has to be the best friday night ever! I spent mine eating pizza with the family – it was delicious.


Dude Im a teacher too. Well by trade. Right now I am a stay at home mom. Never thought I would miss crazy HS life but gimmie 3 boys and now I day dream of BO and breakup sob stories.

Your cookies look crazy good. Now send them to me.

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