A winning effort begins with preparation

Sunday’s are by far my favorite day of the week.  Sleep. Eat. Family. Prep.  Wait prep??? Yep, I really enjoy preparing my breakfast and lunches for the upcoming week of school days.  I promise if you do it all at once it will be so much easier because you already have all of the ingredients out and ready to go.  So many teachers at my school are always complaining at lunch because either they had nothing to eat or because they had to run and get Mickey D’s because they didn’t have enough TIME in the morning to grab something for them to eat that day.  Make it easy on yourself, your waistline and your budget by preparing all of your meals and snacks for work beforehand.  We got some yogurt messes (yogurt, pb, apples, peaches, oatmeal and cinnamon) for breakfast, hard-boiled eggs for snacks, wrap’s galore, salads and homemade vegetable soup, string cheese, laughing cows and apples galore (not pictured).  As I prep I watch biggest looser on my laptop… who wouldn’t enjoy this thrilling activity.  Wow, I am turning into an old person.


By the time we woke up (10:30 oops) I did my prep stuff and foam rolled my sore muscles from yesterday it was lunch time.  All I could think about were veggies.  Salad with every veggie possible, tuna and enough salsa for a fiesta.  On the side I had soup leftovers.


Went to church and guess what I snuck in…. oh yeah probably had about three servings.  There are SEVEN servings in that little box. Who honestly stops after fourteen pieces?


Over the summer we were living with my in-laws and we went to their church each week with them.  After a few weeks there was a rumor spreading that I was pregnant.  The reason for this rumor…. the women couldn’t understand why I was munching on snacks throughout the meeting.  The only reasons that they thought someone would do that is if they were 6 and under or pregnant.  I need to eat often!  Off to my parents house for dinner.  I made their requested one pot bean soup.  I am on soup overload.

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holy smokes. Your adorable. Amazing. and everything in between. Cant wait to follow you. Err. That sounded creepy but you know what I mean.


hungry runner girl… I love it! You are my preparation inspiration! i need to be better at prepping it seriously does make life better. hope all is happy with you!


Oh my gosh I freaking LOVE you. Seriously…You are inspiring girlie!


K, I love this because I am a food prepper too! Every Sunday, you know what I will be doing! But really, LOVE IT, and makes like so much easier and healthier! :)


I hear ya! I pretty much always have candy or food of some sort in my purse,( or should I say 'Bag' everyone calls it a 'Bag' now a days…purse makes me feel fuddy-duddy….) and its NOT due to havng 5 kids. Its just cuz I like it =) Reese's Pieces are a favorite =)


I LOVE that you brought snacks to church!!! hahaha I would crack up if someone pulled candy out of their purse at church! So great!

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