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My real running motivation

I learned something new about my running self today.  Races motivate me more than anything else to run.  This is the first run that I have had since August (when I started training for the NYC Marathon) where I haven’t had a race coming up to train for. When I got up this morning and … Continue Reading

Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon Recap

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning because of my crazy insomnia and decided that I really wanted to run the 1/2 marathon instead of the 10k.  I brought my phone just in case anything hurt so that I could just call my mom to come pick me up if I needed.  I fell … Continue Reading

My first DNF

Well, it happened.  I didn’t finish my 10k but we will talk more about that in a minute. We got to the race at 7:30 this morning, picked up our bibs (for a free race I couldn’t believe how organized it was) and found all of our buddies.  I was super excited to run and … Continue Reading