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What foods to avoid while pregnant?

I first wanted to thank you guys so much for all of the amazing advice, tips and help that you have given me in the comments of these HRG baby posts.  I read all of the comments about 4 times so that I can really learn from you and read about your experiences so THANK … Continue Reading

My real running motivation

I learned something new about my running self today.  Races motivate me more than anything else to run.  This is the first run that I have had since August (when I started training for the NYC Marathon) where I haven’t had a race coming up to train for. When I got up this morning and … Continue Reading

A run-off and razzleberry

Just brushing up on my old waitressing tray carrying days.  Not going to lie, I dropped a lot of plates and trays when I was waitressing.  Walking and doing something else at the same time is tough. For lunch yesterday Billy and I ate leftover burgers with some grapes and a banana (the iceberg lettuce … Continue Reading