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The Easiest Chicken Recipe

Tonight I made what I was craving, RITZ Chicken, steamed carrots and biscuits.  This chicken is not ‘healthy’ but it really is SO good.  Just try it once okay?  To make the chicken you melt butter and roll the chicken around in it and then roll the chicken around in a bunch of Ritz cracker … Continue Reading

Injury Prevention Tips and Tricks

While running with my bff Meggan the other day we started talking about injuries and about the fact that she has NEVER had one. WHAT? A runner that hasn’t seriously damaged their body because they think that they are invincible and then have to sit and cry into their ice cream container when they can’t … Continue Reading

Female Athlete Triad

First, I just have to share the best news ever with you. Our land lord came over and fixed our ac unit.  FINALLY!! I had had enough of this whole sleeping in desert like conditions.  Last night when I woke up and looked at our thermostat it said it was 87 degrees in the house. … Continue Reading

My real running motivation

I learned something new about my running self today.  Races motivate me more than anything else to run.  This is the first run that I have had since August (when I started training for the NYC Marathon) where I haven’t had a race coming up to train for. When I got up this morning and … Continue Reading

Bribing people to run with you.

I woke up this morning having zero desire to run on my treadmill (I am sorry Nord ((my treadmill’s name)) I usually love you but didn’t like you today) and since I am afraid of running by myself now (in case something goes weird) I had to make a phone call. It is hard to … Continue Reading

Plantar Fasciitis

Since we are leaving in approximately 49 hours for California there was no chance we were going to go going grocery shopping yesterday.  My number one goal (I am an overachiever obviously) is to eat every last inch of perishable food so that I don’t waste a cent. Today’s creation:  (every piece of produce and … Continue Reading