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Sentence Per Picture!!!

*Happy Wednesday everyone… Time for the weekly sentence per picture post!!!!  *I didn’t notice that I dressed up like my shoes until I went to put my shoes on—> 7 zoned-out, easy-paced, Dave Matthews Band filled miles.   *Gymnastics day for the win.  *Her dolphin impersonation is right on. *“You look very dressed up for … Continue Reading

Tempo–> 1st mental and 2nd physical AND since we last talked.

Yesterday I did a tempo run for the first time in what felt like forever.  Three quarter mile mile warm-up, 6 miles x 6:48 pace (varied the incline from 0-2.5% over the 6 miles), three quarter mile cool-down—> 7.5 miles total.  A running friend of mine (she wins a ton of the races around here … Continue Reading