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Shin splints (with a movie) and notable things from today!

6 things from our Wednesday thus far.  After reading these 6 things you will notice how exciting my life is;) 1.  8 recovery miles.  Speedwork + yoga (it had been awhile) yesterday = I was a tad bit sore this morning and nice and easy miles were just what I needed. 2.  Brooke and I … Continue Reading

Sentence per picture and why is IRON so important?!

I told you, the froyo isn’t going anywhere and just $1.79 brings me so much happiness.   If you haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend this flavor… HIGHLY.   Got a little one-on-one time watching Cupcake Wars with my niece while Brooke was napping.   Late last night Jess and I hit up a … Continue Reading