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Brooke. 6 Months. Holy Cow.

The last 6 months have definitely been the best.   She makes me really happy. I haven’t done an update on HRG Baby for way too long but I have at least 50 topics I want to talk about so expect more in the near future. At 6 Months: -Sleeping is going great.  She usually … Continue Reading

Benefits of the Long Run

Another treadmill run today.  It was raining.  I don’t love pushing the BOB in the rain.     How I keep Brooke entertained while I run on the treadmill: I line my treadmill with her favorite toys (I save Mr. Bird for the grand finale) and hand her one to play with until she throws … Continue Reading

That was traumatizing.

She was all smiles in the waiting room…. but then she realized where we were…. 15 lbs 4 ounces.  Girlfriend is growing like a champ.   I must have forgotten that she was supposed to get shots yesterday and when they reminded me that she needed them I almost started crying.  Traumatizing.   Saddest thing … Continue Reading