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Meet Brooke Lin Jacobs

7 lbs. 2 oz. 19 1/2” We can already tell that she has a huge appetite and very speedy legs.

Here we go!

Janae is ready to start pushing! The next post will include a picture of HRG Baby and her name…  

Not yet… But it’s getting close… Keep the comments coming!

Janae is reading all of your sweet comments as she lays here at 9+ cm. Thank you guys so much! It’s crazy to me that you could be so relaxed during this whole thing. Score a point for modern medicine. I’ll keep you updated,   -Billy

A little teaser to tide you over…

Here’s a picture to tide you over (This is Billy writing of course). Should be any time now…                                                                           … Continue Reading

THIS IS IT!!! Well, maybe.

Surprisingly I have been really calm.  My contractions started at about noon (the 14th) but I secretly think it is all psychosomatic.  I was missing my family like crazy and I knew that if I went into labor then they would be forced to come spend time with me.   I sat in the pool … Continue Reading