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37.4 weeks and a fun game with a PRIZE!

-Leggings are the best invention ever.  I just rotate a few maternity shirts with my leggings and I am set. -36 miles last week and all of them were outside, I haven’t gone without a treadmill for that long in a while.  I have found every drinking fountain and restroom within 7 miles of my … Continue Reading

Strengthening Glutes!!!!

I found a buried treasure in my freezer today.  We are down to slim pickings in our house food wise but luckily when I went to NYC a in June I picked up some delicious bagels and froze them the second I got home.  They didn’t taste as good as if they were perfectly fresh … Continue Reading

Something Returned… Hallelujah

It is a beautiful thing because my appetite has returned.  There still isn’t as much room in my stomach but for a few weeks I was worried about who I had turned into when food just wasn’t as delicious as normal.  Do not be alarmed because as of yesterday food tasted like the good old … Continue Reading