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22 Weeks and loving it.

You are probably beyond sick of hearing about this part of my pregnancy but the below picture describes the hardest part about pregnancy for me this trimester and I hear it even gets worse. Above scene occurs at least every 75 minutes throughout the night for me. Here is the belly shot. What has been … Continue Reading

What are your eating habits and a new way to stalk my favorite runner.

I woke up remembering how I said I wasn’t going to run and instead do the elliptical today and tomorrow because of the race on Saturday.  I then remembered the elliptical is boring compared to running and I am less of a beast to my students if I run.  Plus why taper if I am … Continue Reading

Sharing some wisdom and the best kid’s meal.

I finally convinced the sister to hang out with me.  Billy had more final tests (honey, I am still offended you didn’t take me up on the free tutoring session I offered you before your Electromagnetics final) and so I got to hang out with my other best friend. I told you about the Creamery … Continue Reading