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Some Firsts:

14 days until we find out the sex.  Long story short: the only plane we could catch to Cali (we are going to check out law school stuff) made it so that we had to miss my ultrasound appointment.  Since we live in the baby making capital of the world I couldn’t reschedule my ultrasound … Continue Reading

The run from heck (exaggerating is one of my strengths).

Answers to the quiz from the previous post:)  PS you guys are smart! 1.  The best-selling cereal in America is Honey Nut Cheerios. 2.  The best-selling fruit is bananas. 3.  The best-selling cut of beef is ground beef. 4.  Supermarkets are least crowded on Wednesdays after 9 p.m. 5.  You are most likely going to … Continue Reading

A Pop Quiz for You.

I felt pretty cool walking around with my husband on campus because he had the special codes to all the important rooms. I went with Billy to a group party for his awesome senior project (wish him luck, his competition is today) and they fed us well. If anyone argues with me that Papa Johns … Continue Reading