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What to do?

We bought these bananas on Monday. They died while living at my house due to the fact that it is hotter inside than it is outside. I brought them to school thinking that I could revive them and still eat them and enjoy my 4th favorite fruit dipped into (Please exuse the large finger prints … Continue Reading

Locker Room Music

Please don’t be jealous over how cool I am. I was bored to death on the elliptical today and so I decided to take weird pictures for the blog with my ipad.  You can do all sorts of crazy things and I will save the others for another day (I don’t want to overstimulate you … Continue Reading

The Awful Waffle

My sister is the couponing queen.  The other day she got 50 boxes of Kellog’s cereal for $25 and today she shared with us a deal we couldn’t turn down. She had a coupon that got us 5 crepes for $3.  Seriously? I am warning you in advance to not scroll down if you are … Continue Reading