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Meeting the people you stalk

This is what happens when I try to not squint my eyes (like I always do when I smile) for a picture, borderline creepy eyes.  Billy and I got to the blogger meet-up a little early yesterday and so we took pictures of each other and squirrels while we waited. This is Screecher (anytime I … Continue Reading

Using my stomach as a table and the 5k.

After a power nap I felt super productive yesterday and almost finished packing up my entire room (besides the things I need for the next 1.5 months). To reward my hard work: The other night when I met Jef (be aware that this post will be linked at least a dozen times a month) we … Continue Reading

Ragnar tips and date night a night early.

Silly headphone cord got in the way of my artistic photo. Poor Billy has to try so hard to keep up with me.  Okay, I was and walking (I did 8 miles in the morning) while he rocked his speed workout.  I just love being at the track and I love singing out loud to … Continue Reading