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Tangent Tuesday

Tangent Tuesday

Let the tangents floating around my brain begin. 1.  For the first time in my life I hated purple.  This purple weight dropped onto my middle finger during pump this morning and it hurt so bad.  Even though it was my own fault I almost dropped kicked the dang weight because I was so mad … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents

This morning was spent doing what I do best lately, the elliptical while watching music videos and stalking blogs on my iPad.  Holy AMAZING Eugene Marathon Race Recaps…speed demons! Is there an age when you should stop watching MTV? Time for some Tuesday Tangents….I got rid of the triple part because I always end up … Continue Reading

58 tangent tuesday.

There are way too many tangents today so get ready for a long ride, stretch your scrolling fingers before you start reading. 1.  Billy spoke directly to my love language last night.  I added a love language to the list and that would be television. Flowers and chocolate sure are nice but what is even … Continue Reading

Triple Tangent Tuesday!!!

Workout: 2 miles treadmill….my legs were aching so I listened to them and moved onto cross-training. 45 minutes elliptical.  I was bored to death.  Next cross-training day will you guys please come work out with me and entertain me. 20 minutes stairclimber. —————————————————————– A brilliant reader (who is much better at english than I am) … Continue Reading

Three tangent Tuesday

Dinner was made possible by the parentals.  I just happened to call my mom and see what they were doing tonight and when she said Costco I may have invited myself to join them:)  I have a sixth sense about these things. I always know when a good meal is around the corner. I also … Continue Reading