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Female Athlete Triad

First, I just have to share the best news ever with you. Our land lord came over and fixed our ac unit.  FINALLY!! I had had enough of this whole sleeping in desert like conditions.  Last night when I woke up and looked at our thermostat it said it was 87 degrees in the house. … Continue Reading

Our definition of a crazy weekend.

You are going to think that someone hijacked my blog when I say this but grilled pineapple is WAY better than candy.  If it wasn’t for the principle of sharing I could have eaten the entire pineapple.  Also burgers are still even more delicious to me than ice cream.  I have lost my whole identity. … Continue Reading

A praise to my favorite piece of running gear.

We are becoming quite the yoga couple. We had another AWESOME yoga class at THE LAB last night and we are hooked.  Each week it gets a little bit harder for me to do certain things but the instructors always give me great ideas for modifications. You know when you steal delicious food from your … Continue Reading