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Bribing people to run with you.

I woke up this morning having zero desire to run on my treadmill (I am sorry Nord ((my treadmill’s name)) I usually love you but didn’t like you today) and since I am afraid of running by myself now (in case something goes weird) I had to make a phone call. It is hard to … Continue Reading

The microwave saves the day and my little sidekick.

After lunch yesterday I went to my parent’s house for three main reasons: 1.  They have air conditioning and I don’t like sweating to death at my house. 2.  They always have ice cream and I always want to eat ice cream. 3.  Everyone else is usually hanging out over there and Billy is being … Continue Reading

Things I am loving today.

1.  Dahlicious sent me some of their drinkable yogurts and I had one as part of my breakfast this morning and holy cow it was incredible.  I will be going home and marking my name on them with a big black sharpie or I will just lick all of them….no one better touch them. 2. … Continue Reading

My National Holiday.

I don’t know if you heard but yesterday was National Fro-Yo day and I really hope that you celebrated. I did the only acceptable thing and took the free cup that they gave me and filled it up to its max capacity.  The place was packed and after waiting in line for 30 minutes I … Continue Reading