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Running Gear

A praise to my favorite piece of running gear.

We are becoming quite the yoga couple. We had another AWESOME yoga class at THE LAB last night and we are hooked.  Each week it gets a little bit harder for me to do certain things but the instructors always give me great ideas for modifications. You know when you steal delicious food from your … Continue Reading

Back to myself again and BROOKS REVIEW!

Twice in one week?  I am feeling back to my normal self again.  I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog but there were a few months that froyo just didn’t sound as good as a steak did but don’t worry it now trumps all other food again. Yesterday we had a meet up … Continue Reading

Attacking birds and my new favorite sports bra.

Well, I was on Inside Edition for a total of .04 seconds yesterday:)  They probably thought my voice was too high for tv audiences to even be able to hear….I will forgive them but it might take a little bit of time for me to heal. ————————- Yesterday after work I came home and said … Continue Reading