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Runner’s High

My ABSOLUTE favorite place to run.

It has been a little over a month since my last day of school and I have completely forgotten what it is like to wake up early to work out.  It is crazy to me to think that I would already be halfway through teaching my spin class at this time in the mornings this … Continue Reading

Bribing people to run with you.

I woke up this morning having zero desire to run on my treadmill (I am sorry Nord ((my treadmill’s name)) I usually love you but didn’t like you today) and since I am afraid of running by myself now (in case something goes weird) I had to make a phone call. It is hard to … Continue Reading

Attacking birds and my new favorite sports bra.

Well, I was on Inside Edition for a total of .04 seconds yesterday:)  They probably thought my voice was too high for tv audiences to even be able to hear….I will forgive them but it might take a little bit of time for me to heal. ————————- Yesterday after work I came home and said … Continue Reading

Mental Strength and Running

I don’t remember where I heard about the book ‘Mind Gym‘ but it is a winner and a book that definitely helped me with my mental strength.     PS it is really fun when your blow dryer breaks and you have to dry your hair under a hand dryer in the locker room.  I … Continue Reading